Thursday 28 November 2013

No Rain, Please No Rain...

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…

Lately, I’ve been wanting to exercise. I actually look forward to it. I think I behave this way because of what I see. I’m going to take measurements of my waist and my butt and see how much I’ve reduced. It was drizzling yesterday but that didn’t spoil my exercise plan. I went brisk walking as you know if you’ve read my entry yesterday and it was drizzling. Even when the droplets got slightly bigger, I persevered. Talk about the spirit of getting into shape! ^^
I’m going exercising again later and the sky isn’t looking too good now.

I want to talk about Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines next. The situation is really bad and my helper was commenting that she didn’t understand why this is so bad. Even the situation after typhoon in Aceh isn’t so bad. I’ve been praying for the people there. If you cannot help financially, please help pray for them.

Wishing all my readers a great Thursday! I can hear weekend knocking on my door... Whoo hoo!!! Baby Charlize, Aunty is coming to see you lu...

Dreamy C

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Yay!!! I’m going to stay at Capella Sentosa come 11th December 2013!!!

Okie… it’s together with the kiddos. Well, on the positive side, I’ll get to see what’s the deal with villas in Capella which makes them so enticing. Photos I promise will be uploaded on the same day or the next.

I’ve asked J to give me an Ang Bao as my birthday present. How much I’m able to spend on my handicraft will depend on how much he gives me. I’m almost done with making Christmas cards. Next will be Chinese New Year cards but I’m not sure if J would want me to make them for the company? 

If he needs me to, then I’ll have to buy a couple of stamps over at Etsy. I’ll only be making 1 type of design as getting materials to make Chinese New Year cards aren’t easy. 

If he doesn’t need me to do it, then I’ll spend the money on Washi Tapes. I badly need many of those for my Filo. I need many of the slim solid colors, a few floral ones, a few polka dot ones, a few striped ones and a few others.

Let me show you how my next week looks like. See below:

I love it!!!

Dreamy C

Random Post

My helper really has the heart for the kiddos... They love muffins and the ones sold near where I stay are really tiny and there's never enough for the rascals. What is a helper to do? Bake some!

Flavors:Chocolate, Banana with Pecan (requested by me) & Blueberry (requested by me as it's my favorite!)

The last day of my detox program is Sunday and this week Monday, I started to implement some of the 'forbidden' food into my life, such as Oyster Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce and Grapes. Yes, I cannot take grapes if I were doing the detox program. I'm going to take a short break and start on another round of detox come 15th December 2013. Technically, one has to detox once in 6 months but this one, it's perfectly alright to do it once in a couple of months. It's not like those detox where you consume apple juice the entire day for a few days. I think to be able to have 3 meals is kinder towards my body.

I went exercising today. 10 x rounds (370 meters per round) of brisk walking and slow jog for 240 meters. I forgot my watch so I've no idea how much time was taken.

This is dinner - Chicken Stew

I need to quickly finish up the Oyster Sauce at home before I begin my next detox so my helper don't have to buy anymore.

I'm thinking of getting myself an A5 Filofax. The only catch is that I cannot find the one I want with the diary notes intact. So far, I found one but it comes with just the binder for 60 pounds. I'm actually looking for a Raspberry Chameleon in A5. Should I patiently wait or should I just pay 60 pounds for a 'naked' one? Hmmm... I find the personal size well...too small. I can't write as much as I want to. I need to get an A5 size for work. That will be stationed permanently in the office. I currently have the Pink Finsbury in Personal and I love it. I just need a bigger one for work.

I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday so far... 

Dreamy C

Sunday 24 November 2013

Finsbury Personal in Pink

Pink, you're my favorite color.

This is how I 'torture' my Filo

How can I resist a kitty sticky notepad?

Washi on-the-go
Always Ready, Always Washi

A small color code for my 'Year at a Glance' sheet

This is how it looks like.
The colored circles were purchased from Popular outlet at Toa Payoh.

Some dividers I made myself.
Spray away...

Week on 2 Pages - This is how mine looks like.
Not much deco as I didn't have materials ready in time for my Filo's arrival.

I like this method - using a clip to signal what day is at point of time.

Look at the back part of the magnetic clip - so very cute!
Another divider I made.

This is how the coming week looks like.

Keeping track of my expenses...

Chicken notepad in a 'pocket' I made out of IKEA ziploc bag.

Another 'pocket'.

This is how I got MY Filo set up. There will be more deco in the coming weeks for sure...

Dreamy C

More Creations of Christmas Cards...

Today I show you some of the Christmas Cards I've made...

Today also marks the last day of my detox program. I weigh 60.1 kg this morning. I've lost at least 2.5 kg from this 20-day program. I feel good and I do poo regularly now. This is a good sign.

I've another bottle left and I intend to continue with it but this time, I'm going to include in Oyster Sauce for my veggie during lunch. I've asked my helper not to purchase anymore Oyster or Teriyaki Sauce when we're done with the existing ones at home. 

Weight loss isn't that significant but my tummy has gone smaller and it sure feels good. 

Wishing you a Blessed Sunday!!!

Dreamy C

Saturday 23 November 2013

Arrival of Pre-Order Stuff (Partial)

I went to the meet-up point today to pick up the purchase I made from MTH some weeks back.

I was disappointed with them for not bringing me the 0.5" foam squares.
The lady informed me that it's available on Friday and today, I was told that it has not arrived.
What the crap is this?! It's not the first that they screw up my order.
The other time, I purchased a glitter pen which is clear but they pass me a black instead.
I took it home anyway as I didn't want my trip to be wasted. =(

This is the focal point of me making a trip to the meet-up point today.
I am so going to make some Christmas cards!!!

I hope your Saturday went well so far...

Right now, I'm patiently waiting for 3 x small parcels for my Filo... I'll blog about it once I get them. =)

Dreamy C

My Birthday Approaching...

I don't really like celebrating my birthdays. Not that it reminds me that I'm getting older but right after PSLE, the feeling of celebrating it isn't around anymore. In fact, I don't even want people to celebrate it for me. Hence, if possible, I would like to be away from Singapore come by birthday but come every year, it isn't happening.

Anyway, that's a side track. Now, let's come to the main body. I had wanted to say that I've given myself a birthday present by buying stuff for my Filo. Let's take a look...

I had wanted to go to Popular and get my Pilot Hi-Tec Coleto pen together with refills. Before that, I stepped foot into Artbox. Less than 30 minutes, I'm close to 200 bucks poorer! But I'm pretty happy with my purchase!

Washi Tapes
Before these, I've only 3 x solid 1cm width washi and 9 other floral and polka dot washi. I find my collection pathetic and hence, purchase these to add to it.

How can 1 live w/o stickers for their Filo?
Don't even ask how many there are in here...
You can't do a proper count as I didn't separate them.

I see, I take, I put on counter, I pay.
There are other patterns but I thought 1 doesn't need TOO many of these.
We'll see...

Just look at that chicken! I almost faint on the spot when I saw it.
You don't understand... I'm born in the Year of the Rooster.
Those magnet clips there? I was looking ALL over for them.
I found them online but none too cute to resist. I'm glad I didn't buy on impulse.
These are MUCH cuter!

Hello Kitty... *heart melts*
I went crazy when I was shown these babies by the SA.
Only 2 designs I like. *disappointed that there aren't many to choose from*

I actually purchased 5 of these. I gave 2 to my helper and I was having 1 on myself.
Hence, you only see 2 here. The other colors were light pink, blue and a black and white.

I'm VERY VERY happy with my purchase today... *easily satisfied*

I don't have a photo here but I bought a total of 9 different colors for my Pilot Hi-tec Coleto pens. Popular only carries those holding 3 x slots each. I bought 3 x barrels which gave me a total of 9 slots.

Dreamy C

Thursday 21 November 2013

Feeling Good So Far...

Yay!!! I’m going to get my stamp from MaMa Elephant! Finally! I am so excited… Weekend, weekend, please come sooner!

17th day of my detox program and I’m finally seeing another improvement and i.e. I’m able to poo on Tuesday, Wednesday and today! I usually am only able to poo once every 2 days. I guess I’m going to do it again after Chinese New Year or after my trip to Bangkok.

I’m feeling good… =)

Dreamy C

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Exercise As Usual During Detox Program - No Joke!

I went exercising yesterday evening. Being on this detox program is no joke! Before I start this program, I usually do 1 x round of brisk walking followed by 5 x rounds of interval training, ending with 1 x round of brisk walking. 

Yesterday, I could only do 1 x round brisk walking followed by 3 x rounds interval training and ending with 3 x rounds of brisk walking. After 3 x rounds of interval training, pain could be felt around my stomach area. That’s why I stopped and switched to brisk walking instead. 

The doctor did say that it's perfectly alright to exercise as usual while on the detox program. I wonder if I should stick to what she says...

I think I'm better off doing just brisk walking for now...

Dreamy C

Monday 18 November 2013

Detox Program

Today's the 14th day of my detox program and I've lost 2kg so far. I know I've lost noticeable weight as people in my life tells me so.

It's no joke going into this detox program. Both breakfast and dinner are replaced with a shake. I'm only allowed a 'proper' meal for lunch and even that comes with lots of restriction. Take a look!

Till date, I've not seen any changes except for my weight. I still poo once in 2 days. I'm surprised though that I'm still able to swim at least 10 laps on Saturday morning. I thought I would be lethargic and having no energy to go through it but I was wrong.

Let's see how I feel when I'm done with this program. The last day would be this Sunday for me.

It's advisable to do a detox once every 6 months.

Do you also follow some detox programs?

Dreamy C

Sunday 17 November 2013

Another Purchase from The US, With 2 Cards Following...

My 2nd parcel from U.S.A. arrived recently! So excited... I've made a few cards with some stuff. Let me first show you what I bought.

This adhesive is only 4mm in width!
How can I not get refills for it?! I got a total of THREE (3) refills!

I had wanted to get it in natural but it was out of stock.
Hence, I settled for this. I think it is Ivory.
I didn't quite like it now that I see it for myself as this thread frays.

One of the basics every card maker needs is of course PAPER!
I got a few types. 2 types of brands in white, 1 in kraft, 1 with wood grain texture to it & 1 really thick paper so I can use my copic markers and it wouldn't bleed through. ^^

Masking Tape, loving it so far...

Very versatile stamp

Can you see the letters?
Sorry for the glare.
I got it in white so it can be flexible as I can color it to the color that I want eventually.

Dies, loving it so far especially the Merry Christmas one.
Christmas is just next month!

And these are the cards that I made with some of the supplies received.

I didn't like this card initially but as I look at it, I realized that the liking grows.

This is the 2nd card I made. It flips!
I put some stickles on the word - Merry Christmas.

That's all for me today. Wishing you a Blessed Sunday!!!

Dreamy C

Friday 15 November 2013

A Long Awaited Trip...

I’m planning to go on a trip to Bangkok May next year. Labour Day falls on a Thursday and I can make use of that and go for a short trip. In April next year, there’s a holiday on Friday – Good Friday. I can’t travel due to my faith. DUH! Going in May would also mean that I can break free from the kids for once. Don’t get me wrong. They are adorable and cute and all but like other boys, they can be very naughty and challenging. It would do me good to be away from them even for a short period. =)

Going during May would also mean that Lychees, Mangoes and Pineapples are in season. Yummy… The last time I was in Bangkok was in March 2012. We were there for 4D3N and frankly speaking, it’s not enough. Time zooms past real fast! We stayed in Novotel Platinum and it was pleasant. The room was clean and spacious. The beds were big enough. I believe we booked the standard or superior room. It was nothing expensive but good enough. Our meals were taken mostly from other hotels like Shangri-La and we never venture out at night.

This time, I’m going to book a room at Pathumwan Princess as within walking distance to the Siam Centre & Siam Paragon. It’s also very near to MBK. I’m sure Mommy would love going there. We can take the tuk tuk to Central World or Pratunam Centre or Platinum Fashion Mall if Mommy would like to go there. As for floating market, I believe we can grab a cab there. We can also grab a cab or tuk tuk to Chatuchak Market. I might even consider taking the BTS to Chatuchak Market. I don’t really fancy Chatuchak Market but I’ll go anyway as Mommy might be interested.

Now that I’ve searched for the hotel I would like us to stay in, I need to plan how many days we are staying and where to get good food. Why do I need to plan so much? If I were going alone, I’m not going to do all these homework. Mommy has high expectations. Vacay in Bangkok has to be filled with massages, shopping and most importantly, good food. She loves spicy food and has high expectations. It need not be expensive but it cannot taste shitty. My brother brought her to Malacca once and she came back full of complains. I don’t want to end up like him. *shakes head* Besides, she’s the most important person in my life other than God. I want to please her and make her happy. =) I’ve only ONE Mommy leh… Heh heh… Frankly speaking, why I thought of bringing her to Bangkok is so she can get her ointment. For me, it’s not all about massages, food etc. All those are secondary. The primary reason is ointment. There’s a certain brand of ointment which Mommy adores and they can only be purchased in Thailand. I’ll take a photo of it when I’m there. The last time I went, I bought her a dozen. She finished those in less than a year. That’s how tok gong she is!

I might go there for 7D6N. You might think that the duration is too long for Bangkok but I don’t want to rush during a holiday. I want to take it slow and easy and enjoy. Just chill out! Considering the places I would like to bring Mommy, 7D6N is just nice. I’m planning to fly on a Tuesday as I might have a class on Mondays come next year.

This is the plan:

Tuesday – Go shopping and go Chinatown at night.
Wednesday – Visit Grand Palace, Wat Pho which is directly adjacent to the Grand Palace where they have the reclining Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. Do some massage at Wat Pho area and most probably settle all 3 meals around that area.
Thursday – Go for a River Cruise.
Friday – Floating Market, massage and go to a Skybar at State Tower. I heard that it’s at level 64!
Saturday – Chatuchak Market and dinner at a nice place which sells nice ribs. I believe it’s called Devilish something.
Sunday – Go shopping and more massages. We will probably find some stuff to do on this casual day.
Monday – This is an extra day where it’s used to fill up any stuff we want to do last minute.

On Sunday, I might want to make a trip to see some tigers. If Mommy agrees, we will go there on Sunday and will do some last minute shopping come Monday before we head home. I found out that there’s even a Cat CafĂ© in Bangkok! I might bring Mommy there for some tea… =)

I can’t wait for May to come sooner…!!!

Dreamy C

Thursday 14 November 2013

That Time of The Year...

It's that time of the year again...

No... it's not Christmas yet! I'm talking about tree decorating!

As usual, my 2 beri cute gong gongs.
They're the highlight for me other than the smell of pine...
Smells lovely!
I don't mind going through rows and rows of real pine trees...
Maybe, just maybe. One day, I'll have a White Christmas!

I hope you have fun decorating your tree, be it real or fake, tall or short, big or small. Just have fun...

Dreamy C


Yay!!! My filo finally arrived!

Sitting on my lap... how lovely.
No more putting info in my PC!
No more not knowing where my money has gone to.
No more forgetting appointments.
No more forgetting tasks which requires attention!
No more not having people's contact numbers!
No more fishing out my BB to check on addresses when I want to do mailings to my loved ones and friends!

I believe I would be more organized and fall in love with my leather toy eventually.

Dreamy C

Tuesday 12 November 2013


I went to the depot today and took some photos of the vegetables they have been growing for months.

What exactly is this you wonder...

I don't know the name of this veggie

Young lady's finger peeking out

Can you spot the full grown version?

On another note, take a look of the Christmas Tree we got this year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of pine... Hmmm...

Arriving this Thursday!

Dreamy C

Thursday 7 November 2013

What is Family?

What exactly is the meaning of the word - FAMILY?

1. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.
b. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for: a single-parent family.
2. the children of one person or one couple collectively: We want a large family.
3. the spouse and children of one person: We're taking the family on vacation next week.
4. any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins: to marry into a socially prominent family.
5. all those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor.

A friend once told me that FAMILY stands for Father And Mother I Love You. But really, is it really THAT simple? To me, family extends beyond parents and siblings. It's also your immediate relatives, both maternal and paternal side. Why am I bringing this up today you wonder?

Family relationships is very important. In life, one should put God first, Family second, friends and the rest after that. Frankly speaking, if you love God, the rest will fall into place. Family is a very precious thing and one will realize that as they grow up. Even though Family is very important, often than not, it's family members which cause one much sorrow, anger, disappointment etc. I've seen and heard of families falling apart after funerals, over money etc. So how 'important' exactly is this relationship called Family that you share?

The birth of a child marks a new beginning and the death of a person marks the end. Death meant that you'll never get to see that person ever again. My Grandpa passed away some months back and I only got wind of it recently. Yes, I've not been in contact with my family members for more than a decade. I was young, naive and a terrible person back then. Though Grandpa isn't my favorite family member, there's this thing called respect. I visited him in the hospital. Is it too much to ask for to be informed of his death? Frankly speaking, it's perfectly alright if my 'family' doesn't want me around during the funeral but honestly, is informing me so hard? 

There's always lots of stories to every family. Ups and downs, we experience it all but we're talking about death here, something which is forever gone and not coming back. Would it have made any difference had they informed me you wonder? Well, at the very least, I can pay respect by attending his funeral. At least, I wouldn't have to be kept in the dark. At least I don't have to hear it from my brother-in-law. At least I'm aware. You know how stupid I felt back then? Yes, I'm writing this entry 'cos it hurts even though it's Grandpa who passed away, a person I don't share a close bonding with.

Enough's said. I wish to give them all up and do what I need to do i.e. apologize to dear old Daddy but then again, God wouldn't like that. Also, I wonder if that's the best way of handling issues.


Dreamy C

Sunday 3 November 2013

Snacks from Tokyo...

No, I haven't been travelling to Tokyo. I wish...

A friend came back from Tokyo which explains the good opportunity of trying some.

Pardon the background.
I took this photo with my note 8 on top of a book where I do my homework.

The inside.
Well, I think it would taste better had it been dark chocolate.

I was so happy when I unwrapped this and found this fella.
I'm so happy, I took a few photos of its different profiles. LOL
This is the front view. Pretty flat. I can hardly see its beak in this photo.

The side view with beak being more prominent.

The back view.
So round and cute.

I didn't take any photo of the inside and I cannot taste what it was.
Not spectacular, just alright.
And I thought snacks from Japan are so delicious.

Dreamy C