Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wednesday, 30.04.2014

See below the dresses bought for Chub Chub, selected by me and paid by J. Sweet of him? Not really 'cos I'm the one who insisted on buying them for Chub Chub. Oh well... 2 x lovely dresses for my lil' niece. =)

Like I mentioned in previous post, I went to see Chub Chub and I saw 3 x plants growing well at my cousin's place!

Ba Long Long
Lovely with some black soy sauce and chilli padi


Bay Leaf
Baked bread. Take a look!

Wholemeal with Chia Seeds

Olive & Onion

Below are photos from the Japanese food outlet at Vivo. I mentioned in previous post that J & the kiddos don't like it but I enjoyed my Volcano Ramen. =)

Volcano Ramen
Look at the amount of chilli! Lovely!

I believe Handsome was taken in by the plate - aeroplane
He even asked me if he could take that home! *horror*

On Sunday before I went for my DFG class, J & I lunched at Sushi Tei - Takashimaya Branch. Not bad...

My favorite - Cha Soba

Prawn Tempura for me

As if the prawn tempura isn't enough, I ordered Veggie Tempura for myself

Lovely Pancake Ice Cream
J & I shared this

His boring & predictable - Katsu Don

Earlier this week, I was down with flu. I recovered after consuming lots of Vitamin C supplement pills. Just yesterday, my throat felt rough. I believe sore-throat is knocking on my door. I'm now having plain food for my meals such as soup, porridge etc. No fried food, no salty food, no sweet food. In other words, boring food which requires no photos. I hope I get well soon...

I made 2 x lovely cards last night.

Made another 1 a week ago.

That's about all for me today. It's a public holiday tomorrow - Labour Day. I'm spending the day doing my BSF homework and updating Project Life.

Happy Labour Day in advance!

Dreamy C

Monday 28 April 2014

Do Mermaids Exist?

I just saw some videos about new sightings of mermaids. I was searching, finding out more last night. This morning, I asked myself this. 'Why does human beings always want to know the unknown? Why can't we just leave the animals or mammals alone?'

Sure, we are all curious. In fact, I am curious myself but human beings are deceitful creations. We are weak in the flesh and we lie. Even when truth is in front of us, we question and deny.

This morning, I asked myself what is important in my life? Finding out if mermaids exist or focusing more on God? This is really a no-brainer. Then, I close all the searches I have on mermaids. There's only so much we will know. Our knowledge is limited but God's knowledge is limitless. Why not concentrate on asking God what He wants us to do? Sure, we can spend some time on mermaids or stuff like that, stuff we like to do but to be obsessed in it spells trouble.

Me? I'm a work-in-progress. I'm also training myself to be engaged in stuff but not overly obsessed with it.
Followers of Christ, let us unite and encourage one another! =)

Dreamy C

Monday, 28.04.2014

It has been a busy weekend for me last week.

I went for a haircut. About time! I'm 60 bucks poorer but much more stylish. =)
I reached home to find out that J has reprimanded First Born and it was serious. For the very 1st time in my life, I didn't gloat over it. Instead, I felt bad for the boy. Yes, he's at fault and he probably deserve it but still, I felt sorry for him. He just happen to be brought up in a unstable environment. I'm going to shower more love on him. =)

Both J & I brought the kiddos to Vivocity for lunch. We settled for some Japanese food which turned out less than desirable. Well, at least I enjoyed my Volcano Ramen. =)
J bought 2 x dresses for Chub Chub which I picked up from G.A.P. They really do have lovely dresses and I cannot resist!
After a visit at G.A.P. and lunch, I left the kiddos to J as I'm going to see my Chub Chub! How fast this girl grows and how attention seeking she is. I just can't get enough of her! I carried her and this time round, she puked out some milk on my top. Great timing Ms. Chub Chub! Just when I'm about to go to church a few hours later for some duty. Ha ha...
This Chub Chub of mine! Always full of surprises! =) She's able to flip to her right but not to her left. How funny. She also responds well to my encouragement. =) I'm hoping to be able to visit her in KL come June this year. =)
After seeing Chub Chub, I went to church for ushering duties. We had an outreach & the rewards are great to me! I experienced joy, love, unity, care & concern in all aspects. For once, I felt really, really good to usher. Ushering is something so small & yet, so full of impact. I'm extremely happy to be serving for The Lord.

The usual Sunday church routine. Thereafter, I went for my DFG class.

This morning, I received an email of thanks from our leader for ushering. Brings a big smile to my face and somehow, I was able to link one of the questions during my DFG class to my duty on Saturday. An encouragement which I thank The Lord for.
I cried during the sermon on Sunday as our pastor was talking about the crucifixion of Jesus & he played the sound of the hammer on the nail. It struck me deep and I couldn't control myself. I cried and cried hard I did. I didn't wail of course! Ha ha... I was thankful for the sermon nonetheless as it reminded me of Jesus' sacrifice. The movie - 'Passion of The Christ' came to mind which brought tears to my face faster than usual. =) Good tears I call them...

By the time I got home, I was tired. Despite all that, I baked 4 x loaves of bread! 2 x wholemeal ones, 1 x Olive & Onion Bread and 1 x wholemeal with Chia Seeds. J loves the Olive & Onion Bread which makes me very pleased. =) Ok so my baking chore for till half of next week is done. J consumes bread like nobody's business and he would usually need 2 x big wholemeal bread and 1 or 2 x Olive & Onion Bread from Cedele to last him 2 weeks. I combined 2 x wholemeal ones so technically, I only baked him 1 x big wholemeal bread and 1 x big Olive & Onion Bread. Comes Wednesday next week, I'll have to bake him another big loaf. I'm thinking of doing the Olive & Onion version again as it smelled really lovely. =)

This morning, I had a slice of wholemeal bread with Chia Seeds with a slice of ham.
Afternoon was packed Lunch of Ginger & Onion Pork Rice & Omelette.
Dinner will most probably be Sesame Oil Chicken at Serangoon.

BSF class later and I'm looking forward! =) I'm listening to songs of worship by Hillsong as I type all these down. I'll put the photos of the dresses for Chub Chub on Instagramm. Follow me! =)

I wish you a blessed day ahead!

Dreamy C

Thursday 24 April 2014

Thursday, 24.04.2014

Wah... beri hectic morning today. I'm glad it's nearing my lunch time. Anyway, take a look at my dinner last night:

S cooked this - Tang Hoon (Vermicelli) Soto. She also used the Mortar & Pestle that I purchased many months back to make that chilli you see there with a wedge of lime. It taste great except that I added too much chilli in w/o first tasting it. I was too confident of my ability to handle spice. In the end, I finished 3/4 of it as it was just too spicy for me and my tum tum was calling for cold milk.

Breakfast was a slice of Chocolate Cake & a glass of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch will be Rice with Assam Pedas Fish & Veggie. 
Dinner? I'm not sure...

I'm at a fix now. I don't know what I'm going to bake after I finish the chocolate cake. Shall I bake myself some Pandan Cake or shall I bake me some Walnut & Raisin Wholemeal Bread? Frankly speaking, bread sounds healthier. Or shall I just head down to NTUC & get me some good old Sara Lee cake? I like their plain & chocolate ones. So lovely...

For sure I'm going to do my BSF h/w during lunch. I'm enjoying it thus far. 

I bought some skincare from Body Shop recently and I must say I quite like their products! I've been faithfully applying the stuff onto my face. There's hardly any shine 6 hours through the day! I am impressed! =) Hmmm... shall I get me some of their Clay Mask from the Seaweed range? I've quite a number of mask back home... Got to finish them all up! =)

Well, that's about all for me today. I've got to get myself a hair appointment! My hair is in a mess even though I've very little and fine hair.

Dreamy C

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Wednesday, 23.04.2014

Today, I find it easier to pray for the lady (let's call her K) who hates me, her kids and her helper. I'm feeling guuuudddd today! =) God makes your life on earth more bearable. Hmmm... I shall put that as a quote on my planner for Week 18. =)

Breakfast for today was 02 x slices of Chocolate Cake & a cup of Lavender Earl Grey Tea.
Lunch will be Ginger Pork, Spinach, Omelette & Rice.
Dinner? Not sure...

I baked the Chocolate Cake last night with some Hershey's Cocoa Powder. Yummy... It smelled lovely, it tastes rich. In fact, I can hardly finish 02 x slices. I've left a few cubes for tea later. =) I'm also going to continue with my BSF h/w later during lunch. H/w for DFG is beckoning...

Nothing much for today except that I've to mail 02 x b'day cards to J's brother & sister. 1 resides in Netherlands while the other in France. It's good having a card maker & baker near you... =) Self praise is no praise. Ha ha...

Oh! Before I forget! I've something to share... I've been a Clarins girl when it comes to skincare and I found that their products didn't work that great on me. The eye cream don't work, the face thingy (claims to sharpen your face) didn't work, the moisturizer was alright, the toner was alright etc. All I can say is that I like their cleanser which cleans my face well w/o giving me a tight feeling after wash.

I ran out of day moisturizer & have been using the night moisturizer from Clarins during day time for the past couple of days. Not a good idea. I went downstairs and my face felt oily, not a good sign! I knew I needed a moisturizer for day time. I decided to head down to Body Shop. Why Body Shop? Well, they gave me a sample (Nutriganics - drop of youth) when J bought some deodorants last week. I applied it on my face & realized that it's not bad... I decided to make a trip down and get that product & a day moisturizer.

They were having a promotion going on - Buy 2 get 1 free. Hence, I bought the Nutriganics - Drop of Youth & a night treatment (Seaweed range). The Drop of Youth ain't cheap at all. It costs SGD59.90. Oh well... it's a pre-serum. It helps your skin absorb the next product better.

Since there's a promotion, I paid nothing for my day moisturizer which is a Tea Tree lotion something. I also got a 20 dollar voucher which I bought a body lotion - Vineyard Peach. I paid SGD1.90 for that since the voucher isn't sufficient to cover the cost of it. I've always loved the smell of peaches & eating it as well... =) Great timing since I've more than enough hand lotion but hardly any body lotion. I'm still hanging onto my sample sized Lancome body lotion - Miracle which smelled lovely but costly. Besides, I'm too lazy to brave the crowd in Orchard just to get a tube of body lotion even though I can earn some points on my Tangs card.

Take a look at the photos!

I applied the Clarins Toner followed by Drop of Youth (DOY) last night after I scrubbed my face. I'm not sure if it's the product or the scrub but my face was clean & clear. I'll continue using this DOY for the next 27 days & see if my beautician commented anything. The night treatment (Seaweed range) was light too...
This morning, I applied my Clarins Toner followed by DOY followed by Tea Tree day moisturizer. The moisturizer stings a bit but it was bearable. I'll continue using it and see how it goes... 4 hours later, my face looks alright with just some shine on my nose bridge. It's hardly noticeable. Not bad...

Well, I'll be sure to update you after 27 days!
Wishing you a blessed Wednesday! It's mid-week people!!! =)

Dreamy C

P.S.: It just occurred to me that it's been a while since I last do a post for my favorite kid on facts of animals/mammals. Get your butt off the chair & start working!!!

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Tuesday, 22.04.2014

I received news that the person who hates me, her kids & her helper are all sick. I prayed for them to get well soon. It's really tough praying for people who dislikes you and have done things over time to make you suffer & now, you have to pray for them.

This brought to my mind, what was being preached during one of the BSF lessons. The way Jesus live and act is different. It is not 'normal'. For example, a 'normal' person would retaliate when being slapped on 1 side of the cheek. Jesus' way of teaching is to not only not retaliate but to offer the other side of the cheek to be slapped as well. Well, you can't take that literally but He did not teach us to react like 'normal' people. If everyone were to be more like Jesus, there would be peace on earth.

Yup! So in the end, I prayed for them WILLINGLY. =)

I just received news which proves to me that prayer is indeed powerful. Some weeks back, I asked God to convince me that prayer is powerful as I just can't get it in my head. Now, I'm totally convinced and I'm encouraged to spend more time on praying. =) Praise God! A Big Thank You to you-know-who-you-are.

Breakfast for today was a white roll which I baked, with butter and a slice of salami.
Lunch will be Rice with Black Sauce Fish & Veggie.
Dinner will be Curry Chicken with the white rolls which I baked.

By tonight, the white rolls will be finished. I'll have to bake again tonight. I'm thinking of some wholemeal bread since I've some wholemeal flour left. =)

I'm going to make myself a cup of Rooibos Tea now...
Enjoy your Tuesday!

Dreamy C

Monday 21 April 2014

Monday, 21.04.2014

Seriously, I don't even know how my holidays went through so fast. I felt like I did nothing much even though I've an additional day off from work due to Good Friday. Let's do a recap...

Friday morning, I got up at 8 a.m. which is the usual time I get up these days. S & I went to Shunfu Mart for some breakfast. After which, J & I went to church in the afternoon. Thereafter, we picked up the kiddos. Fatty was sick & couldn't come. First Born came even though he wasn't feeling well. After dinner, both S & I brought Handsome to catch a movie - Captain America. It was really enjoyable & we had fun! That's the high point of the day.

Saturday morning, I got up close to 8 a.m. It was such a good time for me to rest since Fatty wasn't around & First Born wasn't feeling well. That means, there's peace and quiet at home which I appreciate. =) I went to give Horlick a shower round about 10 a.m. & went home after that for lunch. I then spent some time on my BSF homework (about time...) and headed out again for my facial late afternoon. My shoulders were really tensed up & my beautician gave me a good massage. I ended up with bruises but I slept really well that night. 

Sunday was the routine. Church, home for lunch & laze around. J watched some soccer matches & I carried on with my BSF homework and my X'mas cards. I also baked some white rolls so J, S & I can have it with our curry come Tuesday night. S planned to cook Chicken Curry for dinner tomorrow. Well, before heading home after church, J bought me a some clothes from G-Star Raw which is my favorite brand. =) I felt so happy... Take a look!

Breakfast for today was Rice with Braised Chicken with Beancurd & Hard Boil Egg and Stir-Fried Beansprouts.
Lunch will be a slice of banana bread (I baked over the past couple days ago). I must say the banana bread which I baked taste great with some salt on it. Yummylicious! 
Dinner will be Beef Steak with some Cucumber Salad. It's just some thinly sliced cucumber with lemon juice mixed with sesame oil, pepper and salt dressing. 

You may wonder why my breakfast and lunch seems weird today. Well, what I had for breakfast was meant for lunch and vice versa. The only reason I had it switched is because I've to bring my laptop to work today as I brought it home over the weekend and my shoulders couldn't bear the stress. Hence, I decided to have my lunch for breakfast so I don't have to bring the containers to work with me. 

That's it for me today! I'm knocking off earlier than usual as there's BSF class today! I'm looking forward to the June holidays where I'll have a whole month free from BSF classes. >.<

Well, I sure hope your Easter went well and productive.
Have a blessed Monday!

Dreamy C

Thursday 17 April 2014

Wednesday, 16.04.2014

I know it's going to be a busy day today again. Lots of paperwork to do.

Breakfast was a slice of Banana Walnut Cake which I baked last night & a cup of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch was Chicken Stew with Rice.
I'm not sure about what's for dinner tonight but last night, I bought a packet of Char Siew & Roast Duck rice. It was delicious... Well, I don't like how the Daikon Soup taste and hence, decided to pack dinner home. =)

I bought butter before going home as I needed it for my Banana Walnut Cake. I could not believe that butter cost $5.15 each! I can't remember the brand now but it's a star. I'll get the Buttercup brand next time as that goes for $4.50 for 2 and S told me that the butter from Buttercup smells lovely for baking. Oh well... better luck next time!

Blessed Wednesday!!!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tuesday, 15.04.2014

I don't know why but I was really tired after my BSF class yesterday. I was trying hard not to fall asleep during the sermon after discussion. Perhaps it's due to the rain? Rain always makes it easier for me to fall asleep. =)

Breakfast was 02 x pcs of Tau Sar Piah (salty version) with 02 x cups of Lavender Earl Grey tea.
Lunch will be Daikon Soup with Rice.
Dinner? No idea but I was hoping for something light, a salad perhaps?

Tau Sar Piah
I miss the ones from Balestier... =(

Woke up late this morning, forgot to bring my BSF notes to the office so I guess I'll have to do my homework tomorrow.

My plan is to bake some white buns tonight. I promised our office neighbour that I'll bring some on Monday but later change it to Wednesday.

Busy morning. It seems like there's so much in my head.

This Friday, we've to go to our church for morning prayer as it's Good Friday. Come afternoon, we'll have to pick up the kiddos. Thereafter, we're bringing them for a movie - Captain America. We have intended to go the week before last but I couldn't get tickets for good seating. Hence, the plan was ditched. They've been asking since. =) I love them... these kiddos. =)

On Saturday which is the Eve of Resurrection, I'll most probably go for a morning session in church. J will not be joining as the kiddos are around & I understand that he would like to spend time with the boys.
Sunday will be our routine session in church.

Just last year, I volunteered to do crosses for Palm Sunday. I chose to sit at the area where there's a bunch of old folks. I love mingling with female old folks. =) This year, I didn't go.
I bumped into one of the old folks last Sunday at the 9 a.m. service and it was a surprise as that group of ladies usually attend the 11.15 a.m. service.

Come to think of it now, perhaps God is trying to smooth out my way? You see, I have intention to bring my Mom for church services. I would like to let her have the opportunity to know more about Jesus & ultimately be saved. I've never liked to 'push' people into what I believe in & hence, I've not been talking to her vigorously about Jesus. My Mom's a freethinker. I've been praying for her salvation & perhaps God is telling me that it is the right time to talk to her about it? Incidentally, the old lady I bumped into is a Cantonese like my Mom & we exchanged numbers on that lady's request. I'm going to give my Mom a call & talk to her a bit and see what her response is. There's also a Hokkien service come 31st May whereby a local celebrity will be coming down to the church for a talk. I'm not sure if you know him but he is Chew Chor Meng. I might bring Mommy down. I'm not sure if she understands Hokkien though. I might even use money to entice her. Ha ha... My Mom, she loves money & I just need her to go to our church & hear things out. At least, she has heard about Jesus. As for the rest, I'll leave it to God to do His magic. =)
Before I do all these, I'll have to talk things out with her as we had a little fight recently due to my brother. Well, that's another long story... Families - they come with love & sets of problems. We embrace it all. =)

Well, that's how my day's looking...
Happy Tuesday!!!

Dreamy C

Monday 14 April 2014

Monday, 14.04.2014

Another busy weekend...
I'm looking forward to lunch though...

Breakfast was 2 x Peanut Butter Toast.
Lunch will be Sambal Okra (was it okra that S said or long beans? I can't remember but I'll definitely put a photo up on Instagram!).
Dinner will be pan fried beef in butter, mash potato & probably some veggie.

On Saturday, both J & I brought the kiddos to our church for some Easter event. They enjoyed tremendously though First Born was grouchy for 3/4 of the time. I'm not sure why he's angry but he didn't want to be involved in the games until the time comes for the Magic Show. I believe he's at an age where he gets upset easily & is more rebellious. It's just a phase most kids go through. We'll just have to guide him. =)

Sunday which is yesterday, was a really busy day for me. My church session ended at 11 a.m. & my DFG class starts at 2 p.m. There's a 3-hr gap in between. Initially, I thought I'll be very free to do the things I want & I can relax... Boy was I wrong... J changed my program from a relaxing one to a hectic, pressed for time one.

After church, we went for lunch at MOS Burger. I tried their corn soup & it taste good! I usually take their Clam Chowder soup which is also lovely! Having lunch there, I can say goodbye to my prawn noodles for I have the intention of having that by myself. I had a craving for the past couple of days and I want it even more now that the prawn noodles shop near where I stay close for good. Disappointment 1. =(

After that, we make our way to the nursery to get some plants. 1 of our plants was attacked by worms & after removing it, J didn't like that there's an empty space there. I actually had plans on filling that space up with a small set of drawers so I can store my craft stuff there but by the looks of it, I can say goodbye to that idea of mine now... Disappointment 2. =(

When we were done at the nursery, I'm only left with an hour to get my ass back to church for my class! J had to make his way home himself as we're travelling on different directions. Nonetheless, I waited for his bus with him. I was worried that he might miss it since the buses speed like mad around that area. If you don't wave for them to stop, you can forget about boarding it. By the time I reach my MRT station, it was nearly 2 p.m.! I still had to buy some Easter chocolate eggs. You see, I made some boxes & decorated it with a couple of bunnies for the girls in my class. It's sort of like a little Easter present. In the end, I was late for 15 - 20 minutes but it's still alright as I'm not the only one who's late and so, the class has yet to start when I arrive! =)

After class, I made my way to AMK as I was craving for Bakso & I wanted to pack some for both S & my dinner. At AMK, I realised I didn't have sufficient cash & there's no atm of the bank I use anywhere near! Bummer. I decided to take the train to Bishan. It's just a stop after all. There's an atm there where I can use their services with the help of atm5. Guess what? The machine just wouldn't dispense the amount to me no matter how hard I tried. I was puffing mad by then. I called S & scrapped the Bakso idea off. I MUST withdraw a few hundreds as I made some purchases over the weekend & it's a cash delivery. =( Hence, I took the trouble to travel all the way to a bank, withdraw my money & make my way home.

On the bus, on my way home, this old lady was busy fishing out her ezlink card & not holding onto the pole for support. She did this while the bus is still moving. In the end, she bumped hard onto me. That really pissed me off. I looked at her & she didn't even apologize! She smiled! What in the world just happen?! I'm speechless. I had thought that the younger generation lack mannerism. Even older generations are this way! Atrocious! Okie...okie...I was tired, hungry & grouchy. I shouldn't get mad with an old folk just because she bumped hard onto me, stepped on my toes, didn't bother apologizing & offered me smiles... Happy now?!

Not so fruitful indeed. I hope your weekend was much better than mine...

Happy Monday Y'all!!!

Dreamy C

Thursday 10 April 2014

Thursday, 10.04.2014

I baked Banana Cake yesterday. It turned out well except that the sides and top looked burnt. Well, it's not so burnt till I can taste the bitterness. The next time I bake this again, I'm going to use Pisang Raja, reduce the amount of sugar & cover the top with an aluminium foil 15 minutes before it's cooked. See photo below:

Breakfast for today is 2 x slices of banana cake & a cup of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch is Cha Bee Hoon.
Dinner? Not sure but will post a photo of it on Instagram if it's interesting enough...


I did a shaker card last night. See!

Over the weekend, I ate Bakso (Indonesian version of Meatball Noodles Soup). It was delish!!! So delicious that I'm craving for it just thinking about it! I will most probably go buy it this weekend again! Lovely!

Well, that's all for today. Pretty short & simple.
1 more day to the weekend!

Have a pleasant day Y'all!

Dreamy C

Wednesday, 09.04.2014

I started slacking & didn't wake up this morning for my BSF homework at all. Guilt struck me & I ended up doing it during my lunch break in the office. Papers are accumulating... I believe I'm going to buy a folder & file them all up.

Breakfast was a packet of noodles with a slice of fried fish fillet & a piece of hash brown.
Lunch is rice with veggie & Ayam Masak Merah (a malay chicken dish which is spicy).
Dinner? Pork Chops with Salad and Mash Potato.


I did a 'Thank You' card to be sold to a girlfriend.

Have a great day!

Dreamy C

Monday 7 April 2014

Monday, 07.04. 2014

I know it will be a busy day for me at work today. Some changes occurred over the weekend where I’ll have to make some amendments to some documents. Not that I’m complaining as business is picking up. =)

I have a disagreement over work with my boss earlier. I don’t agree with him as it’s not fair in justice. He has always said that he’s a fair person & he emphasized on that but today, I don’t quite agree with his statement. Though I’ve voiced out my opinion, he chose to do it his way. Well, he’s the boss!

Breakfast for today was 2 x Chocolate Muffins which I baked & a cup of Peppermint Tea from Dilmah.
Lunch will be Rice with Sambal Beef Goreng. I’m not sure if there’s any other dishes as that’s all S told me this morning when I asked what’s for lunch.
Dinner will be Beef Bourguignon with Mash Potato.

As usual, I’ll knock off at 4 p.m. today & I’ll be going home for dinner & a quick shower. Thereafter, I’m going to read my notes again for refreshment before I begin my BSF class today. It’s been a joy & I just greeted this lady (let’s call her Ms. L) who attends the same congregation as I do & who also attends BSF. According J, she’s been having the same hairstyle for many years. I find that it suits her very well!

On Saturday, we went to ABC for lunch & the kiddos enjoyed tremendously. Can you imagine spending 100 bucks for bread?! Ha ha… This is what we have ordered:

1. 3 x Chicken Pies, 1 for each kid
2. 1 x Chocolate Éclair for Handsome
3. 1 x Normandie Tart for Handsome
4. 1 x Chocolate Lava Cake, shared between Handsome & Chubby
5. 2 x Ham & Cheese Sandwich, 1 each for First Born & Myself
6. 2 x Sparkling Blackcurrant Drink for Handsome & Chubby
7. Guava & Apple Juice for First Born
8. 2 x Plain Croissant for J
9. Black Coffee for J
10. 1 x Pain Au Chocolat for Me
11. 1 x Osmanthus Sencha Tea for Me

Total damage? $102.60 to be exact. =) Before all these food arrive, the kiddos were wolfing down some Madeleines. Ha ha… This bunch of boys sure can eat! Well, I don’t mind spending money on food for them. They are growing after all. =) In fact, it’s an enjoyment seeing them eat & I felt happy when our table is so full, it can hardly accommodate any extras. =) Even the staff seemed shocked! Ha ha… I told her that I’m feeding a village out there. Ha ha…

After lunch, J brought the boys to Toys R Us while I make my way to meet a customer for my Deco Rush items. She ordered quite a bit which made me a happy woman. It’s worth making a trip down to the West. =)
We had intentions to bring the boys for a movie – Captain America & I was shocked to see the queue at the movie theatre. In the end, the idea was scrapped & we promised to bring them next week. They seemed happy to know that the idea was scrapped so I doubt over their eagerness to catch it.

On Sunday, J & I went to Brotzeit for lunch. It was an enjoyable lunch. I had Mushroom Soup as my starter & Chili Sausages as my main. J had Goulash Soup for his starter & Pork Ribs as his main. My beverage was Sparkling Water & J had 2 x glasses (0.5 Ltrs each) of Original Lager.

We went home & J napped while I clean up major parts of my storage shelves for my hobby. I also clean my art table. I started to store my stuff in containers so I can save myself the agony of going through the cleaning process once every few months. It’s really a chore to clean every single item that I owned. Hence, putting them into containers would save me lots of time & frustration since I only need to wipe the containers the next time instead of going through every single item again.

I also clean up my make-up containers. I got the containers from Muji some time back & it’s those clear acrylic ones. It looked really good with my make-up items in it.
I find myself really hard-working yesterday. For that I’m pleased… =)

S was out on Sunday & she came back with 2 x packets of very lovely Bakso for my dinner. Well, I asked her a day earlier to buy it for me. A few years back, I had my 1st experience eating Bakso in Indonesia & it immediately took my breath away! I had it for the next few days when I was in Indonesia. I didn’t manage to find any good ones or even near it when I touched down Singapore. It’s been a while now & I was really very happy last night. It was LOVELY!!! I'm really happy...

Well, I hope you had a blast last weekend & if you didn't, I hope it'll be better for you this coming weekend. =)

Happy Monday!!!

Dreamy C

Friday 4 April 2014

Friday, 04.04.2014

Woke up late this morning. I need to try and finish reading Chapter 2 of 'The Power of a Praying Wife' tonight.

It's First Born's b'day today and I've baked him a chocolate birthday cake last night. We are going to blow the candles tonight after dinner... The kiddos don't really give a care about eating the cake. They only enjoy cutting it. How weird and funny at the same time. Kids, you can't figure them out at times. =)

I intend to let them bring the remaining cake back to their mother come Saturday. Well, we (their mother and I) didn't begin on a good note but I intend to make it right now. At least, I'm going to make it right with God. Last BSF's lesson covers on 'Love for Enemies' as well. Though I don't hate their mother (let's call her K), I believe I need to start loving her. =) Hence, the offering of chocolate cake is a start. I've started to pray for her though it's short. I'm taking small steps here... =) When I pray, if I don't feel sincere, I don't pray for that particular person and hence why the prayer for K was short. I believe though that if I pray for her on a daily basis, it'll get easier and easier. Who knows? I might turn out praying for her for 30 minutes straight! Ha ha...

Breakfast today was Rosemary Focaccia Bread which failed to rise and turned out more like Kueh than Bread. I had this with a cup of Rooibos Vanilla tea. Haven't had that for a while now...
Lunch will be ABC Soup with Rice. It tasted so lovely...
Dinner will be Chicken Pizza (homemade). S is such a talented cook! =)

My gf posted a photo of Sambal Goreng 1 day & immediately, I had craving for it. Surprisingly, S cooked it for my dinner the next day without me telling her anything! Ha ha... Talk about telepathy...

I got another order from UK this time. I'm so happy... It's a small order but regardless of size, I'm always happy when I receive orders... =)

I'm patiently waiting for my parcel from Simon Says Stamp to arrive.
I'm also looking forward to a church camp which will be in June.
I really need to start my Project Life. I've missed out about 3 weeks already! Photos all over different gadgets. I don't even know where to start!

The weekend's approaching very soon. I'm going to make a trip down to ABC tomorrow morning. What are your plans for this weekend?
I hope you have a blast this weekend...

Stay happy, stay healthy. =)

Dreamy C

Thursday 3 April 2014

Thursday, 03.04.2014

How time flies... It's Thursday today. Well, my morning began slightly later than usual. Thank God that I'm only left with a couple of questions even though I woke up later. I need to complete it before the kiddos come as that's when the house will be nowhere near quiet & I can't study on the Word of The Lord. Different people works differently. I'm just 1 of those who need peace in order to be able to absorb what I'm reading. =)

This book - 'The Power of a Praying Wife' is indeed a good book. I've completed Chapter 1 & I'll continue to pray for J. I started praying for J last night. What was I thinking? Why didn't I pray for him more consistently? Did I think that J doesn't need prayers? Why is it that I'm more ready to pray for others than for J? Frankly speaking, it's the hurt & anger which made me NOT want to pray for him. Disappointment plays a part too. Since reading this book, my heart's more open to pray for J even though he has hurt me. Everyone hurts everyone. I believe I've hurt J as well on some occasions. I'm just glad I'm learning to forgive more easily. =) I'm going to pray for J on a daily basis. Thereafter, I'll learn to pray for my enemies. 

Learning about God has made me more aware towards my faults. Learning more about God each day brings me joy & I'm happy to change for the better. After all, nobody's perfect. =)

Breakfast was Vegetarian Bee Hoon.
Lunch was Braised Fish with Stir-Fry Wong Bok & Rice. 
I have no idea what's for dinner but as usual, I'll post a picture of it on Instagram.

I went to the Post Office this afternoon as I've just received another order. =) The post office (Thomson Branch) has shifted to Thomson CC. On my way to the bus-stop back to the office, I saw a sign which says 'Shunfu Mart'. The thought of famous muffins filled my mind & I thought of making a trip there. Perhaps I could get some for the kiddos as their supper tomorrow night & also for J. 

I walked to where the sign was pointing to & I wasn't feeling very confident. I saw a lady & decided to ask her for directions. "Auntie, where is Shunfu Mart?" She looked at me angrily. For a moment, I thought she's sick in her mind. Her reply? "Auntie! Auntie! Auntie you are asking for Shunfu Mart is it?! Auntie! Auntie! There Auntie! Shunfu Mart is there Auntie!" I was shocked out of my life. For sure, I didn't expect such reactions from her. My instant reaction to her behavior was laugh. Seriously, I find her so comical. She look every inch like an Auntie. Did she expect me to address her as young lady??? If she really did expect that, I'll have to apologise to her for I simply cannot bring myself to utter those words to her. She looked every inch like an Auntie in her mid-40's, a housewife & not showered. I'm 33 myself & I'm perfectly fine with people calling me Auntie. In fact, I would feel awkward if people were to call me young lady. I was like - what's the big deal with Auntie? It's just a form of addressing people. 

I couldn't figure it out & I started pondering over it till I got my answer. An answer wasn't given as to why she reacted this way. The Holy Spirit didn't tell me that the Auntie has over-reacted & that she's wrong. The Holy Spirit told me to reflect on HOW I asked for directions. It then occurred to me that I was rude. I should say, "Excuse me, can you please tell me how to get to Shunfu Mart?" Some people can be irritated with certain words. Just because I'm fine with it doesn't mean it's fine for others as well. I immediately confessed my sins & was glad that I learn something about myself again! How wonderful... =)

Well, that's about all I would like to share today.

Blessed Thursday!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wednesday, 02.04.2014

I saw little J this morning which was such a joy. He's the boy of one of our neighbors. He’s definitely not a morning baby as he was still a bit grouchy & much effort has to be taken to get him to smile but once he smiles, he’s so charming… =) I've been thinking of Ms. Chubby for the past few days. She's overseas now & I'll only get to see her 02 x weeks from now... =(

I did some reading from ‘The Power of a Praying Wife’ last night. During the day, I decided to give up watching Twinkle Twinkle & throughout the night, I experienced no itch of catching glimpses of it at all. I thank The Lord for that. 

While reading the book, I also took down some notes. I take this as my Quiet Time (QT) with The Lord. I’ve read till page 29 & I do like it very much. I’m going to do my BSF h/w in the morning. Come evening, I’ll do my QT & then, sing to The Lord. I’m not a good singer but I do enjoy singing by myself in the room. I did this last night after my QT. It’s such a joy to face the windows so I can see the sky & sing to The Lord. Different people approach The Lord differently. This is my way. =) 

Before I sing, I went to the toilet to floss my teeth. It was then that I heard birds chirping. It was nearing to 9 p.m. & it didn't feel eerie to me at all. In fact, I felt good. Say what you like, judge how you want but I believe God is happy that I’m trying to know Him more & perhaps he sends me pleasant sounds of birds chirping while I floss my teeth! Strange but God DOES work in funny ways. =)

I tried to bake Rosemary Focaccia Bread yesterday & it failed! It just would not rise. I couldn't figure out why. Perhaps there’s insufficient yeast? It turned out more like Rosemary Kueh then Rosemary Focaccia. Ha ha… I’ll definitely try again next time. It smelled lovely though… >.<

Well, you would have known that I no longer plan out my lunches & dinners for the week. What's for lunch today? Frankly speaking, I'm not sure. I didn't ask S. Check out my Instagram after 1 p.m. today to find out!

Blessed Wednesday!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Tuesday, 01.04.2014

For slightly more than a week, I’ve stopped doing meal planning. I find it such a chore to think of what I would like to have for the coming week. In the end, I’ve decided to let S do the job. She decides what I have for lunch every weekday. If you would like to know what I’ve been having, go check out my Instagram!

Doing my BSF h/w for last week has been really a joy to me. Digging into God's Word gives me joy. BSF is really good as it enables you to really study on the Word of God. I'm going to try my best and sign up for it every year.

I would like to talk more about God today. It’s going to be a long post & if you can’t tolerate it, move on to other stuff then. =)

For me, I really need my surrounding to be quiet when I study on the Word of God. As such, I cannot do any studying on Friday nights & Saturdays as the kiddos are around and 3 boys really can be a chore. Ha ha… I realized that when I dig deeper into the Word of God, He gives me questions.

For last week, it’s a question on temptation. The leader of my DFG (Disciple Fellowship Group) said that God doesn’t tempt but He allows it. I couldn’t put my head around it. If He allows it, doesn’t it make Him part of the ‘scheme’? My fellow mates started explaining & I still couldn’t understand. My mind has been blocked. I did a short prayer in my mind then. I asked for God to clear my mind & show me the answer. That night, when I was trying to complete my BSF h/w, I got my answer when I was digging into the Word of God. I had skipped question 6 previously & moved on to other questions. That night, I went back to question 6 to complete it & there, I got my answer. I must admit, I didn’t expect God to reply to me that quickly. He works in ways I cannot understand & often than not, He is ALWAYS right. =) I’m really happy to have this God in my life.

In the past, I know He heals but somehow, I didn’t quite ponder over it. I’m like – Okie God heals. Let’s move on now… I attend the 9 a.m. congregation & for no reason, I went to the 11.15 a.m. service one particular Sunday. That session, they had a pastor from Vietnam who goes around doing healing work. He’s supposed to have left Singapore but somehow, he extended his stay. While he was talking, he asked for people who needs healing to go up to him & then, we pray together for the person. I watched all these people going up without thinking about myself needing healing as well. (I’ve had an injury on the toe of my right leg for the longest time & I didn’t attend to it at all. Hence, it looked a bit strange with the ‘normal’ toe on my left leg. It would hurt whenever I walk in my 4 inch heels but I didn’t really care.) During that Sunday session, I was wearing my 4 inch heels. While all the requests & prayers were going on, I wriggled my toe. I don’t even know why I did that. And you know what? There’s no pain at all! I couldn’t believe it. So I took off my heels & started rubbing my toe. No feeling of pain. I STILL couldn’t believe it. I started pressing hard on it, I did all ways to ‘hurt’ the toe. There’s no feeling of pain. Instantly, I believe with all my heart that God heals. Hallelujah! God IS good to me, an insignificant being on earth! To Him, no matter how wretched or bad, I am special. =) I didn’t ask to be healed but He gives anyway… Amazing God!

Why do I bring up the healing session? Well, another thing which I didn’t believe passionately is the Power of Praying. This week, I believe God is trying to prove to me wrong again. Even up till BSF class yesterday, I still couldn’t bring myself to be immersed with the fact that prayer is powerful. God reminded me of what He did just an hour ago. I’ve been praying for a loved one to get back to God, to be closer to Him once again. For months, I don’t see any changes. I gave up. I actually told God that I’m giving up & I asked for Him to take over & do His work. I did share with my mates in DFG & they did pray. Recently, there are some changes & God reminded me of it just an hour ago. That’s when I go – Oh Ya! That is what has happened! Ha ha…

God works in mysterious ways, ways a mortal being would not understand some times. My DFG leader bought each of us a book – The Power of a Praying Woman. In the book, she wrote a message. All these were done before the class on Sunday. We met up & I raised the question on temptation & the message she wrote in the book was about temptation! Also, there’s a total of 5 of us & she only presented the book to 3 of us as she has yet to complete her writing for 2 remaining books & I was 1 of the 3 persons who got the book on Sunday. See how God works!

This week, my issue is with praying & the book from my leader couldn't come at a better timing. Again, the work of God! Sometimes, you just cannot explain. You just have to believe. =)

I feel really great & I’m going to try my best to maintain this feeling. To maintain it, I have to make sure I walk close to God & be more like Jesus. =)

I hope you are touched & as a result, start pondering over your next step, believer or pre-believer.

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!

Dreamy C