Friday 26 September 2014

An Update on Hiraku

To read about Hiraku, please click HERE.

I still couldn't sleep last night, filled with thoughts of Hiraku.
I got an email from Hope Dog Rescue last night and was told that Hiraku has been discharged which is great news! Thank God for that! He's supposed to be discharged between next Wed to Fri (01st Oct to 03rd Oct).
Not only that, he's now living with a foster! Hallelujah! Praise God! I'm really happy to hear that!

Why couldn't I sleep then you may wonder. You see, Hiraku is 1 boy who pulled my heart strings. I don't know why and I can't explain but I feel for this boy and I feel for him lots. Even though he now is safe, will not be hungry and will experience love and security, I'm still worried for him.
You see, when you are truly concerned over a person or a living thing, your worries don't just stop there. I'm now concerned over Hiraku's eyes. The right eye has cataract and it's fully clouded. His left is half clouded. I read that if it doesn't get treated, he may go blind. Also, not all cats and dogs are suitable for cataract surgeries.

I've dropped an email to Hope Dog Rescue, asking them if they would allow Hiraku to go for surgery of his eye if there's a willing donor. I've also asked if they inquired from the vet if Hiraku can go for the surgery. I'm waiting for their reply.

I'm not rich to start with but I would like to help. Surgery on 1 eye can cost SGD2,700.00 or more. I just found out by googling yesterday. 2.7K is no joke. It is possible though. I'll try and see what I can do...

As for you people out there, all I ask is for a prayer for Hiraku.
Just 1 prayer for his well-being, filled tummy all the time, security, love and shelter.

Many thanks for your prayers and may God bless you and your family in many ways!
Much love to Y'all!

Dreamy C

P.S.: Another update. I just gave a vet a call and to operate on 1 eye, it is SGD3K and for both eyes, it is SGD5.5K.

Thursday 25 September 2014

MaMa Elephant Challenge - September 2014 (Card No. 2)

MaMa Elephant Challenge - September 2014 is ending 28th September 2014. With little time on hand, this will most probably be the 2nd and last card I'm going to submit for the challenge. ^^

I did this last night when I couldn't sleep. I saw a really pitiful male cat over on my FB and it saddens me that he's partially blind. Not only that, due to his inability to see properly, he was always beaten up by other strays. You know, fights over food and territory doesn't make you friends in this rough world. 
Thankfully, he was rescued by some kind souls and was brought to the vet to clean up his many wounds which does not heal as they weren't given time to heal. Imagine him being beaten up today and he goes back and lick his wounds. Come next day, he gets beaten up again. I really feel for him but due to health reasons, I couldn't adopt him. I've since dropped an email to the organisation and asked if there's any takers. I read that he's going to stay at the vet for 07 - 10 days and thereafter, should there be no adopters, they will let him out in the street again. 
If there's really no takers, I'm not sure if I'll take him in. I just feel for him you know what I mean?
When I saw that FB notice, I gave Hiraku a little prayer and I shed some tears for him. Yes, I'm a softie like that and I'm glad I'm a softie! =) Takes a hero to shed tears... 

Okie... enough about him. They named him Hiraku by the way. Such a cute name... ^^

Let's go back to my card!
I fussy cut the flowers and leaves.
I did also put some flossy accents on some dots.

Only 1 stamp set was used and i.e. Water Blooms.
The background is another cling stamp which I believe is from Impression Obsession.

I hope you enjoy this card!
Most importantly, I hope you will pray with me for Hiraku's fast healing and for a nice, sweet adopter to keep him, letting him feel love and security for the first time which will last him as long as he lives, for him to never have to fend for himself, be bullied by other cats and just have love and a full tummy with a nice warm bed every night. 

Many thanks and God Bless...

Dreamy C

MaMa Elephant Challenge - September 2014 (Card No. 1)

Hi there... I'm really into challenges these days. >.<

Other than Lawn Fawn and SSS, MaMa Elephant is another one of my favorite brands. So adorable, so cute, so nice... Ha ha... It's no wonder I'm thinking of entering into their challenges! *winks*

So without further ado, I shall show you one of the cards I've made for this challenge.

Stamp Sets Used: Honey Bunny for the bunnies & Water Blooms for the sentiment.
I love the font type of the sentiment. ^^

I did put on some liquid pearls on each sequins.
I also used my white and black enamel for the bunnies' eyes and nose.
I drew the bubbles myself. I'm not good when it comes to drawing but I guess it's doable this time round. ^^

I did cut both right and left edges with a die from PPP.
I also used some distress ink and with the help of a water brush, flicked some water on the card for that water droplets effect.

The bunnies are pcs of patterned paper which is called for in this month's challenge.

I do hope you enjoy this card and is inspired!

Have a great day!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 90 - You truly Made My Day

So here's the 3rd & final card I'm going to submit for the challenge...

The Inside of The Card

I was inspired by a creation from Niki G and did a card with the inspiration I got from her card. Thanks Niki for the inspiration! Well, I must say she did a better job... *winks*

I did however did a curve edge on the right side of the card.
The 'Quack' sentiments were hand written. ^^

I hope you enjoy this card!

Dreamy C

Monday 22 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 90 - House Warming cum Baby Shower

So I did another 02 x cards over the weekend for Lawn Fawn's Challenge No. 90...

Here's my card...

A friend requested for a House Warming cum Baby Shower card. Now, that's a tough one. >.<

I did the front cover as a House Warming as you can see in the photo above.
Open the card and it's a Baby Shower version inside.

When I finally see how it turned out, it occurred to me that I can upload this as a 2nd card for Lawn Fawn's No 90 Challenge! How brilliant... =)

I'll post an entry on the 3rd card soon...

Blessed Monday Y'all...

Dreamy C

Thursday 18 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 90 - Hello

Time flies... it's another round of Lawn Fawn Challenge.

When I 1st saw this, I was disappointed as I don't own any critters stamp sets. =(
When I saw a card created by Karin, I was once again alive... Ha ha... She made use of some bunnies as critters. I do have that bunny stamp set... *winks*

Let me 'talk' less and show you my creation.

Taken @ Home

Taken in the office

Close-up photo just in case you couldn't see that there's a piece of acetate in the previous photos

So initially, I was clueless at how I'm going to make a card for this time's challenge. Lying on my table is a leaf stamp and my 1st thought is to use that. Hence, I started off with stamping all around my base card.

I then flipped through my stash and took out a few dies. I knew I wanted some vellum and so I cut it out using a stitched rectangle die. Then, I ran my fingers through my paper pads and fished out a piece of tile designed paper and cut it out with scallop edges around it.

I then did the rest with the Hello Baby stamp set that I have from Lawn Fawn! I also happen to have the matching die. I die cut the window, added the acetate and adhere it onto the paper using some foam tape.

Lastly, I added some sequins so there you have it! My 1st entry to Challenge No. 90. ^^

Happy stamping Y'all!

Dreamy C

PS: Notice that there's a little heart on the little bunny? ^^ Just some cute touches to the little one...

Wednesday 17 September 2014

A View...

I've been making cards... LOTS of them. 200 for the church, 280 X'mas cards for the office, 50 Deepavali cards for the office and a few more for challenges, X'mas cards for friends, birthday cards etc. There's so many birthday cards to mail towards the end of the year. I love making cards and I love compliments from people! All it takes is a compliment to make me smile, make me feel appreciated. ^^

Take a look at the cards I've made so far. I update my Instagram account immediately whenever I just complete a card. Check ME (dreamyc_81) out!

Top left: Made this for Lawn Fawn No. 89 Challenge
The rest are made just as I sit around, thinking...

I thought I'm short of some cards for the office.
So, I made this only to find out that there's more than enough for the office. >.<

Gave the card on the left to Hippo for her birthday!

Card on the left was made as I want to see how the stencil from Tim Holtz look like. ^^
Card on the right was made because I had an extra girl lying around from a previous project and I would like to 'use' her. =)

Cards made for Mooncake Festival.
Top one was given to a dear sister who helped and is still helping me much in church.
Bottom one was given to a very dear friend. ^^

Cards made just because I want to try out Tim Holtz Stencil - Doily.

Love these...

So there you go... New creations so far.

There will be another probably later tonight as I would like to use that to enter the Lawn Fawn No. 90 Challenge. More on that tomorrow. See ya!

Dreamy C

2nd Card for SSS Challenge - Gelatos

Alright... So this is the 2nd card I made...

Mostly watercolor with Derwent Inktense Pencils. Love them!
The only part which I use gelato is the border you see there in silver...

Close-Up of the Flowers...

This sentiment I did by 1st embossing it with silver powder which I believe is from Ranger.
No, it is not in Platinum Silver which Jennifer Mcguire loves... ^^
I then emboss it again (twice) with clear embossing powder. I offset it ever so slightly.

So there you go! My 2nd card for the challenge. =)

Have a blessed mid-week!

Dreamy C

My 1st attempt in a SSS Challenge

So I just found out about the SSS Wednesday Challenge and decided to give it a go.

One can upload a total of 5 cards and this challenge takes place every Wednesday. I must say that the time frame is pretty short. Oh well... the reward is good. It is a 50 dollar voucher. Sweet~~~

We are encouraged to use Gelatos and I happen to own only a few. I bought a few green ones to try it out and somehow, I couldn't do good stuff with them and hence, did not expand my collection. When I saw this challenge, I didn't know what I could do with a few greens and a gold and a silver. Yes, that's pretty much what I have. No more than 5 and no variations in color. =( Nonetheless, I tried...

I made a total of 2 cards and this is 1 of them.

I use the colors that I have on hand to color a background stamp which I believe is from Hero Arts.

The sentiment is from SSS, purchased last year.
I used wink of stella in silver to color the sentiment.
Then, I used clear embossing powder to do a 2 layer coat.

Add in a few sequins here and there...

Add in a couple of black strips of paper and wink of stella in black to give it a 'little' shine.
I did a total of 3 coats of that shine. =)

So there you go! A simple card which isn't my best but I thought I did pretty alright given the limited number of gelatos I have on hand.

Trust me, I almost want to dash out of the house and buy me some gelatos in other colors so I could enter this challenge but I didn't have sufficient time to buy the gelatos AND enter the challenge. >.<

Have a great mid-week!

Dreamy C

PS: Oh no... After uploading this on SSS, I realised that Jo used the same background stamp much earlier than me. No originality on my part... =(

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 89 - Enjoy The Ride

I thought I just might have enough time to make just 1 more card for the challenge. You can view the details and other lovely cards HERE.

Last night, I completed my mini calendar for Year 2015 and decided to make just 1 more card for the challenge. I only managed to do some piercing on the corners of the card. I did the rest this morning.

As usual, I used the other side of the grassy border die from Lawn Fawn and with Mowed Lawn Distress Ink, I colored the grass. I then stamped the Ferris Wheel image on some masking paper and cut it out. I inked up the sky with Tumbled Glass & Salty Ocean Distress Ink and the clouds with Stormy Sky Distress Ink. 

I used Archival Ink to stamp the Ferris Wheel which was a mistake since I'm planning to use copic markers to color the stations and the wheel. I'm glad I was careful enough and it didn't bleed much.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Just 1 more day to go... There's still time! Me? I've used up my 3 chances... ^^

Have a blessed day and most importantly, happy stamping!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 89 - Home Sweet Home

So the due date is drawing near... Since one can upload a total of 03 x cards and I've uploaded only 1 thus far, I decided to do another!

I had this idea on my mind for days with hardly any time to start doing it until last night. 

Is that a window? Is that a picture frame? You decide! I had initially wanted to make it into a picture frame but looking at it last night, it can be a window as well. It's all in the mind... ^^ 

A simple 1 layer card.

Have a blessed day ahead!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 89 - You Make My World Go Round

So this is the first time I enter into such a challenge. One can enter a total of 3 x cards and the theme this time round is One Layer. You may think that it's easy but it isn't at all. I was really stressed up when I was doing my card. This is the 1st time for me after all. =) The winner gets to win a $25 voucher from SSS. I guess it's not really much of the reward that one do all these but rather, the sharing of their cards.

In the event of doing this card, I 'damaged' a few. =( One Layer cards require more attention as you no longer can use sequins or other stuff to cover up your mistakes. Anyway, take a look at my completed card!

Supplies used were all from Lawn Fawn except for the paper itself. =) Majority of the card is water colored. I didn't use a water color paper and it turned out not that bad. I don't load lots of water anyway...

Stamp: Admit One.
Inks: Derwent Inktense & Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Mowed Lawn for the grass & Stormy Sky for the clouds. Ink for sentiment is Archival in Jet Black.

Well, I do hope I win but even if I don't, there's always the next time. =)

See ya around!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 2 September 2014

God is Good...

There was a Miracle Healing Rally in my church recently and I was one of the ushers. I felt God's presence and I felt it strongly. Such a joy... Even though I've not been good, I didn't attend BSF classes for the past 2 weeks and I'm full of sin, He blesses me still. He doesn't short change me. Great is our God! ^^

Yesterday late afternoon, I didn't feel motivated going for BSF. If I skipped it again, it would be 3 times in a row. I didn't want that but at the same time, I didn't find the strength in me to go. I also began pondering if I should continue BSF come next year. Seriously, I didn't even pray and ask God for His opinion. He freely gave me an answer later that day.

Eventually, I went for the class and I was late. Nonetheless, after our discussion, it was announced that it will be at a different church come next year. In fact, it'll be nearer to home come next year. THAT my friends, is God's answer for me! I'm really glad He answered me! =)

Well, I hope you have a blessed Tuesday!
See ya around...

Dreamy C