Sunday 2 December 2012

New Discovery in BB Cream

I've tried Garnier and the one from The Skin Food. They blend in well but don't last beyond the 4-hr mark on my oily face. I had given up hope on BB creams until last night. I was out meeting my cousin for dinner when she asked to check out Missha in AMK Hub. Having lived in AMK for more than a decade, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know that there's a shop in AMK Hub. I found out that they've operated for a year now. Shame on me! But then again, I no longer reside in AMK for the past year. >.<

If Estee Lauder is the best foundation brand which works for my oily complextion, then Missha is THE best BB cream for me! The EL foundation can last me about 7 hours with some shine in my T-zone. The BB cream from Missha has lasted on me for 6 hours and counting AND survived a round of steam boat! Some shine is inevitable but I can easily push that aside. It doesn't bother me.

Not knowing if this will work for me, I picked up the smallest one.
This is just 20ml and retails for $19.90.
I believe the bigger ones go for slightly more than $35.
I'm a No. 23 and this has SPF42 PA+++.
I'm glad I found a BB cream which is suitable for me. I must admit that I've heard about this brand many months back but didn't bother giving it a chance as by then, I've convinced myself that BB creams don't work on me and their claims are just a load of shit. Guess I'm eating my shit now. Ha ha... And so, it's Estee Lauder for the weekdays and Missha for the weekends!!! Happy! ^^
Dreamy C

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