Tuesday 25 December 2012

What I Ate on Christmas Day

Sorry no photos to support but my readers are a creative bunch so use your imagination people!!! ^^

No breakfast as I didn't have time for it. I woke up just in time for a shower and application of make up.

Lunch was roast chicken with salad (cooked by my ever so clever helper) and 2 x pcs of Otah which were bought from Raffles Shopping Mall (the one @ City Hall MRT Station). I bought the big version ones and not the small, drier version. I've been buying the otahs there w/o fail after church services week after week, for the past 1 month! You can say I'm an Otah lover. ^^

Dinner was black pepper pork (yummy! I love the slightly charred parts.) with cabbage which are purple in colour. My helper call them the Purple Cabbage. According to her, it's packed with anti-oxidents. Also according to her, white cabbage cost around $1.20 to $1.30 per kg and for the purple cabbage, get ready for this people. It's $4 per kg!!! Read all about its benefits HERE. Just in case the site gets removed or changed, please read as follow:

The purple cabbage is a variety of the head cabbage that grows close to the ground and has abundant leaves that are removed prior to cooking. European farmers developed the head cabbage in the Middle Ages. Today, growers in California, Texas, Georgia and New York cultivate the vegetable. Raw purple cabbage is often tossed into salads and when cooked, adding lemon juice preserves its purple color.


A 1-cup serving of chopped purple cabbage provides 2 g of fiber, or 8 percent of the 25-g daily value as recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. Dietary fiber prevents excess cholesterol from entering your bloodstream through the wall of your small intestine; the fiber absorbs the cholesterol and excretes it through the waste elimination process.


The potassium content in 1 cup of chopped purple cabbage is 216 mg, or 6 percent of the 3500-mg daily value. Potassium keeps your body's fluid level from fluctuating to unhealthy volumes, preventing potassium-related blood pressure disorders. It also prevents heart muscle stress by supporting the contraction that fuels your heartbeat.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C content in purple cabbage is nutritionally significant. A 1-cup serving provides 51 mg, or 85 percent, of the 60-mg daily requirement. Cooking decomposes some of the nutrient. Raw purple cabbage contains a higher level of vitamin C than it does when cooked. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant. It protects cells from the DNA and compositional destruction that metabolic toxins often cause.

Vitamin A

The vitamin A content in purple cabbage is 20 percent of the 5000 IU required each day, or 993 IU per 1-cup serving. Vitamin A is a nutrient that provides a variety of functions in your body. It produces retina pigments for your eyes, maintains vision health and improves vision at night. It also supports your body's immune response, reducing your risk of microbial infection.

We did some research and purple cabbage is good for people with heart burn.

That explains the $4 per kg... Ha ha!

In between lunch and dinner, I had a few olle bollen with 2 x cups of mint tea.

After dinner, I had some dessert.

Frankly speaking, it doesn't taste as nice. I guess they were rushing for Christmas pre-orders. When I was there to purchase this in the afternoon, they are still busy packing the cakes.
I drown all the fats with yet another 2 x cups of mint tea.
I hope you had a delicious Christmas dinner!!!
Dreamy C

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