Monday, 31 December 2012

My Christmas Presents for 2012

My BFF was so impressed with these, she has decided to gift me some.
I have been down with cough for a few weeks now. So nice of my BFF to also send me some TLC.
This is supposed to be my B'day gift but I was sick for the past month and it's tough to meet up.
As such, this is now a Christmas present. Ha! Not that I mind. It's the thought that counts and I'm grateful she even got me a gift in the first place. ^^
Shea Soap - Moisturizing
I need this as I tend to focus more on my face than any other parts of my body.
Hand Creams
I know there will be no chance for my hands to be dry.
That is IF I don't get lazy and bother to apply them. *laughs*
My 1st Guess Watch
If you do not manage to get any present this year, be grateful that you've health and people who love you with you. There's definitely something to be thankful for. Just look.
Dreamy C

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