Thursday 29 May 2014

Thursday, 29.05.2014

Whoo hoo!!! 1.5 more days to the weekend people!!! I believe Chub Chub will be coming back to Singapore this weekend. I'm so excited!!! *sings* She grows so fast! She was brought to the pool recently and I saw a photo of her float! So very cute. It comes with a tree and a fish! Kids these days... how fortunate they are...

I've to make a trip down to Mommy's place this Sat as well as I failed to finish cutting of Horlick's nails. He is not a co-operative boy. I attempted cutting his nails last Sat but left 2 out as he refused to let me continue. I tried coaxing him with opening the gate (he loves lying down on the floor outside of the house) and offering him tidbits. Nothing works! He's still as grumpy as ever & REFUSED me touching his little paw again. It goes to show he's no pushover. Ha ha...

Breakfast today was 2 x slices of Sun Dried Tomato Foccacia and a cup of Mint Tea.
Lunch was Rice with Braised Pork & a Hard Boiled Egg.
Dinner will be Stir Fry Veggie.

I baked the foccacia last night and it was better than the 1st time I tried baking it.
Tonight, I'm going to bake me some Almond Biscotti! Lovely to go with a cup of tea... =)

I've not started my homework for BSF. We were given a break. The next class is in early July.
The kiddos will be over for a week during week 24. No activities planned out yet...

That's about all for me today.
I wish you a great Thursday!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Tuesday, 27.05.2014

Last weekend has been a tiring one for me. It challenged me spiritually, a BIG challenge. It was so big I wanted to give everything up. I want to stop going for BSF, stop going for DFG, stop talking to God, stop my ushering duties in church, stop going to church. Yes, it's THAT bad... What led me to that? After all, it ain't easy for me to be baptized. I faced challenges like many others out there... I felt forsaken. I felt that God is not making my life better despite months of prayers, despite asking friends to pray for me. I felt that God is not looking out for me. I'm not expecting Him to answer me instantly but many months have passed and I've not even seen any improvements of the person I've been praying for. I don't hear God speaking to me. There's just silence for the past few months when it concerns this particular person.

I'm really glad it didn't take me long to stop thinking negatively and giving everything up. I believe God answered me in a different manner. He adjusted my heart. Within minutes, I told myself - Hey! You shouldn't do all that. Go to church. Go for your BSF etc. Don't give everything up. I went to church the next day and you know what? God comforted me! He placed certain people at the right timing while I was making my way to church. I bumped into friends who are still trying to be confirmed members. It reminded me that many others are having difficulties and I shouldn't give up this treasure at all. I shouldn't even consider giving it up. I was due for ushering duties that day and you know what? God gave me joy while I serve. I can't explain it. I felt much joy while serving and I felt much joy worshiping God that day. He didn't give me answers but He comforts me! I no longer felt forsaken and I am amazed once again how God works. He gave me more than I ask for, more than what I expected. That day in church, we sang a song by Don Moen. I believe it is God will Make a Way. So appropriate! I went for my BSF class yesterday and it was about treasure. God is our treasure and we are His treasure. How appropriate AGAIN! =)

I'm really thankful to my BFF who never fails to crack me up.
I'm also thankful to my cousin who never fails to send me photos and videos of Chub Chub. She never fails to bring a smile to my face.
I'm also thankful to the girls in my BSF group for the support and encouragement.
Though I didn't share much about my difficulties, their words and actions are sufficient for me. =)

I love you Jesus & I'm thankful for your Grace and Mercy. I thank you for not forsaking me even when doubt sets in within me. I thank you for pulling me out of troubles and out of the works of the devil. You are All-Mighty, All-Magnificent & I'm real glad that you have chosen to save me. =) Lots of hugs and kisses...

Well, that explains why I haven't blogged for the past few days.

Breakfast for today was a packet of economical noodles and beehoon with fish fillet and fish cake.
Throughout this day and many days to come, I'll be drinking lots of green tea (packet form).
Lunch will be rice, Batang fish with ginger and stir fry veggie. I've not looked and I've not asked S but I hope it's not cabbage. =)

I've been craving for Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken for weeks and I finally satisfied my craving on Sunday for lunch and also yesterday for dinner! Yes! I went to the same store within a short period of time. They really taste THAT good! =) Like I said in previous post, the chicken is tender and no bones. The gravy is thick and good to go with a bowl of rice. Hey! Even make it TWO bowls of rice! Ha ha...

Today's a pretty long post. I do apologise if I'm boring you...

It's been my wish to climb Mount Kinabalu since more than 5 years ago. Yes, it's been that long and all through time, I didn't train at all. I've been slacking, enjoying life, pigging away. I was talking to a customer and knowing she's from Sabah, reminded me of Mt. Kinabalu. I told J about it. He climbed Mount Ophir before. It's a lower mountain than Mt. Kinabalu. He said, "You can't even jog! You want to climb a mountain?!" I hate being looked down. As such, I've made a vow to myself that I'll start training for 1.5 years. Thereafter, I'll go climb Mount Ophir. I'll take that as preparation for Mt. Kinabalu. After conquering Mt. Ophir, I'll train for another 3 - 6 months before I take on Mt. Kinabalu. I really hope I'll not stray away from my training. =) I'll keep you guys updated! Bear in mind, I'm not one who exercise consistently. Even climbing a flight of stairs leaves me panting. =( Training starts TODAY! Little steps at a time... =)

Have a great Tuesday Y'all!!!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Wednesday, 21.05.2014

Updating 600 over contacts is no joke! That's what I've been doing for the past week or so.

I slept at 2 plus in the morning yesterday. Technically speaking, I should say I went to bed at 2 this morning. I had difficulty getting to sleep. Worries? Hardly any major ones. I've been preoccupied with the thoughts of my dream home, where I would like pots of flowers, how I would like my kitchen to be, the layout of my craft cum work room, type of curtain, my bedroom, all the way down to the design of bed sheet covers I would like. I even thought of the location, how big a dining table I would like etc. Ha ha...
Unnecessary you think? Well, everyone got to have dreams... Fulfilling it is a different matter. =)

Alright. Back to reality now.
Breakfast was fish ball noodles which I had just a minute ago with a cup of Japanese Green Tea. Brand = Harada. It's the Yabukita blend. It's made in Japan and I bought this along with another brand (Red Sun) to see which one I prefer better. The Red Sun is slightly more expensive than Harada in NTUC.
Lunch will be 1 x Char Siew Bao.

I've a meeting at 3 p.m. today so I don't think I'm going to be back to the office this afternoon. I might however, drop by to pick up my laptop. I need to bring it home so I can print some photos out from my Selphy for Project Life.

Lots to do, so little time. =( Well, that will be all for me today.

I wish you a blessed mid-week! I miss my Chub Chub... She'll only be back end of May. =(

Dreamy C

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Tuesday, 20.05.2014

Last week was not a motivational week for me. It didn't go smoothly. I wasn't feeling good, not motivated. I've not been good. My DFG class got cancelled on Sat and I didn't attend church on Sun. I also completed my BSF homework in a rush and as a result, wasn't able to contribute to my full potential yesterday. Everything went downhill from the time I didn't attend church. Even night prayers seem shorter by the day. So you see... I'm just like any ordinary folk out there. Following Jesus is like taking a roller coaster ride. At times, it's up and other times, it's down the tubes. It's our job to constantly check on ourselves to make us nearer to being constantly up. That's why the journey with Jesus is always self-improving, transformation! Okie, I'm feeling slightly better now...

Breakfast was 2 x slices of Italian Pound Cake with a cup of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch will be Japanese Rice with Pan Fried Tioman (a type of fish) with ginger and Stir Fry Veggie.
Dinner will be Japanese Rice with Tumeric Chicken and Veggie. 

I'm going to make it a point to do my BSF homework during lunchtime today. I've got to bring myself back on the right track! =)

Let's talk about the pound cake I baked yesterday. I substituted granulated sugar with brown sugar. I ran out of sugar and S didn't buy spare packets. Boo hoo! Mistake no. 1! It turned out looking unappetizing. Hence explaining why there isn't any photo of it. Nope! You won't be able to find it on my Instagram channel either! =) I've made it a point not to shine light on it in the virtual world. 
I also mixed in lemon curd into the mixture. It probably would have been better if I spread it on top on the cake when it's done baking. 
Looks aside, I find the taste good enough. In fact, the substitution of sugar made it less sweet. Had it not been the lemon curd that I mixed in, I believe you can hardly taste any tinge of sweetness in it. 

So there you go! My life wasn't all happy, smooth and hyped up last week! Even though I managed to make and bake a few stuff, it didn't make me happy. Even though I managed to make a few more designs for Christmas cards, it didn't make me happy. I guess following The Lord closely really IS what makes me happy. =) I learnt the hard way. I thought I could have it all but the fact of the matter is something's got to give. I'm ashamed to say that this time round, I put God aside to achieve worldly things. This week, there has to be a change! =)

I hope you have a blessed day and a fulfilling week!

Dreamy C

Monday 19 May 2014

Monday, 19.05.2014

I was very productive over the weekend. I made 1.2 liters of Lemonade, about 2 x cups of Lemon Curd and 2 x cups of Berries Cheesecake as dessert on Sunday night!

Berries Cheesecake

Lemon Curd


It rained on Saturday morning so we didn't bring the kiddos anywhere. Come afternoon, S took them to the park after their nap. J went along while I stayed at home. I do treasure the moments I have alone at home. While they were out, I listened to Bjork and made more Christmas cards. I enjoyed myself very much. I enjoy the peace which doesn’t come by often over the weekend. =)

Saturday lunch was Fried Rice for the family except for me. I cooked myself some Miso Ramen.
Saturday dinner was Fish Burger with Fries, cooked by S. I had the same.

Miso Ramen

Sunday lunch was Toastie and dinner was Japanese Curry Rice. We had Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries) Cheesecake for dessert after dinner. J didn’t quite like it as he’s not a fan of anything cheese other than the cheese shavings over pasta. Hence, I finished ½ of his portion and mine is still in the fridge today. Next time round, I’ll mix some Lemon Curd with the Cream Cheese and perhaps make a thicker base with more digestive biscuits.

Japanese Curry Rice

My DFG class was cancelled yesterday and that explains how I could get so many things done within a day.

Breakfast for today was 2 x toast with Lemon Curd.
Lunch will be Japanese Curry Rice (leftover from last night). Dinner will be Sesame Oil Claypot Chicken with Rice. I intend to have this at Serangoon. Yummy…

I purchased a few more items for my craft hobby. I doubt I’ll have more baby showers in my life as people around me seem to have enough babies. I can only think of my cousin from 1st Aunt, from my mother’s side. I believe her baby boy is due in a month or 2. I’ll make a card once my stamp arrive. =) Even though I doubt I’ll have more baby showers, the images on the stamp set are just too irresistibly cute. I can’t help it. I NEED to get it. Ha ha…

Well, that’s it for me for today. I wish you a not-so-blue Monday!

Dreamy C

Friday 16 May 2014

Attempt @ Japanese Food...

Below are photos of the food that I've attempted in making for the past few days.

I'm going to cook Miso Ramen for lunch tomorrow. 
I'm also going to cook Japanese Curry soon, probably this Sunday for dinner. =)

Dreamy C

Friday, 16.05.2014

Whoo hoo it's a Friday people!!! I'm so happy as I need a break... There's a public holiday this week and another day where I didn't go to the office (I was out working) so technically speaking, I only worked for 3 days. Still, I felt tired... =( I've also not touched my homework for BSF and DFG. I smell trouble lurking near...

J told me yesterday afternoon that he wants to have sushi for lunch the next day. Hence, I knocked off an hour earlier to go get some ingredients.

For breakfast, I had 2 x slices of toast with mayo and tuna flakes and a cup of chrysanthemum drink. Ever since BFF told me that I got to make it a habit to drink chrysanthemum in order for it to work, I've been doing that every weekday since. =)

Lunch for today will be sushi! I made a few versions. 1 version is with cucumber, crab and egg. Another is the same except I added tuna flakes mixed with Japanese mayo. I also made a version with egg only. I guess that's about all. I added some cherry tomatoes in another compartment of my bento box. The only thing lacking is Miso Soup. Oh well...

Dinner will be Japanese rice with roasted chicken and a couple of roasted potatoes.

Next time round, I'll include some roe, sesame seeds and probably sashimi into my sushi. There's lots of way to show your creativity. This morning, I'm 3/4 brain dead. I woke up 1.5 hrs earlier than usual to make lunch.

I'm heading out in the afternoon today and I intend to make use of the time on the bus to do my DFG homework. I'll be taking a bus ride home which will take an hour. I'll probably also take a bus ride from the office as well. I LOVE bus rides which takes a lot of time! =) As for my BSF homework, I'll have to do it later tonight or tomorrow. I've nothing planned for tomorrow except that I've to bring Horlick's tidbits over.

I've also managed to make 115 x Christmas cards for the company. I might proceed to make some cards for Deepavali later today. We'll see how my day goes...

I hope you have exciting things planned out for the weekend! Else, it's good opportunity to rest and power up for another week. =)

See ya!!!

Dreamy C

Thursday 15 May 2014

A Peek...

Take a peek at the cards I made recently!

Dreamy C

Thursday, 15.05.2014

How did the public holiday go for my fellow Singaporeans? For sure we can do with a public holiday!!! =)

I spent the day lazing around the house in the morning, doing my Christmas cards, preparing lunch and working just ever so slightly. In the afternoon, J and I went to the nursery. We need a garden furniture to put our pots of plants on and it has to have a height of at least 26".
You see, the plants that S is growing isn't going well as they can't get sufficient sunlight! Hence, we got a garden furniture which can hold 05 x pots of plants at 26" high so the plants can get the sunlight required now! S was so happy that she bought chicken feed again to nourish the poor fellas.
On that garden furniture, we have 1 x pot of chili plant, 1 x pot of cherry tomato plant, 2 x pots of eggplant plant and 1 x pot of okra plant. S told me that once the chili plant starts to flower, there will be loads of bugs. If that didn't work out, she'll remove it and grow capsicums on that pot instead. Yummy... =)
Our Japanese Cucumber plant is also growing nicely... Our other big pot of local cucumber is growing pathetically. Again, it's to do with the sunlight. I just hope S don't get too impatient with it and 'kill' it. She has a habit doing that. Once, she 'killed' a couple of okra plants only to regret later. =( I've since told her not to be a plant killer.
Not sure if I've shown you guys a photo of our Japanese Cucumber but here goes...

This was taken about a week back. I shall upload a photo of it tomorrow. It has grown much since!

Breakfast was a cup of Nestum oats.
Lunch was Japanese Rice with Tamagoyaki and Pan Fried Salmon.
Dinner will most probably be Crab Onigiri Balls with Miso Soup.

I had wanted to cook Miso Ramen for dinner but S told me that there's leftover rice so it's Onigiri then! I'll probably have Miso Ramen tomorrow for dinner. =)

For the past couple of days, I've been having Japanese food. Take a look!

Lunch on 13.05.2014
Chasoba, Stir Fry Spinach and Cucumber, Carrot & Carrot Salad with Ponzu Sauce

Dinner on 13.05.2014
Japanese Rice, Cucumber, Carrot & Carrot Salad with Ponzu Sauce, Tonkatsu and Miso Soup

I weigh at 60.5 kgs. I'll update you on my weight 1 month later. =)

Wishing you a great Thursday!

Dreamy C

Monday 12 May 2014

Monday, 12.05.2014

My weekend was good... I went to Meidi-ya on Saturday and bought a few items to make some Japanese meals.

Clockwise from top left: Kelp, Short Grain Rice, Nori Seaweed, Wakame Seaweed

Clockwise from top left: Sushi Mould, Tamago Pan, Chasoba, Bonito Flakes

Clockwise from top left: Soyabean Drink, Tofu, Mayo, Pickled Plums

Top from left: 
Sauce to dip Chasoba, Ponzu Sauce, Sushi Soya Sauce, Mirin, Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Chili Pepper
Bottom: Miso Paste

S told me that most of the items contain MSG. I shall make an effort to read the labels next time round. Well, MSG is a form of additive. I didn't put any sugar or salt in my food to begin with. Not much oil either.

I made cucumber sushi, pickled plum sushi & crabstick sushi yesterday for my lunch.
For dinner, I made chasoba, tamagoyaki and miso soup. 
Other than using some of the sauces, no salt or sugar or oil was used except for the tamagoyaki.
The rice was cooked with water.
The dashi stock for the miso was cooked with kelp, water and bonito flakes. The only ingredient added to the miso soup other than miso paste, was tofu and wakame seaweed.
There's some oil used for tamagoyaki.
By 10 plus at night, my tummy began growling. I paid no attention to it and went to bed. 

Breakfast this morning was 1 x Pain Au Chocolat bought from Cedele yesterday.
Lunch will be Japanese Rice with some Furikake seasoning (homemade from the kelp and bonito flakes used to make the dashi stock for the miso soup last night), mince chicken with some kind of beans (cooked by S) and miso soup (leftover from last night).
Dinner will be Chasoba and Tamagoyaki. This time round, I'm going to add some soy sauce, sugar and dashi stock into the mixture of eggs before cooking it. =)

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and again 1 month later. During this 1 month, I'm going to have Japanese food as often as I can. I'll see if I lose any weight 1 month later. =)

Since it's a public holiday tomorrow, I intend to make a trip to Daiso (I didn't managed to go there as planned over the weekend). I would like to get some small containers for sauces, some container for my rice and stuff, an Onigiri mould. These are the items for now. I'm sure I'll end up taking more stuff when I'm there. =) I'm feeling so excited... I might bring J down to Meidi-ya as well. If he would like to go, I'll grab more of those bonito flakes as they are so expensive (I saw them at $10.40 each at Market's Place at Raffles. I forgot the price from Meidi-ya) and J can pay for them! I might also cook J some Japanese Curry Rice tomorrow! We'll see how it goes...

See you around and happy holiday if you are living in Singapore!

Dreamy C

Friday 9 May 2014

Friday, 09.05.2014

Breakfast will be a cup of Nestum oats.
Lunch will be Chicken Stew with Rice.
Dinner will be Pesto Spaghetti with Chicken.

I've a big order and I need to go to the post office later today & get it mailed out. I am so happy... =) I sometimes wonder what other people do with Deco Rush. Do they use it decorate their planners? Do they use it to decorate their calendars? As for me, I use it for my planner sometimes.

I'm going to postpone my facial appointment and spend some quiet time doing my BSF homework. I'm slowing down and it's not good. Who knows? Maybe The Lord will speak to me and hype me up again? Or He might rebuke me. Or He might not speak to me at all? =(

I'll most probably go down to Medi-ya tomorrow. I've also got to drop by Chub Chub's place to pass her the storybooks purchased recently for her. I don't think I'll spend lots of time with her as I've not fully recovered. =( I will miss her as she's going back to KL this weekend... She grows very quickly... =)

I guess that's all from me today. I'll update you come Monday! Meanwhile, I wish you a blessed and pleasant weekend!

Dreamy C

Thursday 8 May 2014

Thursday, 08.05.2014

I woke up hungry this morning. This only goes to prove that I cannot have porridge for dinner even if it's a big bowl of porridge. What do I do then? I finish the food that's meant for lunch! Ha ha...

Breakfast was rice with stir-fry Okra with garlic and honey chicken with ginger.
As for lunch, I'll probably go to a nearby canteen and get myself a pork bun (we call it Da Bao here in Singapore) say around 3 plus? Hmmm... I might throw in a Cheese Prata as well. Yummy...

I was playing around with Windows Live Movie Maker and found it so easy to insert a text and music on a video. I experiment with a video I took on Horlick. I also learnt how to fast forward the video! How nice... Now, I can take videos and do little stuff before uploading on my YouTube channel. The only issue I have is that it takes such a long time to transfer the video from my tablet to my PC. =( I'm using this program called AirDroid. 

I bought the following for Horlick yesterday from Pets Lovers Centre:
  1. 30 x cans duck flavored wet food
  2. 30 x cans salmon flavored wet food
  3. 4 x big packets of litter
  4. 1 x 3 kg packet of chicken flavored dry food
  5. 2 x packets bream flavored titbits
  6. 2 x packets shrimp flavored titbits
  7. 2 x packets crab flavored titbits
  8. 4 x packets salmon flavored titbits
  9. 2 x packets beef flavored titbits
  10. 2 x packets lamb flavored titbits
Total damage? 270 bucks! Ha ha... I believe these can last 4 months. 

Horlick's due for his yearly vaccination this year. I skipped last year. I really dread bringing him to the vet. He's not a joy at all. He would attack the vet and vent his anger on me throughout the entire day. He would attack me as well. When it comes to Horlick, I hate bringing him to the vet, I hate clipping his nails & I hate showering him. He would never fail to attack me. Initially, I thought Horlick might be grouchy as he has to wait for a long time for his turn. So I tried turning up before the clinic open for business and we are the 2nd in line. Even that don't seem to keep his temper down. At the same time, I'm aware that the vaccination is important for him. If only he's kinder... to me at least... =( I tried asking my Mom to tag along as Horlick seems to treat my Mom better but she didn't want to... =( I guess I'll bring him later this year... I sent him for a shower once and he managed to bleed the person showering him... =( What an aggressive boy. Adorable? Yes at times but Aggressive and ssssoooooo unfriendly. Perhaps I should pray to God. Ask Him to make Horlick more bearable. Ha ha...

Well, that's all for me now. 1 more day to the weekend!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Wednesday, 07.05.2014

I've finished the cough medicine, the pills for flu and even my antibiotics. Recovered? Not fully... WHAT?! Well, the flu's pretty stubborn. Hotter than usual weathers with short downpours now and then makes virus thrive longer perhaps? All I know is that viruses are mightier these days... =(

I chanced upon a website last night, selling stuff for bento. J was watching a show yesterday. It's to do with health. He's always into vitamins, supplements etc. It's interesting to know that the Japanese lives pretty long. I don't want to live longer if my life is not going to be more fulfilled. I want to live healthier, that's for sure. I then went to find out on the diet of Japanese and that's when I thought of doing a bento concept for my lunches in the office! I'm making a trip down to Daiso this weekend to see if I can get any supplies for my bento making. =) Perhaps I'll start making some Onigiri first! Yummy...

I also need to get some Japanese supplies to make sushi, tamago, onigiri etc. I just found out that bus no. 54 goes to Liang Court where you have Meidi-ya there! Whoo hoo!!!

I also got an order from Spain albeit a small one. Whoo hoo!

Breakfast for today was a packet of bee hoon & noodles with a piece of hash brown, a fish fillet & 1 x otah.
Lunch will be Rice with Assam Pedas, omelette and stir-fry veggie.
Dinner? Not sure but dinner last night was rice with tumeric chicken and stir-fry zucchini. There's chilli padi of course! Lovely! =)

Business as usual for me today as is every weekday. I'll be dropping by the post office after work today.

I hope your mid-week is great!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Tuesday, 06.05.2014

Come to think of it, I might have sounded too hard during my BSF discussion yesterday. I was talking about how Christians from other parts of the world going through tough times for their faith. I felt strongly then & I might have sounded too serious. I've no idea how my fellow mates look at me as I would be looking far ahead like towards a window or something like that when I speak. Lack of confidence perhaps? Ha ha...

Anyway, I began my day with a slice of Chicken Sausage bread which I bought from a bread shop yesterday. Yes you read right! Bread bought yesterday, consumed this morning.
Lunch was Rice with Cabbage & Braised Pork with a hard-boiled egg. S loves me! =)
I brought along 2 slices of bread with Chia Seeds which I baked a few weeks back. No worries... S keep them in the freezer.
I'm not even thinking about dinner now...

I bought a few items last weekend for the making of X'mas cards. I mentioned on my YouTube video that I'll need to make around 300 x cards this year. Before that, I need to make some 47 x Deepavali cards. Right now, I just need to sit tight and wait patiently for my items to arrive. I'm waiting for 14 x stamp sets, 1 x background wood stamp & 1 x package of black cardstock. Why black cardstock? I intend to do some White Embossing that's why...

Well, that's all for me today...
I wish you a fantastic Tuesday!!!
Oh by the way, my Note 8 blacked out for the 2nd time since I got it in Year 2013. Oh boy...

Dreamy C

Monday 5 May 2014

Monday, 05.05.2014

I was sick last week and finally went to the doctor on Friday, 02.05.2014. I went to the office to pick up my laptop on Friday morning and went straight to the doctor. Then, I went home, took my breakfast & medicine and worked for a bit. The medicines given by the doctor were strong (the doctor actually asked if it's alright to prescribe me stronger medicine so I could get well sooner). Come afternoon say about 3 plus, I had to get ready for a movie - The Amazing Spider Man 2. We brought the kiddos along and they enjoyed it. Personally, I prefer the previous episodes. Part 2 seemed kinda boring...

Come Saturday, I was feeling better and went to Jurong to meet up a customer (she ordered a 'Thank You' shaker card from me) and I needed to make a trip down to IMM to pick up some hobby stuff which I ordered earlier. I ended up spending close to 200 bucks, purchasing other stuff as I go around the store. I couldn't complain! After all, majority of the supplies bought were for the making of Christmas cards which I'll probably get paid come later this year.

I went home and dropped the stuff before heading out to Mommy's place. I was glad she finally called me even though it's money she wants. She told me that she'll be going to Zhejiang, China with 2 girlfriends come June this year. She asked me to sponsor her SGD1K which I agreed. She then dropped another bomb - she intend to go to Switzerland for a holiday with her good friend. Let's call her A. Incidentally, A is 1 of the ladies going to Zhejiang, China. Mommy said 3K is required for the Switzerland trip. I'm wondering if I should sponsor... We'll see how it goes...

I then brought her somewhere near for dinner. We had Grilled Chicken Steak & a Chicken Wing each.
I'm just really glad that we're alright now. I talked to her about an event in my church come end May at her place and she rejected without even considering it and I didn't pursue further. After all, belief is a very sensitive subject. Then over dinner, she asked me if it's my intention to get her baptized. Ha ha... It must have been on her mind. Otherwise, she wouldn't broach the subject again 15 minutes later. She didn't give me an outright answer on the event and I kept quiet. I intend to ask her again as the date draws nearer. Anyway, I've given our Pastor her name yesterday so they can help pray for her. =)

Sunday was a lazy day. I still need to take my medication and it's no joke trying to stay awake during the sermon. After church, J & I went to Brotzeit for lunch.

J's Green Salad

My Crispy Chicken Salad

J's Schnitzel

My Bavarian Pork Ribs

As usual, J had 2 x glasses of 0.5 litre each beer (Original Lager).

We head straight home after lunch and that pretty much sums up my weekend. I made a couple of Christmas cards which I'll upload the photos on the next post which will most probably be tomorrow.

Breakfast for today was 1 x Chicken Fillet Burger & 1 x Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Pork Floss. I ate so much bread I feel like puking now. Ha ha...
Lunch will be ABC Soup with Rice.
Dinner will be Rice with Steam Fish (I believe it's Pomfret but I might be wrong).

BSF class tonight and I'm still left with 1.5 days' worth of homework left undone. Yikes!

Over the weekend, First Born was down with headache. I wonder why since there's no homework at all and he's not under stress. I later found out that there's exams this week and that probably explains why he has headache. Poor boy. Headache always comes for him whenever exam's around the corner. I'm glad he felt lots better when we called him again on Sunday. =)

Well, that's all for me... 
I wish you a brilliant Monday!

Dreamy C