Monday, 3 December 2012

Lunch - 02.12.2012

My lunch yesterday.

Steamboat all alone. Ms. J is supposed to come for lunch but I was sick and nobody would want to share food with a sick person. I was down with a serious cough. Ms. J said she don't mind my cough but it's now peak season for her work and hence, not a good idea to be sick. Even if she wanted to, I would object to it. I sick and she eat with me. If she really get sick, I paiseh man...
This is my spread.
  1. Chicken Mushroom Ball
  2. Fishball
  3. Fuzhou Fishball
  4. Prawns
  5. Dumpling
  6. He Kiao a.k.a. Fish Dumpling
  7. Pork Collar Shabu Shabu
  8. Di Huang Miao
  9. Enoki Mushroom
My dip consist of chili padi (yes, die die also want to eat chili), coriander leaves, soya sauce and sesame oil. ^^
Dreamy C

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