Wednesday 27 August 2014

Lunch on 26th Aug & Breakfast on 27th Aug 2014

I am still loving my Yoei Electric Lunch Box! I am so happy with it. It does well to satisfy me! ^^ Well, there's only 1 thing I do not like about it. It's that I cannot manage to cook nice rice with it. Rice, the way I want it. I find that it's a bit wetter than usual. It could me due to the amount of water etc. I've been trying it out and nothing seems to work. Well, it's not that I can't live with the rice cooked using this lunch box. It's just that I would like it to be better...

This was my lunch yesterday.
Steamed Rice, Steamed Veggie, Steamed Egg with Mince Chicken 
& Steamed Threadfin with Ginger, Spring Onion and Tomatoes.
Love the aroma during steaming and after lunching.
The smell of sesame oil... wonderful!

I got lazy and bought CP Wanton from Cheers.
There's no microwave in the office and so, I used my Yoei Lunch Box to steam it up!
Worked out just fine... Really yummy with the homemade chili that S made.

Seeing the wantons, I think I'm going to make some dumplings this weekend, freeze them and bring them to work. Steam them up and I'll have a nice breakfast! Yummy...

Well, I've ushering duties today and this Fri. It's the Miracle Healing Rally and I've been praying for it to turn out well. I'm sure God has a plan for each and every one of us. ^^ My prayers also goes out to the Christians who are undergoing the threat of persecution. May God bless them all along with their family members and loved ones. May the suffering be over soon and peace take over. May The Lord make their grieving more bearable and may The Lord give them strength to overcome it all. Lastly, may they still have love for one another after all these ordeals.

Pray for them peeps & see you around...

Dreamy C

Monday 25 August 2014

I Love My Yoei Electric Lunch Box!

My lunch box finally arrived and I've been loving it so far... Let me show you some photos...

Total of 3 x containers

See that white flower thingy?
It's used to steam hard boil eggs. ^^

I purchased the largest one.
As you can see in this photo, they have smaller ones as well.

My lunch today.
Steamed Rice with Steamed Threadfin & Steamed Beans.

Tummy started growling at 4 plus.
Steamed some hard boil eggs.

I'm going to carry on using my new toy and will update photos now and then. =)

Homecooked meals - Satisfied!

Dreamy C

Thursday 21 August 2014

21.08.2014, Cards & Purchases

Hi Y'all!!! How have you guys been doing?

I've been busy... A quick update!
My parcel from SSS arrived. I now have a complete set of distress inks only in mini versions.
I'm so happy, I did a color swatch and paste them on transparencies. Wanna see how it looks like? See video HERE.
I'm also very happy with how the swatches turned out that I'm thinking of doing the same for the Derwent Inktense pencils that J so kindly bought me. I'm thinking of doing it this weekend. I'll show you a picture of it when I finally get around to getting it done.

Let me now show you pictures of the cards I've made so far...

I also did these with a new stamp set I got from Lawn Fawn along with the Derwent Inktense pencils.

So that's what I've been busy with.
I'm expecting another parcel of stuff from MTH today. No, I didn't go spending money on craft again. These were ordered more than a month ago! I'm just waiting for Ta Q Bin to deliver them. They ought to do it before 12 p.m. today. I've no idea what caused the delay. Anyway, I'm told they will be delivered to me before 6 p.m. today. I'm patiently waiting for its arrival...

Well, other than craft items, I've placed an order for a Yoei Electric Lunch Box. Don't know what it is? Go google. Ha ha... It allows you to have hot food in the office, at home etc. I bought some Zoijurushi thermal flasks some time back and I do love the flask for soup. I'm able to have pipping hot soup even after 6 hours. I also bought the Zoijurushi flask where it has 3 x containers but I don't like it as much as I like the soup flask as it only keeps the food lukewarm. I like my food hot. Not hot as in you will scald your tongue but hot like you see steam. I'm a chinese so that explains...

Since the 3-containers flask don't work to my expectations, I decided to buy this Electric Lunch Box where you can heat it up by plugging it to an electrical socket. It heats up your food using steam. You can use it to cook rice, soup, steam veggie, steam fish etc. The variations of food is limitless! 

I'm told that I'll get it latest by Tuesday, 26th August 2014. I can't wait to try cooking with it. It's also good for small families or people who are single or living alone. I'll definitely post photos of the food I cook with it in due course. The lunch box looks like this!

A Friday tomorrow peeps!
Have a good one!

Dreamy C

Monday 11 August 2014

Monday, 11.08.2014

What have you been up to over the weekend? It's our National Day on Sat. Why isn't it on Friday or Sunday or Monday?!?! We will then have an extra day to rest! Ha ha...

Anyway, I went to catch a movie with the kiddos - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can't believe I actually watched that. I watched that when I was a kid and now that I'm an adult, it's back to haunt me! Ha ha... The movie was alright, nothing fantastic. A bit of action here and there, a big of humor here and there. Nothing amazing really...

In the afternoon, I went down to MTH to collect a stamp from MaMa Elephant which I've ordered a few weeks back. I ended up with other stuff as well. How typical of a woman can I be? Ha ha...

12" x 12" paper pad by Dear Lizzy
Kraft & White 12" x 12" papers from MTH
Canvas background cling stamp by Impression Obsession
Sketch Copic Marker in E40
Mini Blending Foams
Tape Refills for my ATG Gun
VersaMagic Pigment Ink in Pink Petunia
Project Life Pocket Pages in Design G
MaMa Elephant Stamp - Everyday Greeting

I was happy with my purchase. I'm thinking of going down to MTH again this weekend but let's see... I would like to buy some dies from Lil' Inker and if I really get down to purchasing them, I can't go to MTH as that would be too costly for me for August. ^^ When it comes to crafting, it's always best to set a monthly budget in my opinion. 

Come Sunday, I managed to get J to have lunch over at Nam Nam Noodles. He had chicken Banh Mi (boring~~~) and I had the usual which is Wagyu Beef Pho. This time, I ordered an extra serving of Wagyu Beef and also Pork & Prawn Rolls. It was delicious! Best part? I don't need to spend a dime! Ha ha...

After that, I went to my Mom's. I need to cut Horlick's nails and he wouldn't let me unless my brother's around. He's afraid of my brother for whatever reasons, I'm not sure. I think it might be due to past experiences. Horlick was rescued from an industrial area and there's lots of foreigners (Bangladeshis) working there. When I first saw Horlick at his foster's place, his face was stained with what appears to be diesel. His foster told me that the foreigners poured diesel on poor Horlick. She rescued him and showered him many times but still couldn't get the stain completely off. So I guess Horlick has been afraid of tall men ever since. My poor boy...

Talking about Horlick, I'm thinking of getting him a toy so he don't get bored at home and so he has something exciting to play with! I'll share a picture with you when I get it which will take a while as the mother of Horlick is an indecisive person. ^^

Oh! Before I forget, I went to visit Chub Chub on Friday and boy is she growing in temper. This lady is not to be trifled with! She screamed and that, she did a few times. Mostly when she couldn't get what she wants or she couldn't wait for stuff like her food. What a temper! I guess she'll be a monster when she grows up. Perhaps I should call her monster of chub chub. Ha ha... Just kidding... No matter how big of a terror she is, she'll always be my beloved! ^^ I'm missing her already... =( I hope she comes back SOON! Chub Chub's mother, are you reading this?!?! Ha ha...

Have a blessed Monday!

Dreamy C

Friday 1 August 2014

Nam Nam Noodles

I went to Nam Nam Noodles yesterday evening for dinner with 1 of my DFG gf. That was my 2nd visit. The last time I went was probably at least a year back. It wasn't WOW for me back then.

A friend was raving about it, saying that both his gf and himself will always eat their food whenever they see an outlet. I thought that was overly exaggerated. Nonetheless, I had a deep craving for it after talking to him and so, I decided to try again.

How was it? One word - Unforgettable! In a good way... ^^

Wagyu Beef Pho
I read that some people say that the soup is more beefy for Wagyu beef as compared to beef steak slices and so, I ordered this! I let the beef sit in the soup for a while as I don't enjoy taking beef which is not fully cooked. The beef was smooth, tender and really tasty. The soup was just as delicious!
Price? SGD17.90. I don't regret a single bit!

Fried Chicken Wing
This is a great side dish! Love it! The chicken was really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Thumbs up! Make it 10 fingers! Ha ha...

Well, that's all I had. I took their redemption card. Once you eat a number of pho or sandwich or drink, they will give you 1 for free. Meaning, if you ate say 5 or 10 bowls of pho (accumulated over time), they will give you a bowl free! I can't remember if it's 5 or 10 bowls. Well, wouldn't be hard for me to get a free bowl soon! I simply have fallen in love with this place and will be patronizing very soon! ^^ I may even go again this evening if the same gf is up for it. Ha ha...

That's all for me. Hope you have a great Friday! Can you smell the weekend approaching peeps??? ^^

Dreamy C