About Me

Hi there people! I've a full-time job and I blog with my spare time. Why blog? Well, like so many women out there, I too would like to share amongst women. You know how sometimes, you feel like dashing out of the house to purchase something just because of a post uploaded by some blogger? Well, in time to come, I too hope to achieve such influence. *ahem*

In order to get the most information out of the blogs I post, you'll first need to know a little about mua.

First, I've combination/oily skin. My nose is oily, my forehead is oily, my cheeks are oily, my chin is oily, even my eyelids are oily! The level of oiliness varies and hence, I typed down combination/oily skin.

Second, I'm 62kgs in weight and 1.59m in height. This gives you a good vision when I do post on apparels.

Third... I can't think of a third one.

So there you go! Enjoy reading!

Dreamy C

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