Thursday 22 August 2013

Typhoon in The Philippines

Oh no... I was told yesterday that the Metro World Child in the Philippines is affected. I hope and pray all will be fine there and that the aftermath isn't that bad.

Please pray with me dear friends...

P.S.: I had wanted to post this yesterday but didn't have the chance to complete my sentence.

Dreamy C

Monday 19 August 2013

More Help Needed in The Philippines

On 11th August 2013, a Pastor from New York came to our church and gave a sermon - If you cannot be a King, be a Kingmaker. His story moves many and one of them is me! It is because of his childhood that he started an organization - Metro World Child. He aims to save kids, 1 at a time.

It was also on that day that J decided to sponsor a 5-year old from The Philippines. Her name is Loraine Perocho and I hope you will join me in praying for her well-being, for her to go to school, for her to have sufficient nutrients, for her to be happy and for her to be closer to God.

I was really concerned for her and I went to check how much is required to survive in The Philippines. I found out from a blogger that to fulfill basic necessities, USD700.00 is required per month for a family of 2 and that includes sending money back to family members in the rural area of The Philippines. I also found out about how much it cost to buy a kilo of meat (be it chicken, pork or beef), a kilo of veggie, dairy products, rice, seasonings like salt, sugar, oil there. I must say it's really cheap living there considering that I'm in Singapore. Though it's cheap living there, the family of my little Loraine cannot afford it and it pains me. They are a family of 7. To me, that's like WOW but I guess it's common to have many kids within a family.

I've just started to write to Loraine, including a hand-made card and a few photos. At least she knows that there's an additional person out there who cares.

Dreamy C

Thursday 15 August 2013

My Last Bellabox

This will be my last. When it is my last, the box looks so good... =( I apologise for lack of information for this box as I stupidly discard the info card which comes with the box... I still cannot believe I actually did that.

See! Not the usual box in pink!

Teaism is a product of Eu Yan Sang

CC Cream made in Korea
I've not even made any dip in my foundation and now, CC cream. Guess I'm going to pass this on...

Claims to have clearer skin in 3 days, suitable for all skin types
It says that the cleanser can be left on skin for 15 to 30 mins! Can use as an over-night mask. Serious boh...
It also says that the cream is quick and effective for problem prone skin. Regular use will encourage skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring your youthful radiant complexion. Serious mah...
I'm very interested to find out.

Facial Wipes

Foundation... o_____olll
Passing this on...

Hand Balm with Coenzyme Q10

Cheek + Lip Tint

That is all for this month!

Dreamy C

Monday 12 August 2013

Saturday 10 August 2013

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

There's no perfect nation in this world. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. Small as we are, we achieved more than others bigger than us. Yes, we are a 'fine' city but in return for green and clean, I don't really mind though these days, I see people littering, spitting and throwing cigarette butts more often these days. The world is in decay.

Yes, properties are getting higher and unaffordable for many. Yes, there are cases where locals don't get as much opportunities as foreigners.
Think it this way. Life is unfair. It doesn't just happen here in Singapore. It happens EVERYWHERE!!!
All I'm saying is, appreciate what you have and strive towards what you don't have but dream of having. Dreaming is 1 thing, fulfilling is another.
Think positive and cast out all negativity.

This blog entry sounds more like a New Year's resolution. (-______-lll)

Anyway, Happy 48th Singapore!

Dreamy C

Note: I meant to post this on the actual day but was interrupted by J half-way. He had some discussions related to work. This is 1 of the cons of working with your spouse.

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Friday 9 August 2013

Card No. 6, 7 and 8

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Thursday 8 August 2013

Selamat Hari Raya 2013!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all Muslim friends and Happy Holiday to non-Muslim friends!!!

I love holidays! I'm sure many others are nodding their heads now. ^^ What better opportunity to check out stuff...

J's so sweet. He bought me a couple of tops for wearing @ home. Well, I asked him if he could get them for me. Either way, he's still sweet. ^^

J has always have a soft spot for the US. Me? I don't want to appear prejudice here. Let's just say I don't exactly feel the same way. I took that top because I would like something which is the same as J. I wanna be matchy matchy. Come to think of it, we don't have matchy clothes. The thought of having matchy clothes warms my heart and so I got it. A bit cliche though...

GAP has a sale now to celebrate their anniversary. Buy 3 tops for the price of 2. To be honest, it's no sale since stuff from GAP aren't cheap to begin with. A bloody pair of boxers cost 18 bucks!!! Pardon my language. Both tops are from the men section. I took the XS ones. The 1 in grey I chose it myself. J dislike it but hey! I'm gonna be the 1 wearing it! Ha ha... I took it as I like the eagle on it. I thought pairing it with a pair of denim shorts with frays at the end nice, gives me a rugged feel.

I can look like a rebel. When I was about to enter the polytechnic, I got my Mom to bring me to cut my hair real short. Think army boys. Ha ha... more of that another day. All I can say is that my poly guy friends were so scared that no guys approached me for the years there. I only have 1 guy friend and he's bald. Ha ha...

Back to earth. J and I went to Kinokuniya to get some comics for the kiddos. I took the liberty and got myself 1 too!

I miss Betty and Veronica. I grew up with it. I remember my cousin drawing on papers, depicting a story. She's really good at drawing and I was so awed back then. 

Next stop? Art Friend! How could I not...? Ha ha...

Got these when the store @ IMM is out of stock
Still more ex than IMM despite 15% discount
IMM is cheaper by 50 cents each. Peanuts? 
Think it this way. Save $4.50 and you can buy 1 for free!
Not worth it? For us card makers, it is worth it 'cos we're talking about a total of 30 odd colors! Go do the math.

Been looking around for these. So glad Art Friend has it. 
IMM doesn't.

The water colour paper I purchased recently isn't to my liking.
1st, the paper's too thick.
2nd, it's textured.
I ought to have spent more time looking for it previously. Oh well... Let's see how this pans out. I hope it turns out the way I want.

I hope your day has been going well and much fun in it as well!

Dreamy C

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Tuesday 6 August 2013

1st Parcel from shop in IMM

All Singaporeans know IMM can really be out of the way. I am so glad to know that there's affordable courier services. I bought and a few items I did buy...


Copic markers
I wanted 20 colors but as you can see, there's only 9 here.
The rest? Out of stock.

Blending tool and replacement foams

Double sided tape which so many use

Lots of hype.
Let me play around with it and see how much I like it

Dreamy C

Sunday 4 August 2013

Sunday - 4th August 2013

Bought these today.

Versamark watermark stamp pad
Momento inkpad in Tuxedo Black
Craft punch by Franche Ville
Circles embossing folder by Quic Kutz
Magnolia grove clear stamps by Kaisercraft
1 x bottle to hold water for misting purposes
1 x larger bottle to transfer my clear glue so there is a smaller opening

I bought all these from Sportslight. All except the 2 bottles. Those I bought from neighbourhood shop.

J and I went for movie today - Red2. It was really entertaining. I love Helen Millen. She'll make a really hippy grandma. Ha ha...

That's my Sunday for you... Pretty well done I must say. Nothing exciting. Just pure calm and simple pleasures.

Have a great Sunday!

Dreamy C