Sunday 2 December 2012

Bag from M.A.C. Part I

Part I because I actually made 2 trips there! Ha ha... Today, I'm showing you the goodies from the first trip made on Saturday, 17th November 2012.

Face Primer (30ml)
Retails for $42.00
Lipglass in Lychee Luxe (4.8g)
Retails for $29.00
Lip Liner in Staunchly Stylish (1.2g)
Retails for $35.00
Lip Liner in What a Blast! (1.2g)
Retails for $35.00
Left: Staunchly Stylish
Right: What a Blast!
What a Blast! was bought to match my lip glass - lychee luxe. It says on the package that they are pro longwear. I use the makeup remover by M.A.C. to remove them and they only came off after a few good rubs.
No. 239 Brush
Retails for $47.00
No. 116 Brush
Retails for $59.00
No. 150 Brush
Retails for $78.00
No. 168 Brush
Retails for $57.00
No. 318 Brush
Retails for $43.00
No. 318 Brush once Opened
It's a Lip Brush
What's in the box?
Top Left: Rose Light
Top Right: Darling Coquette
Bottom Left: Ever Elegant
Bottom Right: Silk Stocking
M.A.C. is having a promotion. A box comes with 4 small tubs of pigments (3g each) and retails for $65.00 per box.
Close-Up Swatch
Left to Right:
Rose Light
Darling Coquette
Ever Elegant
Silk Stocking
Dreamy C

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