Tuesday 18 December 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School

26 young kids killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Should firearms be banned in the US? Mixed feelings. Watching the news makes me sad. Watching the father of Emilie Parker giving a speech about his daughter made me cry. Looking at the photos make me want to cry. Such innocent little beings and yet...

I was looking at the photos of these 6 - 7 year olds. They were handsome, beautiful, cute and adorable children who have a long way to go. Sadly, their journey ended earlier. I hope they have a quick passing and do not have to suffer much.

Emilie was a very kind, considerate and sensitive girl. She would write cards or draw on cards and present it to people who looked sad or who are sick, people she's met or come across. A beautiful girl with big lovely eyes. Such a great smile. A young kid with such a beautiful soul, not tarnished due to the environment and yet, put to an early end.

I hope parents of these kids will find support in one way or another. I hope they stay strong for the rest of their family and I hope President Obama do the right thing. I hope he do a good job in tackling on the issue of firearms.

Dreamy C

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