Friday 30 January 2015

What I had for Lunches in Week 5

A recap...

This is what I had for lunch on Monday, 26th Jan.
Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Balsamic Chicken & Quinoa cooked in chicken stock!
Best lunch so far... No kidding...
As for my snack, it's a banana.

I had Wholemeal Spaghetti with Black Bean & Corn Salsa (I love this thing man...) 
for lunch on 27th Jan, Tuesday.

I made Granola Bars (Cranberries & Apple) in the evening of 26th Jan, Monday.
I had a piece of this as my snack on 27th Jan, Tuesday. Yummy... Not too sweet too! ^^

Come 28th Jan, Wednesday, my lunch is the same as what I had on 26th Jan i.e. Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Balsamic Chicken & Quinoa cooked in chicken stock. My snack was however slightly different. See photo below:

My yummy Cranberry & Apple Granola crumbs with Light Greek Yogurt
It's light greek yogurt 'cos the helper bought the wrong one. I usually take the standard version and somehow, I don't know for what reason, she bought the light version.

My lunch on 29th Jan, Thursday
This is Quinoa with Smoked Paprika Salmon and Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Taste good... Love salmon with smoked paprika. My 1st!

Snack was Light Greek Yogurt with Cranberry & Apple Granola Crumbs!

Lunch for 30th Jan, Friday is the same as the one on 29th Jan, Thursday.
I did however make some Hummus last night 
and so for my snack today, it's Hummus with Carrot Sticks! Photo below:

I did add some Cayenne powder on my Hummus today.
Chickpeas has lots of fibre which is good for me...

This more or less sums up what I had for weekdays.
Come weekend, I give my body a rest and go with what my helper cooks at home.
Weekends is also the time I have a few meals away from home. ^^
I'm going to include in exercise (walking for an hour) in my daily routine come February 2015.

My weight is at 63 kgs and % of fats is 34.1.
I'll see how much I can lose in the next month and will blog about it!

Have a great weekend peeps!

Dreamy C

Monday 26 January 2015

Saturday, 24th Jan Produce!

I've been really productive last Saturday. Check out what I made!

Black Bean & Corn Salsa
I got this recipe from Laura Vitale
I had the chance to eat it for lunch today and I must say this goes very well with quinoa!
In fact, it's so good and light, you can even eat it on its own!
Yummy is the word. ^^

As mentioned in previous post, I bought wholewheat flour to make wholemeal bread.
This is not 100% wholewheat flour. I did mix in some unbleached all-purpose flour.
Those at the back, I added some rolled oats. Those in front are plain.
I like them! My helper commented that those in front looked like boobs. Ha ha...

What is hummus without chickpeas?!
I made mine from scratch. Meaning, I cook raw ones.
Frankly speaking, if you do not have the time to spare, go for the canned ones.
I would just stick to canned ones once I'm done with what I have on hand.

I did also cook some mushroom soup.
No photo though...
I had it for breakfast this morning and I don't like it.
I've asked my helper to cook her version for me come next Mon.
For now, I'm stuck with this failed batch for the remaining weekdays... =(

Have a great day ahead!

Dreamy C

2nd Parcel from iHerb

This time round, I opted for 2 x deliveries. This way, I pay USD8 for both shipments as compared to USD20 over for 1 shipment. The only downside is that they arrive at different times. 
As there'a a few days gap between my orders, the different arrival dates don't matter to me. Let's dive down to it shall we? ^^ Reward Code: HPW978

Dried Apples and Dried Mangoes are for my Granola Bars.
Dried Pineapple is for my helper to munch on since she commented that she ever eaten and liked dried pineapple. ^^ She like that this isn't sweet.
I do like these from Made in Nature. Sadly, NTUC only stock up on prunes which isn't my favourite fruit. Hence, I got to get them from iHerb. =)

My cousin said that Chub Chub loves these so much. Hence, I decided to get some for my neighbour's young boy.
These are yogurt melts and I got them in Mixed Berry & Strawberry.

This I got as I wanted to make some wholemeal bread.
I didn't expect it to be such a huge packet. (I've honestly no sense on weight)

This Quinoa is a repeat order.
I love it! My only complain - Too small a package.

Bought this to make hummus.

Bought this as the cousin raved about it.
Smells nice...

All right... As usual, if you don't like to read all about it, then view it below:

I shall blog about the 3rd parcel when it arrive in the next few days.

Have a great Monday peeps!

Dreamy C

Thursday 22 January 2015

Healthy Eating Week 4 of Year 2015

I ran out of quinoa! So sad, so sad... 
It is often at the time when you lost something that you start appreciating it.
The same applies for me when it comes to food!
I should just order it from iHerb you say. Well, I was STILL trying to organize my cart that's why!
If you are going to buy stuff from iHerb for the very 1st time, enter reward code HPW978.
I explained why in my entry HERE.

Okie so I ran out of quinoa. What's a little ME gotta do?
Consume white rice? I try not to...
Little ME decides making a trip down to Pasarbella!
I was so disappointed! The next time I go, I'll only buy tea and Paella.

I also bought Organic Black Rice which is in fact a combination of black and brown rice from Mekhala. It wasn't love at first cook. Tasted like pulut hitam. Don't get me wrong. I luuurrrveee pulut hitam when it's a dessert but not quite as much when it's a rice. Well, at least not initially. I must say I've started to enjoy it as I get used to it. I like biting on the grains. Ha ha...

This is what I had for my lunch the past few days.
Monday and Wednesday, it's Salmon instead of Chicken.
Tuesday and Thursday, it's Chicken.
Doesn't look interesting but it sure does taste good especially when it's with Chicken!
That's the Organic Black Rice I was talking about.
I must say Organic Black Rice is pretty filling...
I bought some other versions from iHerb and that's my 3rd parcel.
Why is there a parcel 2 and parcel 3? Well, I didn't want to pay extra for DHL and hence, decided to put them on separate shipments. >.<

My 2nd parcel from iHerb is due to arrive this week or on Monday.
Yay!!! Hummus, wholemeal bread, corn & black bean salsa... yumz...
I'll definitely do a video and blog about my 2nd parcel once I get it!

Until next time, have a great one peeps!

Dreamy C

Lunch @ Sushi Tei (Vivo City Outlet)

I must say we eat pretty much the same stuff be it at Brotzeit or Sushi Tei.
J & I went to Sushi Tei on Sunday, 18th January 2015.
He seems to have a liking towards the Rainbow Roll and a craving he sure has!

My Starter

J's Starter
There's a story behind this. He loves this Rainbow thingy so much, he asked me to order another set for myself. I told him I cannot possibly finish it myself. He said he'll help me with 1/2 of my portion. In the end, I finished it all by myself not because I love it so much but because he's too full to do as he promised. >.<

J's Main - Beef Curry Rice

My Main along with Teriyaki Chicken shown below.

Pretty standard dishes if you'd ask me. We are such predictable people... ^^

Have a great one peeps!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Pina Colada Overnight Oats

I chanced upon overnight oats on YouTube some time back but didn't try it out as I wanted to get myself started on smoothie first. I must say I've been enjoying my smoothie in the mornings.

So I finally tried my hand on Pina Colada Overnight Oats.
It consist of oats, pineapples, chia seeds, almond milk, greek yogurt, shredded coconut and honey.
Leave it in the fridge overnight and this is how it turned out the next morning:

Do I like it? Well, it doesn't taste bad to me. It doesn't taste yummy either.
If you put smoothie and this on my table, I'll go for the smoothie.
If you put a kale smoothie and this on my table, I'll go for this.
Will I make this again? 
Probably not anytime soon. I would like to go back to my smoothie tomorrow. ^^

So that's my take on overnight oats! Perhaps I should try other types of versions...

Have a great Tuesday!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Coconut Flour Bread

I ran out of ideas for breakfasts. Can't get baby spinach, can't get kale, S didn't buy bananas...
Can't do a smoothie. Well, technically speaking, I can with other fruits and Greek Yogurt but I need my greens... Yes, I'm choosy like that. I then thought of taking some bread but I only have white bread which in my opinion is a waste for me since there's not as much fibre as compared to wholemeal ones. I don't want to buy those outside ones as I do not know what they add into it.
Bake some myself? I would if I had some wholemeal flour.
So many obstacles and excuses. I ended up baking for myself, a Coconut Flour Bread!
Easy, lots of fibre and ingredients are ready!

How's the taste? Dry and bland. I personally slab on butter generously when I want to have a slice.
I added lots of shredded coconut for that added texture.

Here's the recipe:
3/4 cup coconut flour
1 cup coconut oil 
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking powder (I don't have any available so I used baking soda)
6 x eggs (Yup! You read that right!)
1 cup shredded coconut

Recipe says to bake at 175 deg C for 40 minutes. That's too long for me and my oven sucks so I've got to make some changes. I baked it at 170 deg C for 20 minutes and 130 deg C for 10 minutes. I then switched the oven off and leave it still inside for 5 - 10 minutes. I ended up with sides burnt but no burnt taste. I baked it with a piece of aluminium foil on top and only remove for the last 10 minutes of baking.

Recipe calls for coconut oil, ghee or melted butter. I used coconut oil as I'm doing a coconut bread and everything coconut is like coconut to the max! Ha ha... Besides, I've coconut oil available.

A slice if pretty filling. I cut them into 8 slices and each slice gives me 3.75 g of fibre.
The smell of coconut - Lovely!
I would have it with a cup of tea so it goes down my throat better.
I've read that some ladies added 1 cup water to it before baking so it's lighter and less dense.
I might try that out next time. This loaf will last me till this Sun... ^^

I wish you an enjoyable mid-week!

Dreamy C