Sunday, 9 December 2012

Foot Mask Anyone?

Listening to Leslie Cheung as I type this out on my laptop. There's some trouble back home. Sometimes, I wonder how guys can be THAT dumb.

Anyhow! I'm not here to discuss about my personal problems. I'm sure everyone has their fair share of those. I'm going to talk about a product which amazes me. I purchased this under the recommendation of Watson's SA.

I had wanted to try another brand which I saw on a magazine. I couldn't find it and I ened up with this one. How to put it on? It's pretty foolproof. Simple instructions inside. I put it on for 2 hours and wash my feet after removal. By the 2nd or 3rd day, I can see cracks on my soles but they were not soft enough to remove. By the 4th day, there's some tears and I decide to 'rip' it apart. It's painless and according to the instructions, for easy removal, soak your feet in warm water first. I didn't do that. I just went straight in.
The result...
After peeling... This is the layer in contact with the floor whenever I walk.
This is the other side. See the lines being more obvious?
The stubborn pc of skin I couldn't get out.
Close-Up of previous photo.
This is the thickest part of my entire sole and it feels good to get it out.
I've the help from warm water for this part which I did after taking this photo.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result. I was really left with soft and smooth soles. I've no idea how long it last. Probably a few months??? The dead skin was peeled off right up to the outlines of my toenails! It is THAT good! Price is pretty steep, close to 40 bucks but I guess it's worth it. 2 trips to the Pedicure can cover that and besides, a pedicure, no matter how good the fellow is, will never be able to achieve these kind of results I assure you. Hey! There's only so much scrubbing one can do!
Yay to beautiful feet!!!
Dreamy C

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