Saturday 1 December 2012

O.P.I. Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

I present you my favourite nail polish remover!!!

Remember this? I got it from my Bellabox - November issue.
I must say I'm pretty impressed with this one.
I've tried the one from Sally Hansen and didn't like it as the smell is too strong.
I've tried the one from O.P.I. which is Acetone-Free. No good. I didn't like the way it feels on my fingers - Oily.
This one - Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is lovely. It has acetone no doubt. I can remove the nail polish on all 10 fingers with 1 cotton pad. Not kidding. I can do it with ONE cotton pad!!! It's pretty costly. It says on my Bellabox card that this bottle retails for $7. There's an outlet in Vivocity Tangs. I might just go check the price out there.
Regardless of price, I can say with confidence now that I'm staying with O.P.I. Expert Touch Lacquer Remover till the a next better player! ^^
Dreamy C

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