Monday 10 December 2012

Bellabox - December 2012


Wow! Christmas came early! Bellabox will usually send out the boxes on the 10th and by the time I receive it, it'll be 13th or 14th. For December, it came on the 8th!

It comes with a $10 voucher.
The catch? It's an instant off with any purchase Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference product.
When it comes to skincare, I've only heard that Clarins, Lancome and Estee Lauder's good.
The rest? No idea.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisutrizing Hand Treatment
75ml retails for $40.00
I have a tube of this last year. Hardly use it.
Svenson Hair Corrective Serum
This is 5ml.
For a box of 30 bottles, it retails for $2,700.00! How's that for a Christmas present? *grins*
Frankly speaking, I think 5ml isn't sufficient to see any result.
This is coming from a person who suffers from hair loss.
BodyTech Intense Trim Serum
This is 12ml.
For a box of 14 tubes, it retails for $980.00 and that is why these guys make money.
For directions, it says to apply once or twice daily, preferably after shower or bath. Concentrate on 'dimpled' cellulite areas.
Oh honey! I've lots of cellulite, I don't know where to start!
Mememe Nail Polish
12ml retails for $14.90
This one is easy. I'll go apply it on my nails right after I'm done with this entry.
Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer
30ml retails for $67.00
I purchased a primer from MUFE at least 6 months back.
It didn't work on me. I don't remember if it's this one though.
This is a Bonus!
Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask
Huh? What the heck is this? Let me write down what the card says:
The Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask contains nutrients and rare glacial water to reverse damage to the skin and rebuild skin's elasticity. It detoxifies, hydrates and exfoliates the skin; the result is brighter and youthful looking skin.
Wah... that's a strrreeetttccchhh!!! Is it THAT great?! Let me try it out...
60ml retails for $78.00
This is a Christmas Gift from Bellabox.
Bellabox Eyeshadow Brush
It is made of horsehair.
Thanks Bellabox! >.<
Dreamy C


  1. Make Up Forever HD primier is amazing - I bought one in the US for 25% less of course than it retails here and have been in love with it! Make up glides on smoothly and stays put all day.

    1. Glad to hear that it worked well for you! ^^ Months before I start this blog, I have this product but it didn't work on me at that time. I wonder why.
      I tried the sample sized in this box recently and I must say that somehow, it seems to work for me. Which means... I can now bring the previous bottle I purchased back to daylight! ^^