Friday 31 May 2013

Stuff from Korea

These were given to me by my dear cousin. So nice of her... ^^

I've yet to try any. I'm interested in the masks. I was told that masks there are dirt cheap. I shall give them a try soon... ^^ 

Thanks ah Cousin!

Dreamy C

Ipoh Lau You Beansprouts Chicken

I had my dinner @ Bishan today. I saw this nice place selling some Ipoh food & so, I decided to give it a try. Was it good? Take a look @ the photo first.

Now YOU tell me if it's good.

Photo can be deceiving.

The horfun was not bad but I couldn't comment much since I've never been to Ipoh. I shall comment more after my trip to Ipoh come October.

The braised stuff was in my opinion, horrible!

Calamansi drink was not bad.

Would I go back again? I doubt it. l saw people eating the beansprouts chicken & it doesn't look appetizing. I inquired & was told that the chicken was not bad. Yes, I inquired!

Perhaps I might just go back for the beansprouts chicken. I'm very sure the bean sprouts in Ipoh taste much better.

Dreamy C

Thursday 30 May 2013

Iron Man 3

Went to catch Iron Man 3 with J and the kiddos on Vesak Day.

Verdict: The movie sucks! Really not worth the money AND time... *sigh*

Dreamy C

Thursday 23 May 2013

A Late Lunch

On Monday, 20th May 2013, J & I went to the Airport to pick up our customer. I had breakfast at Burger King. Thinking that J would like hash brown, I got 2 x sets of that from Burger King. In the end, he didn't even take a single piece, leaving me to force feed myself!

My customer didn't want lunch and so, J & I headed down to Jones the Grocer at Mandarin Gallery for some light lunch.

Tomato & Basil Soup
Without Flash

With Flash
To be honest, this is THE best tomato soup I've ever tasted! Sour but not overdose. 
This is how tomato soup should taste!

Some Croquettas with Cheese Thingy

Once broken, it looked this way.
Cheese tends to make me feel sick of it easily.
There were 3 pieces and I felt like puking after 2 pieces.
I finally gave the last one to J who happily chew it all down.

Dreamy C

Sunday 19 May 2013

A Memorable Sunday

Memorable not because I've candies, not because I've new clothes, not because we went to catch a movie but because I'm now a member of my church! I've waited for at least 2 years for this!

Moved? Yes.
Touched? Yes.
Happy? You bet!

Today marks the 1st day I had my holy communion and I treasure such experience. I hope to always be and remember to be thankful whenever I have holy communion. I was so happy and thankful, I shed a few tears when I did my prayer back on my seat. Emotional with a good cause.

I'm very happy and God is good to me and my loved ones.

  1. J managed to get a parking space in our church. Mind you, it's tough getting a space on normal days. Furthermore, today's confirmation day and it's crowded! God works in ways one cannot understand sometimes. J managed to get a parking space just before the exit barrier!
  2. We got a parking space in Takashimaya (parallel parking) and the space is tight. When we were done with our shopping, we were greeted with a pleasant sight. J can maneuver the car out effortlessly as 1 car right in front of him has long gone and the owner of the car in front of that car is in the lift with us and so, when we got into our car, he drove off. This allow J to get out without adjustment of his car!
  3. Something good happened to my Mom for the 2nd time!
If you are struggling right now with Baptism or Confirmation, please know that you aren't the one 1. Be patient and persevere. You WILL get it!!!

Dreamy C

More Clothes...

I was in a long dress today. So long, I can sweep the floor with it. I was glad that I managed to get out of it by buying a dress from GAP. 

Love the colors, so spring...
Cost SGD100.00
Outer layer is 95 or 97% cotton. The rest is elastane.
The lining is 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

Just because I like it.
Cost SGD90.00

Frankly speaking, if I'm going to pay for these, I wouldn't even consider picking them up. I mean 90 bucks for a pair of shorts?! Seriously... You've got to be kidding me! They do feel comfy once worn BUT! Not worth parting 90 bucks with. Okie... I'm just a scrooge sometimes. If it's less than 50 bucks, I'll take it and that's when I'm feeling rich and generous.

It's nice to have stuff paid for and you get to keep the goodies. >.<

Dreamy C

Sugar Overdose @ Candylicious

It's been a while since I last bought stuff from Candy Empire or Cocoa Trees. Today's my first visit to Candylicious. No Joke!

My Bag
It consists of cherry flavored gummy bear, some raspberry-like sweets and sour gummy bear
I'm eating them as I blog today and I LOVE the sour gummy bears!
The raspberry-like sweets are a let-down. 
The cherry flavored gummy bears are well, cherry flavored and they are good!
The next time I'm there, I'm only getting the sour gummy bear!!! ^^

His Bag
They are just a bunch of apple flavored gummy bear

Picture looks yummy and so I picked it up for myself.

Lollies for the boys and me of course!
Cola flavored ones for the boys and sherbet flavored one for muah!

Reese Peanut Butter Cups
I cannot even tell you how good these taste.
Candylicious have a promo going on for these now.
Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

Oh! We also bought 2 boxes of kit kat. Why buy from there? Can buy from anywhere else leh... Well, since we're there, might as well put them into the basket as well.

Last item, J took 2 x small packets of nougats. 

All these for SGD80.00 plus.

Dreamy C

Bellabox - May 2013

Lanvin Me Eau De Parfum
To be honest, I prefer 'Marry Me' than 'Me'. The former is more fruity. The latter is more serious.

Model Co Lipgloss
It says on the card that this is the perfect, high-shine lipgloss.
I don't know about you but for lipgloss, if it's really sticky, it's a turn-off for me.
This? I've not tried.

Model Co Eyepencil
I don't have flattering eyes and I suck in drawing 'wings' on my eyes.
I'm thinking of giving this away.

Borracha Wine Wipes
Each one is infused with natural, non-harmful, ingredients that remove stains, freshen breath, 
eliminate germs and protect your mouth.

The Lash Card
I don't think I need this...

Eye Patch
Nothing being mentioned on the card which makes me wonder.
Probably it got included by mistake?

Dr Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask
Anti-aging mask

That's bellabox in March for you!

Dreamy C

The Great Gatsby

Went to catch this movie today with J. Who's in it? Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Debicki etc.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby who loves Daisy.
Carey Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan who is the wife of Joel Edgerton and the lover of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Tobey Maguire plays Nick Carraway who is the cousin of Daisy and Jay Gatsby's next-door neighbour.
Elizabeth Debicki plays Jordan Baker who is Daisy's long-time friend.
Joel Edgerton plays Tom Buchanan who is a millionaire and the husband of Daisy.

In summary, it's all glitz and glamour. I feel that the acting is good, the costume, music etc are good but the story line sucks. It's all about Gatsby and Daisy falling in love with each other but Daisy didn't marry Gatsby as he was poor. In the end, she was married to Tom who is a millionaire. Few years down the road, Gatsby tried to win Daisy back by getting her to leave Tom. It seems that she once love Tom and still love Gatsby. In the end, Gatsby died with Nick being the only one attending his funeral. Daisy didn't even send any flowers.

What did I learn from this movie? Some Women = Trouble. Yes, I'm a woman myself but most of the time, we are not decisive and most of the time, it's because of that, that misunderstandings occur.

Dreamy C

Sunday 5 May 2013

D.O.M.V.S. @ Sheraton Towers Hotel

J's an April baby and he had the opportunity to have a free meal at DOMVS @ Sheraton Towers.
I had the honor of enjoying this free meal with him since he can bring a partner along. ^^

What's food w/o wine?
This was not included in the menu by the way.
Pretty good wine I must say.

As usual, bread and crackers to start with.
Bread ain't bad but I prefer the ones from Cova @ Paragon - which was closed down not too long ago.


Another Starter
This was good. 
J who dislike mushroom like this dish which has mushroom in it!

Our Main
Not too bad.
The best beef I've had is again, from Cova. *sigh*

J's Dessert - Panna Cotta

My Dessert
Please note that both desserts were not in the menu.
We didn't like what was offered in the menu.

Look at that...
It's heavenly.
If you like chocolate, you'd love this.

In conclusion, I'm surprised to find a restaurant which is pretty good at a hotel like Sheraton Towers.
Don't get me wrong but there isn't much hype when it comes to DOMVS.
Will I go again if I've the opportunity? You bet!

Dreamy C

An Excuse to Buy Clothes

Confirmation day is due on 19th May 2013 and we were told to wear white, cream. In other words, non-dull colors. 

J thinks all white is good. After all, this is an important event spiritually. To Mango we go!

A jacket which J insisted

This dress was selected by J and not meant for the event

I also got a long dress in white. That's for the event along with the jacket.
The dress is too long for a 1.59m tall ME. Hence, we're having it altered.
Will show you a photo of it when I get it 7 - 10 days later.

Side track. I finally handed all my nail polishes to my cousin for sale in Scape today.
Let's just hope she managed to sell most of them. ^^

J and I watched G.I. Joe last weekend in Vivocity.
Nothing fascinating, nothing surprising, not much worth a mention.

Dreamy C