Tuesday 22 January 2013

1st Parcel

As mentioned earlier, I'm going to show you what I've purchased. I call this my 1st Parcel.

This machine allows me to punch holes and bind!

This allows me to choose between a scallop or cloud cut at the corners.

Foams used to give the item a 'lift'.

A Christmas Tree punch. This allows you to lift the leaves and give it a sort of 3-D effect.

This is a mistake as I do not have a die cut machine!

Baby's Breath Puncher

Acrylic Blocks

Another mistake!


Santa Stamps

Flower Stamps

Teddy Bear Stamp

I Love these Stamps! Remember Peter Rabbit?!?!

So there you go! Items from the 1st parcel. I've placed an order for a 2nd one and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Show them to you once I got them!

Dreamy C

A Happy Day

Yay!!! My 1st parcel from Paper Wishes has arrived! I shall blog about it later today.

Dreamy C

Sunday 20 January 2013

Stuff in Each Tray

1st Tray
I put my adhesives, some cutting equipments, pens, stamp cleaner and a spare cutter for my cutting pad. When my 2 packages arrive, I'm going to put more adhesives in here. Some of which are Zips and Zots. They are sticky glue like the double-sided tap type but they are more convenient.
2nd Tray
The bottles on the top left side are my glimmer mists. Below it is a distressed ink pad and on top of it is a ink pad from Versafine in Onyx Black. Beside it is a bottle of glittering glue by Martha Stewart.
All those almond shaped containers are ink pads. On top of it are bottles of embossing powder and beside all these bottles on the right hand side are my glitters. On top of the glitters sits my glue pad for embossing using rubber stamps.
3rd Tray
This level looks pretty empty but wait till my bulk purchases arrive.
In here at this moment are crystal stickers in red, some embellishments in the form of a bird, bird cage and bird nest with eggs. Then I've got a ribbon which is around 2m long.
I've also brads in blue, purple, yellow, green, orange and aqua by We R Memory Keepers. I've brads of 3 sizes.
4th Tray
I've my cutter there by Cutterpede.
It doesn't fit nicely in the tray. It's slightly longer but it's alright when I shift it up a little.
Right beneath my cutter are my heat gun, some shape cutters and the equipment in pink can be used to punch hole or secure something which I don't know the name for. I'll show you the next time.
5th Tray
I put my tracing paper and cards in here.
My 12" x 12" cards cannot be placed here. Where do I put them then?
See right at the bottom? I managed to find a slot to stick them in. ^^
The last tray, I've decided to leave it for the boys. They like to use their imagination and assemble a car, a plane or whatever with lego pieces. After completing their master piece(s), they usually get upset if it's dismantled and it's messy to be putting them in the shelves in their room and so, the last tray's for them to put their master piece(s)! ^^
Now, I can't wait for my packages to arrive. The 1st has been shipped and the 2nd is still in the process of being packed. I want to start making some festive cards!!!
Dreamy C

Storage Space

I'm going to talk about what's keeping me busy for the past few days. Initially, it's make-up. Now, it's scrapbooking. Whenever I'd like to do something, I like to get most of the stuff I want or I need prepared. After purchasing many equipments and materials for scrapbooking, I need storage space.
This is the 1st storage space I bought.
I picked this up from Popular.
All trays opened up
I thought this was enough but boy was I wrong! It wasn't enough and I need a 2nd one. I went back to Popular and this was SOLD OUT!!! This 1st container can only accommodate the stuff I purchased from Paper Market. I made a total of 3 trips there. The bulk of the scrapbook stuff didn't come from Paper Market but from Paper Wishes - based in the US if I'm not wrong. I made a total of 2 x online purchases on different occassions and the 1st package has yet to arrive. It's been shipped out though.
When they arrive, where am I going to put them man??? It's also pointless to purchase a few of these containers as it might look disorganized. Besides, the height of each tray isn't the best for me. My bottles of glimmer mist by Tattered Angels can't even stand upright! This calls for NEW storage space!
I purchased this from the good people @ IKEA. IKEA has been and will always be the place to go to for furniture, cushions, fabric, storage ideas etc. I LOVE IKEA! I had this drawer in mind last night when I wanted more storage space for my scrapbook stuff. I'm very happy I managed to convince J to purchase this. He had wanted something in black to match the furniture back home. He wanted to get some from the office department and I'm glad I stood my ground. We fixed it up and he thought it didn't look that bad. Great!
Next entry? The stuff I put in each tray! ^^
Dreamy C

Thursday 17 January 2013

A Good Lunch & My 1st Attempt

This is what I ate last Saturday for lunch. Some weeks back, an elderly lady from Medan told me that there's a stall in Vivocity selling Nasi Padang which pack some powerful sambal. I decided to give it a go and boy was she right. It really was some good stuff. It's in Food Republic by the way.

I ordered lady's finger, hotdog with potato, kung po chicken and sweet & sour chicken. That cost me $9.50! I almost flipped but then again, I ordered 2 x meat dishes.

Lovely lunch. Go try it some day if you love spicy food.

And this is what I've been busy with. Alright not this. This just took me a few minutes to complete. It's the purchase of materials in order to achieve this. I'll blog on that this week.

In the meantime, be good. ^^

Dreamy C

Bellabox - January 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Infused Comb
This comb is infused with the Healing Oil Treatment to provide hassle-free nourishment while detangling hair. The Healing Oil treatment is distributed evenly on hair w/o leaving residue on the hands.
Me: I only read about this when I'm typing this out. I was like - Sure boh? I'm suffering from hair loss. I wonder if this comb helps.

Natura Bisse - Ceutical Recovery Cream
NB Ceutical Recovery Cream by Natura Bisse soothes and improves the self-defense mechanisms of the skin. It is easily absorbed and helps to restore optimum skin hydration level. Regular application will encourage skin regeneration and diminish the symptoms of irritated skin like dryness.
Me: Let me try this out the next time my nose starts to have flakes due to dry skin.

Skinmiso - Pore Beauty Nose Pack
Hailing from Korea, the Skinmiso Nose Beauty Nose pack will help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads in the comfort of your own house. This 3-step system allows you to remove blackheads and whiteheads painlessly and effectively.
Me: One can always use another product to get rid of those very irritating looking blackheads. I can't wait to try this out. What great timing! My last visit to my beautician was 2 weeks back.

B.Liv - Feel No Sluggish
The b.liv Feel No Sluggish Mask is jam packed with antioxidants and cell rejuvenating nutrients that keeps your face looking young and vibrant. The mask prevents the signs of aging by invigorating the skin with fruity essences and banishing dull skin one and for all.
Me: Aiyah... Another marketing trick. Over time, I began to realise that women always spend money on hope. Hope of better skin, hope of better figure, hope, hope, hope. I'm one of them. You want to get out but you just can't. *shrugs*

Skinfood - Gold caviar toner and emulsion
Formulated with Russian Caviar Extract which has a similar structure as skin cells, the Skinfood - Gold Caviar Toner and Emulsion is also infused with visible pure gold that softens the skin and counters wrinkles and firms skin.
Me: Sure boh?

On Complimentary?
Gold Caviar Serum, Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum & Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

Phew! Finished at last!

Dreamy C

Au Petit Salut

On the eve of our ROM date, we decided to have a good lunch. Where else but Au Petit Salut? This place offers much better food at a cheaper price when compared to Les Amis. If I ever have a friend telling me that they so much as thought of making a trip to Les Amis, I would try my very best to discourage them. If it's just for the experience, I say go ahead. Go and be disappointed.

Now, back to the subject - Au Petit Salut.

His Starter - Pan Seared Duck Foie Gras
I had a bite and I didn't like it. It's too liquidy in the middle

My Starter - Escargot
To be honest, I very much prefer their older version where it's served differently.
It used to be warmer with more garlic.
This time round, it's served with a bone marrow on top of some salt.
Not as warm and just not as flavorful.
There's a change of chef by the way.

Both of us had the same Main - Bavette Steak
You can choose to have Wagyu beef at additional $12. We didn't choose to have that.
The white round thing is mashed potato. Lovely.
Those stuff on top of the beef are corn and brussels sprouts.

I LOVE the beef. Best I've had after the beef I had @ Cova which closed down some time back.

His Dessert - Creme Brulee


My Dessert - Choux Buns

Their menu HERE.

I'm thinking of going back in April to celebrate J's b'day. I might go another time with my Mom. She loves beef and I love my Mom! ^^

Bill comes up to close to $120 as J also had a glass of wine and we shared a bottle of sparkling water.

Dreamy C

5 Days in Absence

Yes, that's long for me since I've at most miss blogging by a day. This time, it's FIVE days!

I'm officially a Mrs. now, married on 15th January 2013.

I've been lazy to blog. I admit. I'm only human. Guilt ate me up today so tadah! I'm back!

I've stopped working out since Sunday. I know it's bad and I promise to do something come tomorrow.

Stay with me. I've a few entries and photos to upload today.

Dreamy C

Saturday 12 January 2013

Day 5 - 12.01.2012

Breakfast: 3 x Sardine puffs.

Lunch: Fillet O Fish, Curly Fries and Green Tea from McDonalds.

Dinner: Onion Soup cooked with chicken stock.

Exercise: Brisk walking - 8 x rounds of 370m each round for 30 minutes.

Weight: 61.4kg
Fats (%): 33.7

Slight increase in weight and % of fats. The culprit? I think it's from the sardine puffs and lunch from McDonalds.

Frankly speaking, I don't mind the slight increase as I've increased an additional round for my brisk walking.

Today's a hectic day for me and I don't have the luxury of having my meals at home.

I've signed up for Biblical Studies this year and it's taking place every Saturday, starting with today. It starts early and since it's the first time I'm travelling to Diocese of Singapore, I've to start early as I hate being late for classes. This meant that I didn't have time for breakfast. The fact that I've woken up late doesn't help. My sardine puffs were picked up along the way to Diocese of Singapore.

I have the intention of going down to Paper Market today which means I wouldn't have time to go home and have my lunch. After a trip to Paper Market, I've to go down to Northpoint and meet J there. So many things to do and so little time.

I'm just glad that I've made it to 8 rounds instead of the usual 7 rounds despite the slight increase in weight and fats %. After 4 days of working out, my muscles no longer feel as sore today. That is a good sign. I'll have to keep it up and not give up. I do have a tendency of working hard for a couple of weeks and giving up later.

Dreamy C

Friday 11 January 2013

White Tigers for my Favorite Kid

White Tigers. I'm always fascinated with them. Very beautiful animals. Tigers and all animals from the cat family, I adore. I've a little one from the cat family myself and his name is Horlick! Alright now. Let's get down to business!

The White Tiger (also known as the White Bengal Tiger) is a subspecies of Tiger. Their colouration is dependent on a defective, recessive gene that is passed on from their parents. The White Tiger has become ever rarer in the wild due to trophy hunting or capture for the exotic pet trade, with there having been no recorded sightings of these elusive predators for the past 50 years.

Today, they can be found in a handful of Zoos and of of it is The Singapore Zoo. Along with the Bengal Tiger, the White Tiger is considered to be the 2nd largest species of Tiger in the world after the Siberian Tiger.

The White Tiger is not an albino as they still carry some form of pigment that creates their fur colour, as some individuals are known to retain an orange tinge to their white coloured fur.

 Along with the change in fur colour, the gene carried by the White Tiger's parents also meant that they have blue eyes rather than the green or yellow coloured eyes of normal Bengal Tigers. Despite the beauty of the White Tiger's fur, it does in fact give these individuals a disadvantage as they are not so easily camouflaged into the surrounding jungle. 

Although the White Tiger is not nocturnal, they do the majority of their hunting at night as this also helps them to hunt more successfully. White Tigers have incredible hearing and sight which, along with their stealth, helps them when hunting in the jungle in the dark.
Like normal Tigers, they occupy a large territory that is marked by urine and claw marks on trees. Despite the fact that they are solitary animals except for during the mating season, male White Tiger territories can overlap with those of a number of females', particularly in areas which are high in prey. Male White Tigers will however, defend their patch fiercely from other males who may be trying to steal their spot.

 In order for a White Tiger to be produced, both of it's parents must carry the gene. Male and female White Tigers are attracted to one another by their roars and scent marks and once mated, the male and female go their separate ways.
After a gestation period that lasts for around 3 1/2 months, the female White Tiger gives birth up to 5 cubs, which are blind and weigh roughly 1kg each and can have either white or orange fur.

 The White Tiger cubs suckle on the milk from their mother and begin to eat meat that she has caught for them when they are around 2 months old. They are weaned 4 months later. The White Tiger cubs begin to accompany their mother hunting and eventually leave her and begin their solitary life in the jungle when they are about 18 months of age. The White Tigers have an average lifespan of 12 years, which can be longer in captivity.

White Tigers have an average lifespan of 12 years, which can be longer in captivity.
The White Tiger is an apex predator in it's environment, hunting it's prey by stalking it sealthily in the darkness of night. They primarily hunts large, herbivorous animals including Deer, Wild Boar, Cattle and Goats that feed both in the jungle and on it's outskirts.

 With growing Human settlements pushing the White Bengal Tiger into smaller and smaller pockets of it's historical range, they are also commonly known to hunt and kill livestock, with entrances into villages also becoming increasingly common.
The White Tiger is thought to have a slightly shorter life expectancy than the normal Bengal Tiger. Although there is no evidence of this in the wild, captive studies conclude that it is due to the White Tiger's mutated genes.

 The White Tiger is one of the most versatile and adaptable predators in the Asian jungle as they are not only incredibly quick and agile at running but they are also very capable swimmers, allowing them to breech natural boundaries such as rivers and wetland.

 Estimates of around 100,000 Tigers found in the jungles and mangrove swamps of Asia were made at the beginning of the 1900s but today, there are thought to be less than 8,000 Tigers in the wild with around 2,000 of these being Bengal Tigers. There are no White Tiger individuals known to be found outside of captivity.

Next up? Let's talk a little about sharks.

Dreamy C