Monday 3 December 2012

Sunday - 02.12.2012

This came in just this week.

Show you my goodies...
Blush Brush from Real Techniques
Retails for $19.90 but I've found cheaper ones after buying this.
From this retails for $15.00.
This brush is so soft, it reminds me of a bunny's tail. Yes that's right! A bunny's tail!
When you brush your fingers through it, the bristles bounces back. How fun is that?! Ha ha...
Sigma Flat Kabuki F80
Retails for $29.90 from dolltodoll Cosmetics.
Lots of raves, soft and dense, shorter bristles than the MAC 187 so perhaps better at buffing?
Sigma Large Angled Contour F40
Retails for $26.90
Not much difference with MAC 168
Bought it just because I need another contour brush or is it just an excuse? Hmmm... >.<
So there you go!!! Have a brilliant Sunday!
Dreamy C

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