Thursday 27 November 2014

MME Challenge - November 2014

I was just sitting at my craft area, wondering what I can do with a background which I've created a few days back. I then picked out all the stamp sets with Christmas theme that I have and just stared at them for a few moments. I settled on Winter Wonderland and decided to do something and this is what I came up with:

I popped up the sentiment, making it look as if it's 'drifting'.

I added some black wink of stella to the lil' birdie.

These were created with a stencil from Tim Holtz with some Wendy Vecchi's clear embossing paste.

Distress Inks: Faded Jeans, Chipped Sapphire, Seedless Preserves
Silver Sequins: Pretty Pink Posh
Stamp Set used for lil' deer, birdie and sentiment: MME Winter Wonderland

So there you go! I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see your works for this challenge!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge No. 94

Lawn Fawn is also one of the challenges in which I can make it in time to post up my entry. I was delighted to know that the theme is numbers! That's easy... =)

Here's my work of art:
I had wanted to make this into a Christmas card but felt that there's hardly any Christmas feel to it, so I decided to change it to a Birthday card instead.

As usual, I like my bunny spotted with a black eye. Ha ha...

I used rub-ons from Doodlebug for the sentiment

Distress Ink: Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Crushed Olive & Mowed Lawn
Bunny: Lawn Fawn Hello Baby Stamp Set
Balloons: Avery Elle Balloons Stamp Set
Sentiment: Doodlebug Rub On (Lily White & Bubblegum)
Patterned Paper: Doodlebug Hip Hip Hooray

I hope you enjoy this card and I'll see you around!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 25 November 2014

MME Challenge - November 2014

So I decided to try my hand at MME's Challenge again.

This month's theme is Holiday Cards & Tags. Hence, I did a card last night and the tag this morning.

This is what I came up with... The tag is just too small to add a little girl in it.

The stars were embossed with liquid platinum embossing powder.

I used some stickles for the christmas trees.

I used some clear wink of stella on her gloves and the lil' heart on her dress.

The little tag which accompanies the card.

The stars in both card and tag: Believe in Magic MME Stamp Set
Sentiment on card: Believe in Magic MME Stamp Set
Sentiment on tag: Pretty Poinsettias WPlus9 Stamp Set
Christmas Trees in both card and tag: Merry Trees Die Set
Snow Slopes on both card and tag: Landscape Trio MME Die Set
Little Girl on card: In My Heart MME Stamp Set
Distress Inks: Faded Jeans, Chipped Sapphire & Seedless Preserves
Base Card in Red: I used distress ink in Barn Door to colour the edges

So there you go! I hope you enjoy...

Dreamy C

Monday 24 November 2014

Personal Finsbury Week 48 Decoration

The subject explains it all...

This is how my Week 48 looks like.
I'm happy with how it look. ^^

The items used:

A couple of washi tape (dots)
Deco Rush - Birthday Presents
Big & Small circles which I colored myself with copic markers
A pig clip which I purchased recently from NBC
Diary Stickers
Whale sticker purchased from Kinokuniya some time back.
Signo Slim Fit Pens in 0.38

Dreamy C

Kimchi Recipe

As promised, see the recipe for Kimchi as follows:

First, you quarter the napa cabbage. What's napa cabbage? You can also call it Wong Bok. I got mine from NTUC labelled Korean Cabbage.
Next, you give them a good rinse. Remember to wet between the layers of leaves.
Drain them and then use 1/2 cup of sea salt to rub it on each layer of cabbage.
Leave it there for 30 mins and then give them a turn.
When doing the turn, use the water (from the 'sweating' of cabbage) to dab on the leaves.
Leave it for another 30 mins and then turn again. Do this for a total of 2 hours.

Sorry for lack of photos for this stage as it only dawned on me to share the recipe with you guys at a later stage. Anyway, after 2 hours, you give the cabbage a good wash. I did this for a total of 5 times!

While waiting for the 2 hours to be up, prepare your 'porridge'!
What is porridge? Well, it's a sticky kind of liquid to ensure that it sticks to the cabbage later.
To make 'porridge', take 2 cups of glutinous rice flour and mix it with 2 cups of water. Stir.
Put this on a stove and while cooking, continue to stir constantly.
Stop once you see that you end up with a sticky consistency.
Then add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.

Once 2 hours is up, you drain the cabbage. While draining, you can prepare your ingredients!
You will need the following:
2 cups of radish cut into matchsticks
1 cup of carrot cut into matchsticks
Around 3 spring onion, diced
A bunch of chives, cut into 1 cm
Chinese Parsley, cut into 2 cm

Next, you blend 1/2 cup of garlic with 1/2 white onion and 2 cm ginger.
You then pour this mixture into the cooled down 'porridge' and 1/2 cup red pepper flakes and 1/4 cup fish sauce.
1 cup is too spicy for me so this is where you'll have to do trial and error.

Next, you pour the cut veggie into the mixture!

Give it a good mix!

Now is the time to coat this into each layer of cabbage leaf.
Remember to wear gloves unless if you are a seasoned kimchi maker.

I place mine in a BPA free tupperware.
After that, you press down the cabbage and close the lid!

Let it ferment for a day and I mean 24 hours.
Then, open the lid and press the cabbage down and scoop some of the liquid over the top of the cabbage. Next, into the fridge and you can store it in there for a few months.

Enjoy your Kimchi!
The original recipe can be found HERE.
I add in the Chin Cha Lok in the 1st batch and it was so salty. I'm not sure if it's due to the Chin Cha Lok or because I didn't wash the cabbage thoroughly. Hence, I opted that out for the 2nd batch that I made. This entry is the 2nd batch.
I also reduced the amount of fish sauce.

Dreamy C

Sunday, 23.11.2014

Well hello there!!! I hope your Sunday went well... Take a look what I did!

I made Kimchi

I had it for lunch and dinner!

Before that, I had some Korean Strawberries which are oh-so-good

I then made 2 cards and this is one of them

The other one. I'm going to send this to a friend. ^^

I ended my day with a slice of Mille Crepe from Awlfully Chocolate

Check out my next post on recipe of Kimchi!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rise Hair Salon @ 12 Gemmill Lane

This place is just 5 mins walk from Telok Ayer train station and 10 mins from Chinatown train station. My first time so I went there by cab. Leaving the place, I took the train. So accessible. Maybe I can get my hair done there next time before heading to Chinatown for some good dim sum. =)

Stepped in. Shortly after, I was offered a warm glass of water. Hmmm... I was coughing and the receptionist is attentive to bring me a warm glass of water without having me to ask. Good vibe for far...

Then, one of the directors attended to me. I told him I was there for scalp treatment (I've been having the issue of hair loss for too many years now and Phyto and Trichocare just is a disappointment). He then use his hands to go through my hair and scalp for a while. While he was at it, I thought to myself, "Shit! I guess my condition is really bad and that's why he took such a long time going over and over." He looked really focused while doing it though...

After that, it's off to washing and that's when I start asking him questions. It seems like the biggest problem people have is not blow drying their hair after a wash. I was told that in the long run, it's more damaging than perming or dyeing. Hmmm... he also said that if the scalp is pale in color, it is healthy. My scalp is pink, red, brown, anything just not pale and white. =(

This place will be 2 come January 2015. I didn't expect it to be this new. Looks good. The toilet looks even better. I really must bow down to the Japanese for tidiness, attentiveness etc. Hand soap? Crabtree & Evelyn. o.O

Half their customers are Japanese and the other half are non-Japanese.

Next up? Application of treatment. I observed him for a few moments. He looked to be engrossed, very engrossed in touching my scalp. He looked like when a Chinese Sinseh is feeling your pulse, focused, deep concentration. I'll probably ask him about it next visit. Ha ha...

Next, he put this round thing around my head. Like my steamer back home. It was operating for 15 mins. While it's on my hair, he was so attentive, he brought a sort of like a push cart for me to put my glass of water. He also took note to refill my glass of water. Again, warm without having me to ask. Goodness! I almost faint of impressiveness.

Thereafter, it's a wash and blow dry. Then he touch my scalp and hair again and smiled while saying, "Good! No oil!" Huh... don't get it but I'm sure it's good enough. My hair smells good and it smells just as good this morning! Ahhh... scalp treatment. I'm liking it.

Another thing I like about him is that he does not hard sell his products AT ALL! Not even when I push my way to get him to sell them. Impeccable!

Scalp Treatment = SGD80
They have a promotion which I'm not sure if it's still on-going which is a cut + hair treatment = SGD200. I wonder if the hair treatment is the same as scalp treatment.

I like it! The first impression is good. The service is good. My head is well looked after. ^^
I'm planning on going again next month, probably 2 weeks from now though he said once a month is sufficient.

He did introduce himself at the end. Yohei san.
He stood near while I pay and he bid me farewell.
So friendly, well-mannered. Hmmm...

Next time, I'll ask him why name it as Rise. Hair rising? Ha ha... Lame joke.
Alright! I leave you alone for now...

See ya around...

Dreamy C

Note: Apologies for no photos but you can google and see all the photos... ^^

November Haul - Takashimaya & A Dinner

So I met up with P yesterday for dinner and I've to hand her some Christmas cards. We went to an eatery at Far East.

Mee Goreng

Salad Prawn

Tofu Spinach

Other than the above, we also ordered a plate of rice, a cup of barley drink and a can drink.
All these for a mere $32.50. Magnificent!
Cheap and good. I love the tofu - So soft and nice.
The salad prawn was so-so. The Mee Goreng is good though the one from Still Road is still better.

Now, moving on to my little Takashimaya haul...

I got myself some My Melody & Hello Kitty stickers and a note pad of My Melody which I forgot to capture in the photos. Lots of Hello Kitty stuff but limited My Melody stuff. =(

Lastly, I got a Eeyore soft toy for myself and another for Chub Chub.

Eeyore happens to be my favorite toy! I just love how dumb and innocent he is.
One word - ADORABLE!

So that's my Monday... Oh ya! I went to Rise Hair Salon yesterday and I'm going to write about it in the next entry. Stay tuned...

Dreamy C

Sunday 16 November 2014

Nam Nam = Yum Yum

Both J and I went to the outlet in Raffles S.C.

Yummy Pork Rolls

Yummy Chicken Wings

Yummy Banh Mi?
I didn't eat so I don't know but J likes it...

Wagyu Beef Pho - My all-time favorite!

It's ALWAYS a joy to be eating at Nam Nam. Seriously...

I'm really looking forward to go again. Yes! AGAIN! Ha ha...

Dreamy C

November Haul - NCB & Paper Market

Life is good...

I got myself both a numeral and alphabet stamp set. I already have an alphabet stamp set but it's bigger than the one in this picture. The one in this picture - I like how small the alphabets are. They are good for planners. I'm looking for the numeral ones in the same size. Sadly, NCB ran out of stock for those so I guess I'll have to wait. I also got myself some Signo Slim Fit pens after watching Nadine's YouTube videos. She said that these write better than the Coleto ones. Personally, I find that there's not much difference. I have a few Coleto ones in 0.4 and these Slim Fit ones, I got them in 0.38. Both write fine to me and both aren't scratchy. I like them both!

I got these stickers which you can use to mark the dates on monthly layouts. These I got from Paper Market after seeing a picture of it on Ammerline's Instagram. They are really adorable! I got all the designs I could see!

Well, that's all for now...
Blessed Sunday!

Dreamy C

Midori Traveler's Notebook

I went to Little Man yesterday and boy am I excited to share what I got with you! Take a look!

My very own Midori Traveler's Notebook in Passport size!
I'm using this to pen down my thoughts. I might also use this as my little 'wallet'. All I need is to add in a zipper insert to hold my dollars and coins. I will also need a kraft pocket insert so I can stuff receipts on the go. Lastly, I need to have a monthly notebook so I can track my schedule. ^^ At this moment, it's filled with 01 x lined notebook. I'm loving this Midori which I shall call him Blackie.
Other than 01 x lined notebook, I attached a pen loop and a little 'charm' which is actually Totoro's friend. I do not know his name so it shall be Mr. White. Not Walter White in Breaking Bad. I would never want that!

I also got notebooks for Midori Traveler's Notebook in Regular size. Though I do not have the regular size cover with me, I'm going to get it when the stock comes in hopefully end Nov.
I also got myself more lined notebooks for Blackie. Blackie originally comes with 01 x blank notebook which I'll include it in when the connecting bands arrive.

Well, I'm really excited! I've started using Blackie and I LOVE it! I love the size, love the smell, love everything about it! Goodbye Finsburies for now...

Come end Nov or probably early Dec, I'm going to get the following for my Regular Size Midori:
05 x Grid Notebooks
01 x Zipper Insert
01 x Kraft Pocket Insert
01 x Namecard Insert
01 set of Pockets
01 x Connecting Bands
01 x Pen Loop

Well, I'm going to add all the above into my Regular Midori including 01 x lined notebook. I shall be using it for Business and BSF. I'll only put 01 x grid notebook in though.

For Blackie, I'm going to get the following:
01 x Zipper Insert
01 x Kraft Pocket Insert
01 x Connecting Bands

I guess that's all for now...
I hope your Sunday has been great thus far...

Dreamy C
*I shall include in my YouTube video here once it's uploaded.

Friday 14 November 2014

An Update on Hiraku

Read more about Hiraku HERE.

Poor boy... Initially, I thought there might be some good news about Hiraku. Hmmm... no good news man... His 1 eye is blind and the other one is diagnosed with early stages of cataract. He looked fatter though which really is a pleasant sight. ^^

I doubt I'll be able to adopt him as J didn't seemed at all moved when I told him about Hiraku a few months back. If he were like my ex, he would have immediately given me the green light to adopt him. I guess this is 1 of the setbacks of being married. You cannot do things at your fancy but consider the other person as well. Bummer...

If I were single, I would have adopted Hiraku without a 2nd thought. Don't get me wrong. Having a partner has its perks. It's just a matter of finding one who suits you, complements you. Oh well...

If you can contribute money, please donate to Hope Dog Rescue.
If you cannot, please offer prayers for Hiraku. ^^

Have a great Friday peeps!!!

Dreamy C

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sunday, 09.11.2014

It was a fulfilling Sunday for me.

We went for lunch at Brotzeit after church.
No photos here as I almost eat the same stuff everytime I go there.
I had french onion soup as my starter & spicy sausages as my main.
I did however change my mash potato for my main, to caramelized onion. I luuurrrvvveee caramelized onion! Yum yum...

I bought a small packet of popcorn in Corn Cheese from Garrett for myself and a small packet of Corn Cheese with Caramel Crisp for First Born.

After lunch, we went to Smiggle where I got J to buy me a small 'pouch' which I'll use to put my stationery. Love it! First Born got something which he will attach on his wallet.

Thereafter, we went to MUJI where I got quite a few items, mainly food.
I got a couple of beverages and some snacks.
I also got a packet of Curry Chicken for J to try. He loves Japanese Curry Rice...

Last stop - kiki.K!
I didn't get much for myself except for a couple of diary stickers.
First Born got a journal, a pen and refills for that.

Speaking of diary stickers, I'm thinking of getting a Midori Traveler's Notebook for myself to kick start Year 2015. After doing much research, I decided to go with the Midori instead of so many faux Midori in the market. Frankly speaking, the cover ain't cheap to begin with but I found a place in Singapore which sells it! Meaning, I don't have to pay for shipment and most importantly, I don't have to wait for it to arrive! Go google Little Man and you'll find the store. It's located at 7C Binjai Park, Singapore 589821. I gave them a call (T: 6464 6515) and was told that the covers for regular size will arrive end Nov, early Dec. Great timing for a b'day gift for myself! ^^ It cost around SGD68 for a regular size and SGD52.50 for a passport size.

I'm feeling really excited...

Have a great mid-week!!!

Dreamy C

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Gone Girl

I watched Gone Girl recently and it was one which is worth watching...
The main actor (Ben Affleck) and the main actress (Rosamund Pike) were really good.
141 minutes movie didn't feel like 141 minutes at all!
I was slightly late and missed only a teeny weeny part of the movie.
It's money well spent indeed!

Another movie which I would like to catch but missed is The Judge.
I'll probably have to get the Dvd for it.

Well, I hope you've caught some good movies lately!

Dreamy C (still recovering from a nasty and very stubborn cough)