Saturday 6 June 2015

Kuala Lumpur

Yo people... I went to KL for OGA 2015 event. It's a 3-day event but I was only there for a day. My 1st to KL by plane. The last time I went to KL was to my cousin's place via couch. It was pretty easy and fuss free. Just get on the couch, pass through a couple of immigrations and reach my destination!

This time, I'm doing it via plane and it's quite an experience. Instructions were clear and plentiful. If in doubt, open your mouth and ask. Won't hurt unless if you're a very prideful person! I'm not so no problem there... Once at KL airport, J and I proceeded to buy our KLIA Express ticket. This brings you to KL Sentral where you can easily transfer to their monorail to wherever your hotel is. 
KLIA Express runs at 160km/hr and it cost RM35 per person per trip. I don't know if it's cheaper for a round trip as I clearly bought them separately. Journey will take around 30 mins. There's free wifi which is called 'Yes Better Internet For All'.

This is how the ticket looks like and no, you won't get to keep it.

Seats look like this. There are some seats where 2 passengers face one another. A little screen showing some business news etc. I shall show you how the 4 seaters look like.

There you go...

From KL airport to KL Sentral, it takes 28 mins via KLIA Express.
From KL Sentral to KLIA Terminal 2, it takes 33 mins via KLIA Express.

From KL Sentral, one can easily travel around using their different types of train. See below the map I obtained from our Hotel - Novotel Hotel.

The nearest monorail from our hotel is Raja Chulan. From Raja Chulan to KL Sentral, it cost MYR2.10 per pax. You will be given a token which again, you can't keep for keepsake.

So there you go! I didn't know there are monorails in KL. Yes, I am a mountain tortise like that. To get from one stop to the next, it takes around 3 mins, plus minus.

Catch up with you again!

Dreamy C