Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No Monday Blues...

Yup! I hardly have them which is good. ^^ I started the day on a good note. I managed to close another deal! Yay!!! Time for a mini celebration!

This I got from Watsons
Retails for $15.10
Only 20ml
Claims to:
  1. Boosts radiance
  2. Evens skin tone
  3. Reduces redness
  4. Smoothens skin
  5. Locks in moisture for 24 hrs
  6. Reveals healthy glow
  7. Reduces pores and lines
  8. Reduces dark spots and blemishes
  9. SPF 26/PA+++ UV Protection
  10. Flawless BB coverage
This is how it looks like:

After blending:

The other day, I read from a blogger about the lip butters from Revlon. I heard that it's moisturizing. So, I purchased 2 and I'm going to try it tomorrow! 

Lip Butter from Revlon
Right: Tutti Frutti
Left: Sweet Tart
Retails for $15.90 each

I like how it has a transparent top which reveals the color w/o having to take it out

Right: Tutti Frutti
Left: Sweet Tart
Sweet treat from Watsons, I wonder why...
Free with purchase of 2 x lip butter from Revlon
This usually retails for $11.90
I also purchase a Brightening Eye Roll-On from Garnier. Lack of photo but can be easily found from Watsons! My eyes felt really tired and I needed something cooling against it. So, I put the tube into the fridge for a couple of hours before using. Eyes felt better.
So that's my Monday for you! Ain't blue at all...
Dreamy C

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Continuation to Sunday - 26.08.2012

I somehow missed uploading photos of the stuff I bought on Sunday so here you go...

Concealer Brush 195 from M.A.C.
This retails for 39 bucks
Brush Cleanser from M.A.C.
This retails for 21 bucks
The one I got from Sephora is running out so I got 2 bottles of these. I've read that this is good stuff. Whatever the case is, I need to replenish. I clean my brushes briefly at the end of each day and this is when such solution is useful. Once a week, I clean my brushes thoroughly with Fancl.
Seikisho Mask White fro KOSE
This retails for 35 bucks
This mask is good. At times, I use the pink mask and at times, I use this. It gives you a clean sensation after use. I always follow up with a Genifique mask from Lancome after this. I feel that it's always good for my skin to thorough cleanse it and thereafter, reward it with lots of nutrients from the Genifique mask. My method, to each of her own. ^^
Total damage for the day? Let me NOT think about it.
Dreamy C

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunday - 26.08.2012

Ahhhhhh Sunday. My favourite day of the week. BUT first! While I'm typing out this entry on a Monday, I'm having my dinner. Something expensive, something nice.

Pepper Brie. This cost me $10.20!

Taste nice and creamy. I like... I had a slice of brie and also a slice of Parmesan cheese. Ya, that's my dinner. I'm not on a diet. It's just that I had a had a late and heavy lunch and so, my tum tum ain't growling yet.

My Sunday has been terrific, as like any other Sundays. Both J and I went to catch a movie.

The Expendables 2

The movie was alright. Lots of action though. Humor a little here and there. Lots of famous actors. I like how Arnold S said 'I'll be back' and Bruce Willis told him off. You'll understand when you watch it. Lunch was at The Cherubs place.

J's Starter - Calamari (Remember I didn't upload photo previously? Here it is!)
My all-time-favourite - Clam Chowder
J's Main - Chicken Pesto Toasties. One word - BORING
Pasta, LOVE them! Abirata. I think I got the spelling wrong.
My Dessert - Chocoholic's Mudpie
Overall, the food's not bad. I like my soup and my main. The dessert? J pretty much got the same stuff i.e. Creme Brulee. I had dessert for a change. Hmmm... my dessert is just so-so. Ain't making me fall off my chair.
This is me dressed up for our movie date.
Yes, taken in the toilet. Hey, lots of mirror, not bad lighting. Couldn't resist.
I look like my Mom, only younger. ^^
Another Sunday gone, next up's Monday!
Dreamy C

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday - 25th August 2012

Today's the last weekend where I'll have to deal with the little ones w/o my helper. So far, it's been my joy to have them. Though they have demands here and there, I never once lost my temper and vent my frustration on them which is a positive thing, I believe.

I'm quite proud of myself as I'm always prepared ahead of time. I'm also happy that they enjoyed the porridge I made for them. The only problem is that they don't like chicken in it. I later found out that my helper usually gives them plain porridge with You Tiao, which I find kinda boring. I'm glad they don't mind the silver fish.

The routine is usual - swimming lesson, abacus lesson, soccer. This time round, we brought them out for dinner. No way am I going to cook. Take it as a break for me. Also, I feel like bringing them to some place nice for a change. We ended up in Bishan Park 2, in a restaurant named The Cornerstone. I must say that the atmosphere is good with plentiful of trees and greenery. There's a few restaurants there. Canopy, The green room. I believe these 2 restaurants are opened by the same owner of the Aramsa Spa. Anyway, pictures of food for your viewing...

His main - Pork Ribs which were so-so
My main - Filet Mignon which is not too bad. My helper makes a better mash potato though
Now what is dinner w/o a glass of ice cold beer...
I enjoyed myself, the kiddos enjoyed themselves. They're BIG eaters. The eldest wolfed down 2 plates of chicken nuggets. There's easily at least 6 pcs of chicken nuggets with some fries and salad in each plate.
Fatty and Handsome shared a plate of fish and chips. There's only a slice of fish. Handsome's a small eater. He's weary of getting fat. Such a young age and yet... *sigh* Fatty as the name suggest, had an additional plate of chicken nuggets. All 3 drowned the food down with a glass of apple juice.
Happy kids = Happy Dreamy! ^^
I hope your Saturday is just as fabulous!
Dreamy C

Friday, 24 August 2012

Nice Smooth Porridge - Cantonese Style

I find eating bread, no matter how fancy looking they may be, rather boring. Hence, I've decided to cook something yummy for the boys. How about some nice smooth flavorful porridge? Ha ha...

First, I soak some rice grains with 1 x tablespoon oil and 1 teaspoon salt. Pour in double the amount of water you usually put in the container when you want to cook rice. Don't ask me why. I don't know! I read it somewhere and I've forgotten the reason why. Slogan from Nike - Just Do It!

After soaking for round about 5 hours (you can soak overnight if you wish to), I poured the water away and prepare to cook it. BUT! I'm not going to make porridge with plain water. What do I use?

Chicken stock! I bought 4 bucks worth of chicken bones. I don't use all of them. As you can see here, I only use bones from 2 x whole chicken. Amount of water? Don't know ah... Just agar agar. How to make?
  1. First, boil a pot of water and scald the chicken to get rid of all the blood and dirty stuff.
  2. Pour away water and begin with a fresh pot of water over big flames of fire.
  3. Add chicken and once it boils, turn the flames down.
  4. Cook over small flames of fire for an hour.
  5. Done!
Then put soaked rice (remember to get rid of the water) into a pot and pour in enough stock to cover the rice. Cook over high heat and once boiling, turn it down to low heat. After cooking for an hour, this is how it looks like...

Then I add in some silver fish.

Just look at how fat they are

I went on to cook for another 30 minutes and this is how it looks like...

Then I cover and leave it over the stove till the next morning where I'm going to heat it up. I'll add in some shredded chicken and buy some You Tiao downstairs tomorrow morning.

Of course, I can add in some spring onion and thinly sliced ginger. BUT! This is for the little ones so I'm leaving those out. Feel free to add them in if you intend to cook some porridge. 2 little ingredients make a HUGE difference!

Until next time...

Dreamy C

Japanese Curry Rice

As you know, I'm now the 'temporary maid' in the house till my helper's back. I cooked Japanese Curry Rice (JCR) for dinner yesterday and it was a success! J is very fond of JCR. He told me that there's a period of time where he was in China, on a business trip. He ate JCR almost everyday for lunch! Frankly speaking, I've not tried eating JCR till last night. I usually order Beef Sukiyaki, California Rolls, Sashimi, Unagi or Tempura but never JCR, whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant. Well, here's the recipe.

Potatoes - cut into consumable size
Carrots - cut into consumable size
Onion - diced
Chicken Fillet - cut into cubes
Instant Japanese Curry Cubes

The instant Japanese curry cubes can be purchased at any supermarket which sells Japanese products. Just get any brand. I believe the taste shouldn't vary too much. This is the brand that I've purchased.

Sorry about having to tilt your head in order to see

  1. Sautee onion
  2. Add chicken pcs after onion turns somewhat translucent
  3. Add potatoes and carrots after chicken pcs are browned slightly
  4. Add water
  5. Cook till potatoes are soft then add the curry cubes
  6. Mix it evenly and serve with rice
During the cooking process, you may find that the water isn't sufficient. Potatoes are starchy food and will definitely thicken the gravy. Fret not! Just add more water along the way. Add a little at a time.

Next time, I post about recipe on Katsu-Don. PROVIDED it's a success. ^^

Dreamy C

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Monday - 20.08.2012

A recurring holiday here! Just what have I been up to? Being a housewife! Ha!

As usual, I made breakfast, coffee and water the plants in the morning. Went to the market in the morning and bought some ingredients. Sadly, most of the stalls Prepared lunch AND dinner. Photos!

I deserve ANOTHER reward for being so hardworking. Ha! We went to Tanglin in the afternoon and I got some nice containers for my nail polish, make-up etc. The previous box which I got from IKEA for my manicure takes up too much space from my little vanity table. I show you the photos...

Right: This is how the container looks like.
Left: After putting my stuff, each level can be turned around
I find this cute and hence, I got it. Cotton buds on the right and cotton pads on the left
Your Monday any better?
Dreamy C

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Great Mask

Stubborn blackheads getting on your nerve?

Tried every way but can't seem to get them out?

I present you THIS!

This is what you get from the box.

a softner, a mask and an essence

I hardly use the essence. I bought it from Watsons and has never looked back since. I shall leave the job of convincing, to the photos I've taken.

Can't see it? See the close-up below.

No joke! All these stuff, found on my left cheek. Yucks!

My right cheek seems to be in better condition with only 2 big ones.

This mask does a great job at getting blackheads out. Don't expect a nose free of blackheads after this mask. It does not get rid of 100% but it gets rid of most of it!

I don't know about you but I feel very shiok when I peel it off. The mask adheres to your face and once totally dry, you feel like you are ripping your face apart when you peel it off. Well, no worries. Your face will STILL be intact. It's just a figure of speech but I'm sure you get it.

I usually apply this mask once a week and I tend to leave it on for about an hour. I don't remember the instruction asking for such a long duration but it's just me. I want the most out of my product.

So there you go! This works for me and might very well work for you too!

Dreamy C

Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday - 19.08.2012

Ahhhhhhh Sunday! What a day! A well derserved break! Time to spend some mon-ney!!! ^^

J and I went to Baker & Cook @ 77 Hillcrest Road. Postal code is S288951 just in case you've decided to check it out. I bought the following for close to 50 bucks.
  1. 1 loaf Walnut bread
  2. 3 loaves Olive bread (theirs comes with both black and green olives which I love. Cedele's version only comes with black olives and onion)
  3. 1 x Blackberry Cheesecake
  4. 1 x Farm House Carrot Cake
  5. 1 x Caramel Walnut Bun
  6. 2 x Butter Croissant
  7. 1 x Chocolate Croissant
Their bread is of market price. Their bun is expensive. I got the caramel walnut for $4.50! The cakes cost around $6 each. I'm happy with the stuff purchased from this bakery. We'll see if their butter croissant taste better than those from Jones the Grocer.

Lunch! We got it fixed @ Pepproni Pizzeria. Pictures...

Our Starter - Arugula Salad

J's Pizza - Napoletana

Mine! Magherita

Now, what is pizza w/o a glass of nice cold beer. Ahhhhh...

Next stop, Tangs Orchard to do some damage!

I've been liking the Genifique mask from LancĂ´me. It adheres to my face very well and I like the cool sensation of it on my face. It is pretty 'solid'. What do I mean by that? You know how most masks are soaked with essence of goodness. This Genifique mask however, has a gel-like thing which sticks to the sheet. I usually leave it on for more than 30 minutes though instructions tell me otherwise. After application, my skin feels really hydrated, clear and nice. I usually have this mask on after the pink mask. I'll blog about the pink mask tomorrow.  

Well, I ran out of my favorite mask for a couple of months. Since it's a holiday here tomorrow, I've decided to go spend some money.

I bought supply for an entire year! As a result, I got back some free gifts. These masks cost SGD70.00 a pack and there's 3 pcs of mask in each pack. I got these from Tangs Orchard. I'll show you the free gifts.

There you go! I was happy that I finally get to try their mascara - Hypnose Doll Eyes w/o having to spend money purchasing it. This sample here isn't waterproof. They have the waterproof AND non-waterproof version. My lashes do just fine with or without waterproof capability so long as I curl them up.

We went to GAP @ Wheelock next. This time round, damage is not mine! A man's gotta share some too! *winks*

Top for H. I chose this! I like the horse

This I chose for Charming

J chose this for Fatty

J got these for H. I like the design at the butt area. ^^

My outfit for the day

How can I possibly let him get away so easily? Ha ha! Well, he suggested and I went picking stuff for myself! How lovely...

I like this. I can wear this with jeans or a pair of denim shorts. Very casual

Doesn't look fantastic but it sure looks good once worn! Some clothes just surprises you

I like the blue...

My Sunday... Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!

Dreamy C