Tuesday 21 July 2015

LUSH Haul - July 2015 (Part 2)

Hi Peeps! So I went to Lush again on 12th July 2015.
This time round, I'm going to make sure I get that Body Lotion! Ha ha...
Did I get any in the end? Read on to find out...

 Ultrablast Toothy Tabs
Verdict: Didn't like it. I guess I'm used to my standard toothpaste which is from Sensodyne.
Says this on Lush's website:
Sparkle Toothy Tab is a dose of sweet vanilla flavor with a hint of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit, and makes for a very effective palate cleanser. Crunch up Sparkle between your chompers and brush, brush, brush for refreshing foam with a hint of spice, thanks to stimulating black pepper oil. You’ll be left with a smile so brilliant and squeaky clean, your dentist won’t believe their eyes.

Tea Tree Toner Tab
I've yet to use this. I intend to use this to steam my face. Thereafter, put on the Mask of Magnaminty on my face to draw out the impurities.
Says this on Lush's website:
Sparkle Toothy Tab is a dose of sweet vanilla flavor with a hint of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit, and makes for a very effective palate cleanser. Crunch up Sparkle between your chompers and brush, brush, brush for refreshing foam with a hint of spice, thanks to stimulating black pepper oil. You’ll be left with a smile so brilliant and squeaky clean, your dentist won’t believe their eyes.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
Remember I said previously that I hate the waxy feel of this product? This product & I, we have a love-hate relationship. In the end, I got it as I want the smoothness of my skin w/o having to do it on a daily basis. Hence, I ditched the idea of getting a Body Lotion and got a Body Conditioner instead! Now, I'll just have to train myself to get used to the waxy feel... =(

I got this as I applied it on Sunday morning and found it to be really light and easily absorbed into my face. 3 hours later, hardly any oil on my face. Love it! Hence, I got a small tub of it.

Honey Trap
Turns out to be one of Lush's bestseller. Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Honey, Peppermint Oil, just to name a few ingredients. Lightly scented.
Says this on Lush's website:
Our product inventors worked hard in the labs, experimenting with all sorts of different flavors before they landed on this seductive honey lip balm. Honey Trap is filled with toning sweet orange and cooling peppermint to soothe dry, chapped lips. Rich honey moisturizes and melted white chocolate is part of that delectable flavor. After all that chocolate tasting and kissing we did in the name of innovation, we think Honey Trap can certainly be considered our most delicious lip balm to date. It's a hard life we have here at LUSH.

None of Your Beeswax
For Vegans. Not scented.
Now you might ask why I need TWO lip balm. Well, for days when I do not put on lipstick, I'll go for Honey Trap. For days when I do put on lipstick, I'll go for None of Your Beeswax! ^^
Says this on Lush's website:
You may not realize it, but our vegan customers can appreciate how difficult it is to find lip products made without beeswax or honey. We invented this lip balm for them! A light, citrus blend that leaves your lips beautifully soft, None of Your Beeswax tastes of lemon, mandarin and vanilla. If that wasn’t fantastic enough, we add extra virgin coconut oil, murumuru butter and carnauba wax (as an alternative to beeswax) to keep your lips soft and supple. It's so delicious that all the non-vegans have been using it, too.

Volcano Foot Mask
Bought this eon years back. Can't remember if I liked it. Got it again!
Says this on Lush's website:
To avoid eruptions of noxious fumes, and for the softest soles imaginable - slather on our thick kaolin and pumice Volcano foot mask to draw out deep down dirt and slough off rough skin. We raided the produce bin and added fresh papaya and lemon juices to cleanse, as well as tomatoes, potatoes and anti-fungal essential oils to deodorize against odor and foot gremlins. After putting up your feet for ten minutes, massage off using the pumice blend to scrub off dead skin cells and you’ll be left with soft, lovely and smell-free feet.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Gave it a whiff, I'm sold!
Verdict: I've been using it faithfully every night before going to bed. I noticed that the cracks on my soles are less obvious. Even J said it's softer when I asked him to take a look!
Says this on Lush's website:
Put your feet up and treat them fairly with our pinkest, perkiest, and mintiest foot lotion. Our restorative cream for feet is made with mega moisturizing organic Fair Trade cocoa butter. An added double dose of revitalizing spearmint and peppermint makes sore feet feel cool and helps to relieve aches and pains after being stuck in shoes. Plus, we’ve added soothing arnica and marigold herbs to take away the weariness and get your feet ready for another run in the rat race. Treat your feet fairly and slather on generously at the end of a long day.

Lullaby Shampoo Bar
I asked the SA for a shampoo which I can use twice daily and she got me this! She said it's meant for kids so that's how gentle it is. I gave it a whiff and I'm sold AGAIN! I did get a tin for storage.
Verdict: I wash my hair twice a day on a daily basis. I usually use my Nioxin Shampoo in the mornings and Lullaby Shampoo in the nights. I noticed that Lullaby gives my hair a very clean feel.
Says this on Lush's website:
A calming combination of chamomile, ground almonds and oat milk to gently soothe your scalp. Let the Tunisian sourced neroli oil raise your spirits - it's proven to aid the release of serotonin (the happy hormone). Lavender oil helps to relax and balance, making this bar ideal for children two years and up! 

Sweetie Pie Jelly
Got this just cos it smells nice with cherries
Verdict: Smells wonderful. I used some to wash my undergarments! Love how wobbly it is...
Says this on Lush's website:
Our sweetest shower jelly is also our best-seller! Between the fruity fragrance, the iridescent glitter that leaves a sparkle on your skin, and the seaweed base that leaves your skin softened and refreshed, it’s irresistible. And while we know our blackcurrant and sour cherry wobbler smells good enough to eat, we recommend you curb your cravings and hop in the shower and wash with Sweetie Pie instead. Smooth it all over your body (and your hair too!) for a sweet yet sophisticated cleansing experience.

And of course, I got to have some soap in my bag...

Parsley Porridge
Sandalwood Oil, Thyme Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Fresh Parsley, just to name a few ingredients.
Says this on Lush's website:
For a super squeaky clean, hop in the shower and lather up with Parsley Porridge soap. It’s power-packed with dirt-busting ingredients like fresh parsley, finely ground oatmeal, thyme, tea tree oil and aloe gel. Suitable for your whole body, its creamy lather gently exfoliates to help remove dead skin, while keeping it soothed and cool. This nourishing green machine will keep spotty or disturbed skin cleansed and clear. Use it in the shower or leave it by the kitchen sink for a blast of herbal refreshment.

Honey I Washed the Kids
Funny name. Bought this mainly for its honey. ^^
Says this on Lush's website:
Honey I Washed the Kids is one of our best-selling soaps because it’s simply irresistible. People who fully intended to walk past a LUSH shop find themselves unable to resist its sweet caramel fragrance. You’ll inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and immediately want to wash yourself all over with it. It’s so gentle, buttery and scrumptious you’ll have a hard time keeping it to yourself. The honey water and aloe are so softening and moisturizing, you can use our toffee-scented sensation on the whole family.

Got this as I love lemon scent and I asked the SA which one I can get other than Bohemian!
Says this on Lush's website:
The exfoliating citrus and sandy one. On the glorious beaches of Rio de Janeiro, stunning Brazilian babes, and their mothers, mix up tanning oil with the fine sand and scrub their backsides to make them as smooth as silk. Sandstone soap has a layer of sand and the seductive scent of a caipirinha cocktail. 

Got a sample of Roots which is a hair treatment and Big which is a shampoo which gives your hair volume. Watched quite a few YouTube videos on Roots and can't wait to give it a go!

Total damage? Close to 300 bucks!

Don't like to read it? Watch it then!

Dreamy C

Saturday 18 July 2015

Thankful for My Helper

This might be a long one peeps so get a cup of tea and read on...

The last time S went back to Indonesia was around 2 or 3 years ago. She was gone for merely 10 days. Back then, I thought that was long enough and when she's back, I was really thankful.
This time round, she'll be gone for 3 whole weeks! Barely 5 days have gone and not one single day did I not wish she's by my side instantly. Let me first share my daily routine with you.

Mon - Thur
Wake up at 5.30 AM and prepare breakfast for First Born and J.
Clean up the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
My breakfast? None! Just a packet of Reserve if I'm lucky.
Sweep the floor, wipe the stairs.
Shower and prepare for work.
Work till 5 PM before making my way home.
Prepare dinner and later, tea and chocolate for J.
Wash the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
Clean up the stove and kitchen floor.
Prepare for First Born's supper.
Wash the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
Clean the sink.

Friday & Saturday is the same routine except that I'm required to prepare lunch also and the portions of all meals are bigger since Fatty and Handsome stays over as well.
Saturday, the kiddos and J have soccer which means I get to wash stinky clothes! How exciting...
Can you sense my sarcasm???

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday is laundry & iron day.

Think it's easy peasy??? Go ask your mother, care taker, grandmother etc. It's really a thankless job and unappreciated one.
Imagine spending time cutting the ingredients, preparing them, cooking them, serving them and later, washing them. After all that work, a kid or 2 comes telling you that they cannot finish what is on their plate (only 1/4 was consumed!) just because they do not like the chicken or they don't like the bread etc. It's just a different brand of bread or different brand of chocolate milk or I failed to remove ALL fats of the chicken or I selected a Chicken Thigh instead of Chicken Breast etc. The reasons can be plentiful and ridiculous. If you think I don't cook good enough, think again. Even though I've not properly cooked a full meal for years, the cooking skills that I garnered in my first marriage for 7 whole years is still around, I can assure you. First Born, Handsome and J have absolutely no issues with the food I prepare. Only Fatty. I should probably call him Fussy instead of Fatty now...

For a person who usually gets up at 7.30 AM, it's really a BIG deal getting up at 5.30 AM every single day. We're talking about a cut of 2 hours of sleep on a daily basis!
Sure, before S goes home, I told J that he has to help as well. He has to water the plants everyday, he has to do his own coffee, he has to wash J's school uniform on weekdays, he has to prepare lunch for First Born and himself on weekdays and he has to prepare breakfast for ALL on Saturday.
Guess what? He gave up. He simply say he can't do all that.
What did he really do at the end of the day?

Water the plants - He do it on alternate days. Do you drink only on alternate days?! Plants need their water every single day too! What he's doing now is just giving them a slow death in my opinion.

Do his own coffee? Forget it. My job now.

Wash J's school uniform? Yes, he does it but I'm not sure if it's clean. He doesn't soak them, that I know...

Prepare lunch for First Born and himself? He didn't know he has to wash the rice! I'm really not sure where this is heading. He'll most probably say he couldn't do it and get me to pre-prepare sandwiches.

Prepare breakfast for ALL on Saturday? Shit! My job too!

Oh! I've to clean the toilets and make the beds too. Everything in my life changes when S is gone. J's lifestyle stays pretty much the same. My breakfast today was consumed over the sink 'cos I really didn't want to wash another plate or wipe the dining table. Really pathetic... Oh and one more thing! I ALWAYS get to be the last one eating my meals. Why? 'Cos I'm busy scooping food on plates and serving them that's why!

Okie enough of my rant now. For all that I've 'suffered' and will most probably go on 'suffering' for the next 17 odd days, I'm really thankful for S. Sure, she's paid to do her job but STILL, I am really thankful. I'll give her a BIG hug when she's back. I might squeeze a tear or 2 out of my tear ducts. ^^

What impact does her leave have on me? It has been 5 days since I last pooed. Now, I just broke a record. I also started to shout in my sleep. Oh boy...

I sure hope you stop reading now and go give your Mom, Helper, Grandmother, Father or whoever takes care of you a BIG hug and tell them how much you Love them and is thankful they are around looking out for you. Don't think you can get away just 'cos you're an adult. Do the same too!

Have a pleasant Saturday Y'all...

Dreamy C

Wednesday 15 July 2015

A Change

I've been busy and didn't have time to complete my draft for my 2nd trip this year to Lush.
S has gone back home in celebration of Hari Raya Puasa.
I planned out all our (J & myself) meals till the day she returns which is 3 weeks later.
On Sunday itself, there's a change in event when First Born has been sent to us to stay.
He hasn't been on good terms with his Mom and I guess she could no longer tolerate him.
Hence, she pushed him to us. It isn't the first...
Now, I got to plan all over again. Why?

With First Born here, there's really a lot more to be done.
So far, I'm doing it without complains. ^^
Last night was officially the first meal I have to cook.
I cooked Japanese Curry Rice for dinner.
I made Lemonade drink for First Born while he's staying with us.
I also baked a Flourless Chocolate Cake for his supper!

This morning, I made him Toast with Butter & Ham with 1 x Hard Boil Egg.
Turned out he don't fancy hard boil egg. He prefers soft boil ones. Ha ha...
I packed 2 x Toast with Butter & Sugar, some caramel crackers and Dragonfruit for his break in school today.
Dinner for tonight will be Prawn & Mango Rice Noodle.

I ironed his school uniform last night. I believe this will be a daily routine during the weekdays.
I swept the floor this morning and I believe I'm going to do the laundry and wash the toilets later today. Oh! I also managed to do a 1.5 km brisk walk this morning!

Woke up at 5.30 AM to do all these. A HUGE sacrifice considering I usually get up at 7.30 AM and sleep is a BIG part of my life... =) Let's see if I can get my entry done on Lush latest tomorrow.

Busy, busy, busy like a bumblebee...

Dreamy C

Sunday 12 July 2015

LUSH Haul - July 2015 (Part 1)

Hi Peeps! Guess what??? I went to Lush yesterday.
Total damage? 170. Shhhh...
The last time I went to Lush was sometime in October 2012. Now, that's quite a few years back!
Anyway, let me show you what I've got.

A cleanser with a light exfoliation.
Verdict: I tried this and I must say it feels good. It got rid of my oil without stripping moisture away from my face. ^^
It says this on Lush's website:
A powerful decongestant for your pores, Herbalism is best suited to those who have tried everything under the sun to clear up their oily and blemish prone skin. Fear not! Herbalism’s heroic blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile are here to tame problematic skin. Ground rice bran acts as an effective exfoliant, while kaolin (also known as China clay) reaches deep down into pores to clean out dirt and debris. Use this cleanser in combination with Grease Lightning for balanced, even skin.

Previously, I got myself Angels on Bare Skin and you can read all about it HERE.

I went to the outlet in Wisma and the 1st thing which greets me are their masks & cleansers. 
Initially, I wanted to go get a body lotion but I couldn't get my brain to focus that day. Ha ha...
Getting a Body Lotion alone? FAIL!

I was being assisted by a SA named Felicia. She had on Mask of Magnaminty at that point in time.
Hence, I inquired about it.
It says this on Lush's website:
A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin - now in a self-preserving formula. Easily smoothed over the skin anywhere you like, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin; evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you remove it. There’s also mineral rich kaolin to nourish, antibacterial honey, and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin to leave it looking bright and refreshed. 

I do like the peppermint. Hence why I got it.
I've not tried it though...

Tea Tree Water a.k.a. Toner Water
Very refreshing...
Verdict: Nothing special but since it has quite a number of good ingredients such as Grapefruit Water, Juniperberry Water & Limonene, I figured I'm going to buy another when I run out.
Says this on Lush's website:
Suffering from spots, blackheads or excess oil? Don’t fret! And most importantly, don’t use a toner laden with skin irritating alcohol. Blemish-prone skin if often more sensitive than we like to give it credit for. Treating breakouts with alcohol can actually further the problem! Our suggestion? Gently, but effectively, treat your skin with Tea Tree Water. The antiseptic tea tree oil clears out blemish causing bacteria, while grapefruit and juniper water balance oil production. Spritz your face with Tea Tree water throughout the day to refresh and keep oil under control. See? Things are look...

I saw this on YouTube videos and I badly want to try this!
Verdict: Strawberry doesn't smell that strong. Does a good job at shaving. I'm not sure if I should credit this for my smooth legs after shaving.
Says this on Lush's website:
When you’ve had enough of the rough stuff, there’s D’Fluff! This fluffy, sweet shaving soap will have you dreaming of Strawberry Fluff sandwiches while you shave. It’s packed full of effective ingredients: fresh strawberries, egg whites and golden syrup, all whisked together with rosehip oil, coconut oil and maple sugar to create a light, marshmallowy texture that will leave your skin silky smooth. Plus, Fair Trade cocoa butter leaves skin moisturized and helps keep post-shave redness to a minimum.

Massage Bar
Clearly, I've forgotten what the name was, there wasn't a label and I've thrown the receipt away!
Some cherry blossom design on it. You can't miss it. 
Yet to try it. Going to do so tonight! ^^
I bought the tin which cost slightly more than 10 bucks.

I then went to the soap bar section.

Sultana of Soap
Got this as I wanted something moisturizing.
Feels and smells lovely in the shower. Hmmm... LOVE the fruits on it! Dried apricots, dried currants, dried cranberries, bergamot oil etc. Yummy...
Says this on Lush's website:
Revel in Sultana’s majesty, and have a wash with the royalty of soaps. It looks like a fancy Italian dessert; a giant nougat cake topped with succulent currants and apricots. Smooth a slice of our soft decadent soap all over your body for a creamy lather and the most dazzling bergamot and olibanum scent. Your skin will be delighted and you’ll be left softer and smelling like a fancy candy shop with a touch of fruity sweetness. If you weren’t invited to the wedding, at least you can brush shoulders with royalty in the shower.

Love citrus smells? You'll love this! Bet this will smell GREAT in the shower! Can't wait to finish my Sultana of Soap. In fact, can't wait to finish EVERYTHING! Ha ha...
Some of its ingredients are rapeseed oil, coconut oil & lemon oil.
Says this on Lush's website:
When LUSH gets lemons, we make our simple, but beautifully effective mind-clearing lemon soap! A customer and inventor favorite for years, the palm-free soap base and lemon oil are perfect for cleaning and toning the skin. Lemon juice is a natural astringent, perfect for oily skin and to balance skin’s moisture; no more troubled skin! Named for creative types, the bright, uplifting citrus scent is meant to stimulate creative streaks. It certainly helped us create this sudsing masterpiece.

More products which I would like to try but with its hefty price, I couldn't pluck enough courage to do it. Hence, I asked for samples! Totally no shame about it since I'm a genuine buyer! If it's really good, I'll definitely buy it! =)

Vanishing Cream and Enzymion are 2 moisturizers Felicia recommended for my oily complexion.
I tried Vanishing Cream last night and I must say I wasn't impressed.
I found out it's best for people with dry skin though it can work for oily skin if used lightly.
After an hour or more from application, my face starts to oiled up. Meh...

I'm excited to give Enzymion a go though. I found out this moisturizer is good for oily skin! ^^

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. It's a body conditioner which you can use in the shower. Talk about convenience! After showering, take some and spread it on your body. Leave it on for a min or 2 before rinsing off. I spread them on my legs.
As much as I would like to love this product, I really can't. Why?
I applied it and it has a waxy feel to it which irritates me to the max! It left anything I touch waxy! Even the floor of my shower! I hate it! I did use Sultana of Soap and go through another round of cleaning. The after effect of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is beyond imagination!

Let me explain further. 
I showered with Sultana of Soap.
I used D'Fluff for shaving.
I applied Ro's Argan.
I showered again with Sultana of Soap.
Got out and dry myself.

My legs felt really smooth! I love Ro's Argan for that but I really cannot bring myself past the waxy feel. I would usually have flaky skin around my knee area especially after shaving. This time round, there's hardly any flakes! Went for a swim and still no flakes! Still felt just as smooth the next morning! I am impressed but no thanks! I shall continue my search for products giving me almost the same result without the wax.

I'm going to drop by Lush again later today. It turns out I forgot to pick up a Body Lotion which was the main reason why I even stepped into Lush! Ha ha... Too many distractions. I also thought of getting some samples of Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie & Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. Either of these might be my answer for smoother skin without the was. ^^
I also intend to give Big Shampoo a try. Hmmm...

Hope you enjoy this post!
Can't bring yourself to read all these? Watch it instead!

Have a great Sunday!!!

Dreamy C