Sunday 30 June 2013

A peek...

A peek @ my dinner tonight.

Spanish Chicken Stew

Cookbook not by a Spanish chef but a famous Malaysian chef.

My helper tried a recipe of his & it's not nice at all. Mind you, it's a Malay dish & my helper is an Indonesian. She cooks better Asian dish than Chef Wan. I shall ask her to try a few more recipes in this book before deciding what to do with it- into the bin it goes or back to the shelf? Let's wait & see...

Dreamy C

A card for my Pastor

There you go...

Dreamy C

Leona Lewis

I heard about her a long time ago & I'm aware that she has a great voice. I'm not sure why I've none of her albums! Well, I finally went & got them today. I'm short of her 1st album which I believe will be available a week later. I asked for a transfer from Great World. She has an amazing voice & I've been listening & enjoying it while I make a few pages for a project.

I'm planning to do a little scrapbook for Handsome & Fatty. It will be a b'day present to them come December.

I've also made a thank you card for my pastor. I'll show you the look of it in the next post.

I wish you a great Sunday ahead! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow & earn more bucks! Wished I'm that motivated everyday...

Dreamy C

Saturday 29 June 2013

Replenish Stuff

I reserved a Martha Stewart scoring board a few days ago. I went to get it today. I was so excited! Show you my goodies...

I couldn't resist these cute elephants

Some general message I needed for a while

Bought these as I needed them for a page I'm doing for Fatty

I've been contemplating for a few months now...
I'm happy I finally got 1!

This is the reason I made a trip down

So there you go! All these for close to 120 bucks. Well, the scoring board cost 38.50. It can be used to make rosettes, boxes & envelopes. You can also use it for scoring your cards.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase. I also got to meet up with a couple of scrap bookers. It's good feeling to be able to listen to their experiences with a few brands.

I hope your Saturday is fabulous so far...

I can't wait to try & make some roses from clay!

Dreamy C

Monday 24 June 2013

Calendula Healing Ointment

My finger has been hurting for the past week or so. My cuticle gave way & a small part of my skin seemed to be ripped apart, like a crack. I thought it would gradually heal but I was wrong. It got inflammed! It doesn't look like it's going to heal anytime soon. I can soon see clot blood.

To my rescue,J suggested this:

Once applied, it look like this.

Texture is oily & so, I bandage it up. After a few hrs, it got better. The clot up blood looked less angry. After a day, the blood turned into a pus & finger isn't that swelled up. Best part? Not as painful. I used to think this don't work. I'm thinking otherwise now.

It says on the tube:
A traditional herbal medicine for the family First Aid Kit to help heal cuts, abrasions & wounds. It supports the formation of healthy skin tissue & promotes skin repair. Also effective for slow healing wounds.

Dreamy C

Friday 21 June 2013

Things Just Got A Little Crazier...

Just 11am today, PSI hit 400! I was really shocked!

I went to Mass Technologies this morning & it's chaotic. People say money can't buy certain things. This would be one of them. Even if you're a big shot, you've to join the queue like everyone else & You know what's frustrating? They only accept cash Or cheque. Nonetheless, I'm happy  I managed to get 3 boxes of masks for my mom & my family.

Mom works the night shift @ a coffee shop. I'm very worried for her. Though she's not asthmatic, she's not exactly healthy. She's a smoker & she's overweight. I'm going to get her some Vitamin C & Manuka honey tomorrow. I'm also going to pass her some disposable eye drops. She's all I've got. she's my Mom & the most important person in my life, other than God. I MUST take good care of her.

Stay safe people...

Dreamy C

Thursday 20 June 2013

More On Haze

Okie. So this is a picture of me with my 3M N95 mask. Can talk, can breathe. Cost 35 bucks for a box of 20. Just regret that I didn't get extra. Going to try my luck tomorrow & get at least 2 boxes. Even for safekeeping is better than none at all.

My friends, surgical masks DO NOT WORK! They are those you get from doctors & polyclinics. They only prevent you, the person wearing it from spreading your germs to others. They don't protect you. 

What works? The N95 works. Downside? Some people find it uncomfortable. Also, once it's torn, damaged or distorted in shape, you got to discard it. 

How to do better during this period other than mask & staying indoors?
First, drink lots of water. LOTS!
Second, take a spoonful of honey before going to bed. Honey is natural & works  wonders.
Third, take Vitamin C daily. Best to take those time release ones. Just a personal point of view, time release ones ensures you get Vitamin C constantly. Anything extra, the body will expel through urine! Hey, move is better than not enough right?
Fourth, take lots of fruits especially those high in antioxidants. We want to fight free radicals here... Think berries...
Lastly, prepare eye drops, lozenges & what not. You never know when you're going to need them & is a step too late in purchasing them. Out of stock I meant. Luckily, I constantly have eye drops available, the disposable ones. I even have Optrex eye wash in the fridge!

Stay protected my friends...

Dreamy C

Haze Haze Everywhere

I've got Sinus and the haze isn't doing me any good. I worry for my loved ones as well, especially a couple of preggy people I know. Hence, I've made arrangements to purchase 1 box of 3M's N95 mask. They definitely don't look better than surgical masks buy hey! Beauty and health, which one you choose?

Let me tell you some things about haze...
Haze is an atmospheric condition where particles, smoke, dust and moisture suspend in the air obscuring visibility.

How Haze Can Affect Your Health
Fine particles in a haze are extremely small and light which mean they suspend in the air for much longer periods of time and stand a higher chance of being inhaled by animals and humans.
When inhaled, these fine particles (those measuring 10 microns or less) can cause irritation of the nose, throat, airways, skin and eyes. You may experience sneezing, running nose, eye irritation, dry throat and dry cough as a result of inhaling the air pollutants. These symptoms are usually mild if the haze is not severe and will subside when you stay indoor and limit your exposure to haze.
However, if you are suffering from some medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, lung disease, chronic sinusitis and skin allergy, your condition could be worsened by haze. You are also more likely to experience severe haze-related effects than those who are healthy.
Minute particles contained within a haze can enter the bloodstream when they are breathed deep into the lungs and get absorbed by underlying tissue. Once they enter the blood, they can potentially interact with other compounds and substances in the body, for example ‘bad’ cholesterol, to produce damaging effects such as inflammation.
Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to the ill effects of haze due to their weaker immune system, and hence, they should take special precautions to protect themselves. 
See chart below:
Index Value
PSI Descriptor
General Health Effects
Health Advisory
Up to 50
None for the general population
51 to 100
Few or none for the general population
None required
101 to 200
Mild aggravation of symptoms among susceptible persons ie. those with underlying conditions such as chronic heart or lung ailments; transient symptoms of irritation eg. eye irritation, sneezing or coughing in some of the healthy population.
Persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. The general population should reduce vigorous outdoor activity. Appropriate public advisories regarding the use of respiratory masks and other health matters will be given.
201 to 300
Very Unhealthy
Moderate aggravation of symptoms and decreased tolerance in persons with heart or lung disease ; more widespread symptoms of transient irritation in the healthy population.
Elderly and persons with existing heart or lung disease should stay indoors and reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. The general population should avoid vigorous outdoor activity. Appropriate public advisories on air cleaning devices for homes and offices will be given.
301 to 400
Early onset of certain diseases in addition to significant aggravation of symptoms in susceptible persons; and decreased exercise tolerance in healthy persons.
Children, elderly and persons with existing diseases should stay indoors and avoid outdoor activity. The general population should avoid all unnecessary outdoor activity.
Over 400
PSI levels above 400 may be life-threatening to ill and elderly persons. Healthy people may experience adverse symptoms that affect normal activity.
Children, elderly and persons with existing diseases should stay indoors, keeping the windows and doors closed and avoiding physical exertion as far as possible. Outdoor activity should be avoided. The general population should keep physical exertion and outdoor activity to as low a level as possible.
During a prolonged haze period when the air quality is poor, you can take the following precautions to protect yourself:
·         Pay attention to local air quality updates. Recommended precautions you should take will usually be given in the form of advisories based on the latest air condition. So it is recommended that you check your local health authority’s website regularly for the latest air quality update. Here are some websites to check for the following countries:
·         Singapore: National Environment Agency
·         Malaysia: Department of Environment
·         US: AIRNow
·         Minimize outdoor activities, especially outdoor sports. If you must exercise outdoor, avoid exercising in highly congested areas near busy roads and freeways, particularly during rush hours. Read more: Is Running in a Haze Bad for Health?
·         Close all windows, doors and any openings that may allow haze to enter your home or office. Turn on the air conditioner if you have one. Note: If the weather is extremely hot, it can become dangerous if you stay indoor with all fresh air intake closed. In this case, seek alternative shelter.
·         At home, use an air purifier to keep the particulate levels low. Choose an air purifier that is suitable for the size and type of your home. Avoid air cleaners that generate ozone as they will increase air pollution in your home.
·         Keep air conditioner in tip-top working condition with regular cleaning and servicing. Fine particles can enter an air-conditioned building through the fresh air intake and by infiltration through openings and gaps.
·         If you are staying in a building with a central air conditioning system, install an air cleaning device. This helps to reduce the amount of air contaminants that may be circulating in your building.
·         Take your medication regularly if you are suffering from an existing disease, especially heart disease and respiratory disease. If you feel breathless at any point in time, seek medical attention immediately.
·         Limit or avoid smoking indoor and the use of gas stove, wood fireplace, candles, incense and anything that burns. In an enclosed area, smoke, gases and pollutants emitted from burning sources are trapped indoor and could build up to hazardous level if they continue to burn for an extended period of time.
·         Under severe haze condition, wear a respirator if you must go outside. Respirators work better than face masks as they seal better and restrict more polluted air from entering the nose and mouth. Further, their filters can be replaced which make them reusable.
That's all for now. I'm going to be a 'Santa Claus' tonight, busy delivering masks to my loved 
ones. I hope you're well prepared.
Dreamy C

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Bellabox June 2013

It's that time of the month!

Smells a bit musky, not fruity.

Great! I've never been there & would like to do so 1 day!

Dreamy C

Ben & Jerry

My favourite brand of ice-cream.

Half Baked

Even the name sounds so yummy.
I like it! A bit too sweet though but hey! It's ice-cream!

Dreamy C

Stay @ Hyatt Hotel on 12.06.2013

We get to stay here for a night.


Shower Cabinet

Sink. Duh...

They used to have better choc. 
I don't like coffee beans that's why.

We went to catch 'Man of Steel'  the next day.

Dreamy C

Thursday 13 June 2013


I've been eating what I like & not caring much about the amount of calories, for the past couple of days. Now, I'm feeling so guilty. On the bright side, I managed to do an hour of walking yesterday & covered a distance of 5.7km. I also managed to do some swimming cum playing in the pool with the kiddos. So much fun... I've forgotten how good swimming can be.

Back to my routine come tomorrow! Enough indulgence!

Dreamy C

Great Scrub!

I don't remember if I've blogged about this before but late last year, I bought some scrub from LUSH. The SA raved about it. I should say I ended up buying it not because I want it so much, not because the product is calling out for me but because of how good the SA said it is. She said, "I use it everyday myself and I've been using it for like ages!" Okie SOLD! Ha ha...

I don't have a picture here but I guess you can go check it out at LUSH. As I got it late last year, it's made to be like the face of Santa Claus with his hat, cap whatever. I've kept it in my cabinet for more than 6 months and it's only NOW that I start to use it. Imagine the number of products I've purchased over the years and NOT started to use them! I'm ashamed of myself sometimes. Ha ha...

Verdict? I was pleasantly surprised! To be honest, I hardly believe the words of any SA. Their aim is to sell and they'll do anything to reach their goal. Yes, ANYTHING! Well, that's just my opinion. You can beg to differ. I use a generous amount on my entire body and boy is it smooth! I'm so happy!

1 x Santa Claus breaks up to about 1.5 containers of their LUSH mask. That's a good quantity. ^^ I purchased 2 x Santa Claus and I'm definitely buying more when I'm running out.

Smooth body = Happy Me!

Dreamy C


French Onion Soup

The Content
Best onion soup I've ever tasted!

Salad Lyonnaise

Spaghetti Marinara
OK. Nothing fantastic. Maybe it's because it was cold by the time I eat it. I was busy feeding Handsome.^^

Gnocchi Cabonara

Confit Poitrine de Porc


In summary, not bad. I would go back again.

Dreamy C

Botanical Garden

Off to the Botanical Garden we go!


Monitor Lizard

Faraway Swan

It's a jungle out there...

Pigeons! Love them!

I love feeding the birds especially the little swallows.

Dreamy C

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Lunch @ Fish & Co

Went to The Glasshouse for lunch with the kiddos. We ordered a few items.

Let's start with the Starters.

Mussels in lemon butter sauce, served with bread.
I believe the bread is focaccia.
 This has been one of my favourites & still is.

Fried calamari.
Ironically, it's ordered by the boy who chokes on it previously.

Fried whitebait.
J has always have a soft spot for them.

Next up? Our Mains...

Mine! Fish & Chips with Chili Crab Sauce.

J's main - London Fish & Chips.

Danish Fish & Chips

By the time I took all the above photos, l decided not to carry on as Fish & Chips will always be Fish & Chips no matter how you capture the photo so I pretty much stopped here.

Happy Kids = Happy Me!!!

Dreamy C

Amazonia @ Great World City Mall

Brought kids here today.

2 little adorable boys @ the corner.
That's Fatty & Handsome for you.

It has a 8 metre slide & total of 5 levels of fun!
I had a try on the slide. Not bad though not exciting enough for me.
This place provided kiddos of close to 2 hrs of fun. ^^

This is the place for kids younger than 3 years old.

A musical "instrument" inside.
Step on it & listen to the notes you stepped on.

In summary, not bad but price is a bit steep. It's 33 bucks per kid for 2 hrs of fun but since it's the school holidays now, it's unlimited time. Pay an extra of $5.35 to get into the space ball area where it glows & you get to shoot balls with the aid of a "gun".

Spaceball Area

Dreamy C