Wednesday 30 September 2015

Eagle Creek & All Its Wonderful Packing Cubes...

So I went to The Planet Traveller @ Orchard Ion just last Sunday.

Read on to find out what I got... Prices are BEFORE GST.

Retails for $44.90

Opens up to be this way

Price is around $23+

Cube Set @ $49

Cube @ $21.90 (Full Size Cube)

Clean & Dirty Cube @ $30.90

Opens up this way
You can put your clean clothes in 1 compartment and dirty or damp in the other

Compression Cubes @ $59
These ones have extra zip where you can compress it further

So there you have it!
I'm really happy with my haul.
I'm sure I have more than enough packing cubes for my travel come this November!
Can't wait...

Have a great one Peeps!

Dreamy C

Sunday 13 September 2015

Washi Tape Haul

I went to Raffles Shopping Centre yesterday and managed to only get 3 x Washi Tape (MT) which are limited edition. Watch it or Read it.

These are the ones I got.

Just when I thought I have great skills in controlling my expenditure, I went again today and Boy did I spend a lot!

My splurge...

These ones I've been eyeing for the longest time. They are not available in Singapore and I'm glad I could get hold of them this time. I've withheld getting them from Etsy for the longest time.

Below are photos of the tapes that I placed into my basket.

When I was at the cashier, I saw some 10 odd washi tapes and inquired on their price.
I was told that they aren't for sale and the only way I can get them is through their Gashapon Machines.

I spent a total of 20 bucks for these 8 x washi tapes from the machine and I managed to get 3 x prizes from these 8 x balls. Where there's a piece of kraft paper in the ball, you are entitled to select 1 x prize. In other words, you get to select from the 10 x odd washi tapes they have at the cashier.

These are the 3 x washi tapes from the cashier area which I was eyeing for.
Out of the 8 balls, I managed to get 3 which has kraft paper in it!
I prayed for it before I start inserting the token and turning the machine!
Thank God! Ha ha...

I'm glad I got what I want. There are a few designs which were out of stock.
Some Sanrio ones which I would LOVE getting hold of. I especially like the Melody ones...
Next time then...

Have a blessed Sunday Y'all!!!

Dreamy C