Friday 31 January 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

The past year brought me lots of joy. It has been a great year for me and I hope Year 2014 will continue to be good for me. =)

Time flies... This year, I would like to spend more time with Mommy and Horlick. As such, my friends from YouTube will see a few videos of dear Horlick. As for Mommy, she'll appear in my Project Life videos. At times, you might see her hands on the photos. Ha ha... She's THE best Mom and even when she's not that good, she's still THE best Mom for me. =) Now, you can go awwwwww... Lol...

This year, I'm going to focus solely on work and come next year, I'm planning to go for a well-deserved trip with Mommy. She needs a holiday as much as I do.

Well, I hope Year 2014 will be a great year for you. I wish you, your loved ones and family joy, hope, peace, wealth and health!!!

Dreamy C

Sunday 19 January 2014

Sunday - 19.01.2014

I turned into a glutton today. Ha ha...

It's been a while since we last caught a movie and so, we went for The Wolf of Wall Street. It's a good movie and I especially like Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

Before the movie, I had TWO bowls of Wanton Noodles for lunch! Yes, that's how much I love Pontian Wanton Noodles... Yummy! =)
15 minutes later, I had a cup of Earl Grey (yes, yes, yes. My favourite tea!).
During the movie, I had Nachos with Cheese Dip and Coke.

Dinner? I don't even want to think about it...

Overall, my Sunday has been good as I also bought supplies to make door signs for a very dear friend!

Happy Sunday Y'all!!!

Dreamy C

Horlick - His New Toy & A New Top

So I bought my baby boy a new toy... He's getting fat and so I thought a new toy would do him some good. Might be able to get him moving even for a bit. Boy was I wrong! The moment I put him on his toy, the darn thing can't roll at all! Horlick so fat, his new toy can't roll! Lol...

Video HERE.

I also bought him a new top in size - M. Guess he's too fat for that. I put it on him and he forgot how to walk! He just lie straight flat on the floor! So funny... Can't stop laughing! He doesn't like it for sure and I took it off right after I'm done video recording.

Video HERE.

I hope Horlick made your day. ^^

Dreamy C

Next Door Deli

Love, love, love being with Mommy... =)

I went to Mommy's place in the morning yesterday. My routine come Saturday would be to spend time with J's kids but things are going to change now. Horlick has been hostile towards me for the longest time and I intend to change that by spending more time with him and my Mom. They matters to me more than other people's kids... Well, that's just the fact of life! *shrugs*

My brother's home slippers.
So cute! I wished he got 1 for me but then again, J wouldn't like me wearing them at home... =(
Bro bought them from Taiwan. =)

Grilled Chicken Steak
Not bad... Drumstick, bone removed, skin crispy, hardly any fats, tender meat. 

Desserts after dinner.
Sea Salt Caramel - Not bad... Mommy likes it.
At the back, Black Forest Cake. Too much cream, made me sick of it after a few bites.

Come next Saturday, I'm going for our reunion dinner! Whoo hoo!!!

Dreamy C

Lunch @ Artisan Boulangerie Co

On 15th January 2014, J and I went to Artisan Boulangerie Company for lunch. Yes, the croissants there were so good during our 1st visit were so good, we decided to make another trip there on a weekday for lunch. I tried to look for a blog entry on it from my blog. I was sure I had blogged about it. Then I realized that I didn't! *in shock* I only took a photo of the bread and wrote about it for Project Life. Aha! See... this is what happens when you try to juggle many things at a time. It got me confused!

J had 2 x plain croissants, 1 x tuna foccacia, 1/2 x Chicken & Mushroom Pie and 1 x Long Black (coffee). I had 1/2 x Chicken & Mushroom Pie, 1 x Pain Au Chocolat and Earl Grey (tea). He's a coffee lover (simply CANNOT do without it) and I'm a tea lover! Anyway, here are the pictures...

It turns out that there are black olives in the Tuna Foccacia!
What a surprise!

Look at those layers! 

The inside...

The inside of the Chicken & Mushroom Pie.
Taste good...

That's it for my 15th January 2014!
I had wanted to blog about it but time wasn't on my side...
Besides, my schedule was beyond crazy with Chinese New Year drawing near and deadlines to meet.

Bon Sunday!

Dreamy C

Saturday 18 January 2014

A5 Finsbury Week 4 Set Up

This is how my Week 4 layout looks like:

I've cravings sometimes (who doesn't?! o.O)
So I'm taking a note down on what food I'd like on certain days 
so I can let my helper know and she can prepare them for me!

Reunion dinner during Chinese New Year usually falls on the Eve.
This year, the Eve falls on 30th January 2014 but my family's doing an early celebration.
It's fixed on the 25th January and I can't wait for Chinese New Year to come sooner so I have some time for my cards, Project Life, Filo etc.!

Supplies Used:

I hope you enjoy this week's layout and I'll catch up with you next time!
Stay HAPPY!!!

Dreamy C

Thursday 16 January 2014

WOW Medication for Cough with Phlegm

I've been sick for the past 2 weeks. This is the 3rd.

It started off with a nasty cold and a just as nasty cough with thick yellow phlegm. 
I took lots of Chinese medication like Chuan Pei Pi Pa Gao (something with Chinese herbs which soothes the throat) and lots of mint sweets. 
It didn't work! I was also stubborn and wouldn't go see a doctor. 
There's some medication at home and my helper has been asking me to take it but I refused. 
I thought the body can heal on its own. Time is all it needs.

2 weeks later, I can no longer tolerate. My cold's gone but the phlegm persisted though it is no longer a thick yellow.
I gave in and took medication from home last night and I felt better instantly! I kid you not. It taste sweet initially then bitter. Right after taking it, my throat itch less and I didn't cough as much through the night while sleeping! I took it again this morning and I'm feeling much better. I no longer need to reach out for that mint sweet. I intend to take it again after lunch today.

This my friend, is what I'm talking about...

Dreamy C

Saturday 11 January 2014

Selling Deco Rush

I'm selling Deco Rush. They are highly popular.
For now, I only sell them in Singapore.

1 + 1 Set
This set comes with a body pen, 1 x deco rush (hearts) and 1 x correction tape

Refill (Pack of 3): Pink
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Refill (Pack of 3): Green
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Refill (Pack of 3): Orange 1
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Refill (Pack of 3): Purple
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Refill (Pack of 3): Orange 2
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Story Pack: Cafe
This is 6mm width, length 6m

Story Pack: Paris
This is 6mm width, length 6m

Story Pack: Nature
This is 6mm width, length 6m

Story Pack: Retro
This is 6mm width, length 6m

Story Pack: Sky
This is 6mm width, length 6m

Body Pen
(Please specify name)
This is 6mm width, length 4m

Box Set

The Box Set retails for SGD36.90 each
The 1 + 1 Set retails for SGD3.30 each
The Refill (Pack of 3) retails for SGD5.40 each
The Story Pack retails for SGD6.50 each
The Body Pen retails for SGD3.00 each

To order, please drop me an email ( with the name of the item(s) interested.
The name of each item is in bold black.

Many thanks!

Dreamy C

GRUB @ Bishan Park

I called Mommy for dinner last night. I really needed that dinner. Thereafter, I went to Google and searched for a place to eat. I decided on GRUB and called her again to ask if she felt like having Western food. My Mom's a lazy one and when I told her that we've to travel, she declined to have dinner with me in a funny way. She never fails to brighten me up! We settled on having dinner just down the block.

I went to her house and told her to get her bus card. Ha ha... I tricked her into going to GRUB! So happy...
We took 2 buses to reach there. It's very easy getting there.

GRUB is situated IN the park.

My Beverage - Elder Beer
5.5% alcohol

Mommy's Beverage - Yuzu Mint Soda
She likes it and so do I

Mommy's Main - Steak & Fries
Didn't capture the fries. Fries are just fries right? Ha ha...
Mommy doesn't like it as the meat isn't up to her taste.
I'm okie with the meat. I like the sauce... lovely!

My Main - Pork Steak Burger
I like the burger. Mommy too!
I see a lot of people ordering this. This place is famous for it!

There's pineapple in there.
Can you see it?
It's just beneath the bun on top.
Bun is crispy. Nice...

Mommy's Dessert - Dark Chocolate Gelato
Not bad...

Our Dessert - Churros
It came with 2 dips - Chocolate and Caramel Cream

They have a starter with arugula and tomatoes which I would like to order 
but I was told that they no longer sells it. Sad... I heard it's very nice!

I also read that the portions are small but frankly speaking, they are nothing like small.
The portions were just right. I'll definitely go back there and try their Pork Belly.
The customer next to us said it's not bad. I had told Mommy to take that but she's afraid of the fats.
That customer said it's not that fatty. It's acceptable.
We shall go back again when my brother's back from Taiwan - business trip 
which will be round about mid-January. ^^

If you would like to check it out, the address is as follows:
510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan Park 1)
Singapore 569983

Tel: +65 64595743
(No reservations)

As you can see there, NO reservations. There's about 11 x tables indoor and 12 x tables outdoor. There are fans for the outdoor area so fret not of the heat!

They start 5.30p.m. on weekdays. Go early. Mommy and I reached there between 5.45p.m. to 6p.m. 2 x tables were already occupied then. By 6.15p.m., more people arrived. Talk about popularity! Distance does not deter Singaporeans from eating & trying good food! =)

Have a great Saturday Y'all...

Dreamy C