Tuesday 12 May 2015

Healing Touch @ Upper Thomson Road

I signed up for Pilates from the CC few weeks back. I only attended the 1st lesson. I figured it's too boring for me. Pilates is good for people with injuries though. I must say that even after the 1st lesson, you can feel slight improvements already. However, that does not entice me to continue on my lessons. The slow pace, concentration and focus required just didn't work for me. If you are the type who can concentrate and focus much, I say GO FOR IT!

Well, Pilates is not what I'm going to talk about today. However, it's added as a note to those out there who has aches and injuries and refuse to turn to massages and what not to solve the issues. This could be an alternative!

I woke up with a really sore neck on Friday morning. I was busy planning my Taipei - Hualien - CingJing itinerary the night before and only managed to complete it at 1 in the morning. The pain's killing me and so, I went to the trusty Google to search for a massage. I found Healing Touch and was glad to know that they have an outlet in Upper Thomson Road and so, I made a reservation for Deep Tissue Massage on Friday evening. I love massages. With a problem now, I booked for the longest session i.e. 2 hrs.

Did I enjoy it? Oh yes...

The lady who is massaging me is Joanne. Don't talk much which I like. Strong in her massages which is really needed for my ill-treated body. At the end of the 2 hours, I still have sore neck but I was at least able to turn it to my left half-way without much pain. Come Sunday, it has totally healed! I slept really well on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. When she turn my body, I hear lots of cracking sound. I'm sure you know what I mean...

I intend to treat my body better by going for a 1-hr body massage on a monthly basis. ^^

Go try it out if you need some massages!


Dreamy C