Monday 6 February 2017

Selamat Datang to Jakarta!

Jakarta baby... my 3rd!
Love the people
Love the food
Love the currency
Love the cheap airfare
Love the cheap hotel
Love the short duration on air
Love the language - people there can manage simple English and they are ALWAYS helpful

In fact, I've not met an unfriendly Indonesian in Jakarta.
I've not visited Glodok and Taman Mini.
What better chance to do it now?

My 3rd time to Jakarta and it's the 2nd time that my flight got delayed on route SIN to Jakarta.
Luckily, it land just in time for me to catch a Damri bus to Gambir.
I decided to walk to Mercure Sabang Hotel from Gambir this time.
It took me about 10 - 15 mins and it's pretty safe, considering I did it at around 11 plus at night.
The journey is well lit and even this late in the night, there's traffic and people.

Reached the hotel and decided to do a mask before I sleep.
Come the next morning, I showered right after I woke up and headed to Glodok.
Took the Transjakarta bus from Bank Indonesia to Glodok.
Upon exiting Glodok station, turn right and walk straight down.
Turn at Pancoran Street and just explored.
I had a really enjoyable time at their Wet Market as it brought me to the 'olden' times.
The whole street is a mix of clothes sellers, fish sellers, crab sellers, sellers of food carts, chicken sellers (I can even hear the sounds of chicken like they are being slaughtered), frog sellers, bird sellers, flower sellers, Chinese temple, medicinal halls, provision shops, shops selling worship stuff, food shops, ice-cream seller etc. Mix in people, motorbikes and cars and you think there might be chaos but trust me. It all goes hand in hand. It works beautifully.

In Glodok, I had Bak Mee, Sio May and Dumplings for brunch.
I also had the sweetest sliced Guavas.
I enjoyed my stay more and more every time I visit Jakarta again.
Always something new to eat and explore.

From Glodok, I took a cab to Taman Mini.
The trip cost me 150K rupiah.
2 tolls set me back by another 12,500 rupiah.
I was tired by the time I reached Taman Mini.
I took their tram which wasn't a good experience.
The houses in different states of Indonesia are very interesting.
The next time I visit again, I'll make sure to come early in the morning and explore by walking.
I took a cab from Taman Mini back to Kota Tua as I was craving for Sop Buntut.
It cost me around the same amount.

I reached Cafe Batavia and was surprised to see a live band there.
Enjoyed my late lunch there even though somehow, the Sop Buntut didn't taste as delicious this time.
From Cafe Batavia, I took a Transjakarta bus back to Monas where I alighted and walked to Indomaret where I bought instant noodles, milk and Ko Ko Crunch as my breakfast the next day.
I also bought some snacks before returning back to the hotel.

Back in the hotel, I showered (weather was so hot), did a face mask and basically just chill.

I'm thinking of making another trip to Jakarta.
For my 4th time in Jakarta, I'm thinking of staying at Grand Mercure as it's very near to Sawah Besar Transjakarta stop. You'll be thankful for a near bus stop given the weather in Jakarta.
On that trip, there's a few food I would like to try. Nasi Tim, Nasi Uduk, Kerak Telor etc.

Never enough for Jakarta!

Have a great day Peeps!

Dreamy C