Sunday 30 September 2012

O.P.I Hawaiian Orchid

Hawaiian Orchid from O.P.I.
Rather sheer. This is after 2 coats.
Dreamy C

Saturday 29 September 2012

Sushi Tei & Mooncake

This is my first time to Sushi Tei, no kidding. Go on. Laugh! I'm courageous enough to admit it. *pat on my shoulder* When it comes to Japanese food, I always go to Ichiban Boshi. I've been to the outlets in AMK Hub, Jurong Point and Great World City. I must say Great World City is THE BEST! They have a selection of good sashimi there. Don't tell me about those in Japan. You don't compare Tom Yum soup in Thailand with those in Singapore would you?
My gf had this. The yellow thing on top? Mango.
My favourite! Don't remember what this is called.
From here on, no more photos on Sushi Tei as I was too engrossed with the conversation and have forgotten to take photos. Anyway, my gf has some kind of Ramen and I had Beef Sukiyaki. I almost always have this. I prefer the one from Great World City than this. The beef just taste better there. Gf also had a dessert - fish ice-cream. Let's just say it's ice-cream in a biscuit-like outer layer, shaped like a fish.
Total cost? Slightly less than 75 bucks. Oh! We also have Chicken Yakitori and another dish which I've forgotten what it was.
Ever going back again? Not sure leh...
I bought this for J - Wu Ren from Holiday Inn. J likes it. He said it's not too sweet. It's surprising that he likes eating mooncakes filled with nuts, given that he's not an asian. Last year, I went durian crazy and bought a few boxes of durian snowskin mooncakes from Homes Favourite. It's really nice. I even bought the Mao Shan Durian. This year, I don't have that big of a craving so I'm laying low and give mooncakes a miss.
I hope you have a fabulous Zhong Qiu Jie!!! Sip some tea with those mooncakes will ya? ^^
Dreamy C

Friday 28 September 2012


Primer: Urban Decap Potion Primer
Base: White Frost (M.A.C.)
Lid: Sin (Naked Palette 1)
Outer V: Half Baked (Naked Palette 1)
Lower Lid: Half Baked (Naked Palette 1)
Inner Corner: Virgin (Naked Palette 1)
Brow Highlight: Virgin (Naked Palette 1)
Eyeliner: Graphblack (M.A.C.)
Mascara: Hypnose Doll Eyes (Lancome)
Cannot see photos clearly, I know. I'll do a better job next time. I LOVE the mascara from Lancome. Yea... sure, I detest the Oscillation from the same brand but that doesn't mean the rest are a failure. I'm glad I found this thanks to Ms. H! Thank you huh... ^^
I got some liquid foundation samples from Make Up Forever (MUFE), Dior and Estee Lauder. I'll cover that another day.
I hope you have a brilliant Friday!
Dreamy C

Thursday 27 September 2012

Bellabox - September 2012

Ok I made a transaction for a year's supply of 'surprise' box every month. It's bellabox. I'm not sure how popular this box is but I only search for it when I'm not having much luck for another box named Fabulous Finds. FF is catered for the Malaysia market. I don't reside there. Bummer! That led me to find if there's any of such boxes available in Singapore.

Once a month, around the 3rd week usually, a small box is sent to you. It's usually filled with a few travel sized items, no more than 5 or 10. Travel sized is just a nicer term. I should say they are SAMPLE sized. What I like about such boxes is that you get to try products of various brands. That means, I don't have to spend money buying stuff only to find out that it's not suitable for me or that it ain't working on my face later. Also, I'll get to know of stuff which I would never have known.

Weighs 3kg and took 3 working days to reach me.
Open up to find another box. No wonder weighs 3kg. Pui!
Remove cover to find this.
Ta-dah! Products for September 2012!
A card which shows what is in the box
This one I'm not going to use as I go more for hydrating than whitening
This brand - Caudalie, I've BAD experience with it. Not going anywhere near it anymore
Wah... Vitamin A Ampoule! Ampoule leh... These cost $95.00 for a box of 5 or 10.
No idea if it works well though. Thought of taking this to the beautician this Saturday and ask.
Eyeliner from Rimmel. This I like. I tried it once and it gives a POP! to my face.
J commented that it looked very nice... ^^
Nah! Colour of the eyeliner. Now, imagine this as a liner for your eyes. See the POP?!
It's obvious I'm not at all fasinated by the box this month. Let's see how October fares...
Dreamy C

Wednesday 26 September 2012

DVDs & Music to Counter Lazy Sundays

Bought these...

This CD - Don't like it. I only bought this 'cos J wanted it
Great Movie. I watched this a while ago.
Very nice, action packed and exciting.
Taken 2 will be out in the movie theatre soon. J has already asked me to take note. Ha!
I watched this with Mommy in the movie theatre some time back.
I like Charliz Theron in it. I LOVE her in it! I decided to buy this in Blu-Ray for the graphics.
Johnny Depp. Should be good gua...
Bought a few more for the kiddos...
Another Johnny Depp
Watched this b4. Quite funny with a TWIST
Another Johnny Depp
Bought this 'cos Fatty kiddo said he would like to watch it the other day
Ended up buying Part 2 as well
What is Part 1 and Part 2 w/o Part 3???
I've come to realise that I do love his kiddos a lot. I'm a very nice Aunty, perhaps a nice Step-Mom in future. ^^
So many disc, I'm only just done with Mentalist Season 1 and half-way through Season 2. I'm eagerly waiting for Season 4.
I hope you, my readers keep yourself occupied with movies too! They bring laughter and show some light into your life!
Dreamy C

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Charm's the Word

Always out to look for better brushes w/o having a big hole in my pocket. I got to know about these brushes with the help of a blogger. I managed to get this at SGD99.00.

14 x brushes comes in a pink pouch
My 14 x brushes
Comes with a compartment with zipper on the left and a compartment w/o zipper on top
Comes with a loop so you can hang it up and open this pouch up for 'see, no hands!'
What kind of brushes you ask? 
I've just given them a thorough wash. I haven't used them yet but they feel pretty solid, dense. Let's see if they're better than some of my M.A.C. brushes.
I also got 2 x retractable brushes, easier for travel and fuss-free. More hygenic as well. I got 2. Why 2? Well, 1 for blusher and another for loose powder. I believe these are the 2 products I'll need for touch-up. Photos...
Aiyo... the pink one so cute. How to resist?!
These cost $28.00 each.
Dreamy C

Friday 21 September 2012

Clarins Defining Eye Lift

Like the Facial Shaping Lift, I also started using this on 28th July 2012. I've been going to bed before 11p.m. every night and I get up around 6 - 7 the next morning. This gives me at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep every day. I also avoid drinking water before I hit the sack. Let's see...

It's the one on the left, non-white one
After 1 month, my eyes are still the same. No difference. I've asked the opinion of J, a SA from Lancome (I only asked her if my eyes are puffy. I didn't even tell her which product I'm using) and a SA from Clarins. All agreed though J says that it's negligent. Is it really negligent or he's trying to make me feel better? During a Clarins workshop, I started chatting with an Ang Moh woman and she also mentioned that my eye bags are negligent. Nothing! Na Da! Zippo! She said she'll gladly have my "eye bags". Really?! Am I being too much of a perfectionist here? That I don't know. What I do know is that this product ain't working on me. Am NOT going to re-purchase!
Dreamy C

Thursday 20 September 2012

Chanel - Frenzy

Chanel Frenzy
I bought this at $36.00 or $37.00. I don't remember. A nice light grey. This is after 2 coats. Looks elegant and classy. I paint them in Frenzy especially for the wedding event @ Shangri-La recently. I painted my toe nails this colour as well.
Less Lighting
Dreamy C

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift

I started to use this product on 28th July 2012. More than a month later, how does this fare on my face? To be fair, I use this every day and night, everyday.
On the right, white in color
I have been procrastinating whether to get this product for a while though the procrastination isn't going strong enough to make me want to dash out of the house to get it. In other words, it's not a 'I have got to get it' kind of product. I've heard and read a number of good reviews on this serum. One day, I received a mailer from Tangs Orchard about a promotion which is going to take place there for Clarins. I thought, why not? Even though I've been using some products from Lancôme and it seems to work well for my skin, according to my beautician, there's really no harm in trying to improve on the condition of my skin. 
I made a trip there. I've heard lots of raves about Clarins, about how good it is for people with sensitive skin, about how some of their products gets absorbed easily, about some of their best sellers. Also, 2 bottles of this serum now cost lower! All these factors are enough to make me decide to change the brand of my skincare entirely. Talk about loyalty! Hey! A girl is always looking out for improvements right? Improvements, improvements, improvements!
I spent more than 500 bucks, purchasing products for cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, mask etc. I'll cover that in another blog, one at a time. I was given some toner, serum for night, moisturizer for night in travel sizes. Due to the promotion from Tangs, I was also given a Cleanser and Foot lotion in full size! Lucky me!
I realized that the reward point system seems to fare better than Lancôme but I'll cover that another day. 
This product! I took a 'before' photo which I'm going to show it right now.
Now, see the 'after' photo. This was taken 1 month after usage of product, day and night, every day.
See any difference? Well, in my opinion, the difference is insignificant. Don't work for me does not mean that it doesn't work for you. Frankly speaking, it's a pricy item and not worth the try unless if it's under a promotion.
I don't intend to restock on this once it runs out. However, since this comes in a range, now that I got the lift wrap, I wonder if it'll work even better when I use it together. Let me try...
Stay tuned!!!
Dreamy C

Saturday 15 September 2012


I've combination/oily complexion. A formula for clogged pores, blackheads, excessive sebum etc. The good thing about having such complexion is lower tendency to have wrinkles or longer time required for wrinkles to show, a glow to the face rain or shine, no flakes. With my kind of complexion, it's tough maintaining foundation on my face. I've tried many and I've not found the perfect one yet. Perhaps I'm just too fussy.

Garnier BB Cream

This product is foolproof. I'm real bad when it comes to finding the right shade. I sucks at it. It blends into my face well and I can hardly tell I've foundation on.

Light coverage and so, it doesn't cover that well but hey! At least your face don't look plastic - a comment J gave me recently.

It only lasted me 3 hours. After that, you can see the shine in my T-zone.

Skin Food BB Cream

Fared slightly better than that from Garnier. Lasted for 4 hours plus. Blends well. Light coverage.


Blends well, looks good, light coverage. Took around 4 hours for the shine to break through.


Blends well, medium coverage. When I applied this, there's a smell which I cannot describe now. Cannot remember but there is a smell and during the first half of the day, I can still smell it on and off. No, it's not gone bad. I checked before I purchase!

4 hours later, very slight oil on my nose. 8 hours later, forehead and nose shines but not in excessive. Wah Sey! Holding power good man! The only problem is that I feel that over long hours, it doesn't look as fresh, as natural, as good when compared to the earlier 3 products. Aiya, I'm hard to please.

The Swatches...

L-R (Lancome, Skin Food, Garnier, Revlon)

I'm still in search of better liquid foundation. I've heard that both Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown have good ones for oily complexions. Hmmm…

Dreamy C