Monday, 8 August 2016

Horlick The Cat

As of 30th July 2016, Horlick has entered the residence.
The Dowager decided not to keep him anymore.
She constantly complained about him making her home dirty and his inability to stop scratching.
I would say that all these are normal traits of cats.
Whether you like it or not, they scratch even when a scratching pole is available.
I don't blame her since her work is hectic and she doesn't have a helper.
I would say that he wants Horlick but at the same time, doesn't want the hassle that comes along with it. With pets, it's not this way at all. You cannot choose all the good things of pets and ditch all the bad. It's all in a package. Either you accept him/her or you don't entirely.

As such, I've made the decision to keep him and I intend to do so for the rest of his life. I've told The Dowager that if she changes her mind weeks or months down the road and wants him back, there's no way I'm going to shift him. Simply because it's so stressful for him.

Since having him, I would say that yes, he scratch many chairs and the carpet as well. We will just say 'No Horlick' to him when he's doing the deed. Then, he would seem to be complaining. Lol... I must say he brings joy to me definitely. It feels good having him at my door to wake me up in the morning (he doesn't sleep with me), he's more clingy towards me, he responds when I call him and he's generally closer to me within a short span of a few days. I'm glad I have him now with me and I'm very thankful towards J for permitting Horlick to stay over. Sure, he could have objected but he didn't. J loves cleanliness in the house and I thought he would not be able to tolerate Horlick's fur 'floating' around the house and landing on areas where the fur looked obvious to sight example on a black floor tile. I'm glad J is tolerant till now. I'm sure IF given a choice, he would have preferred not having Horlick but then again, if Horlick is not with us, J doesn't get to see me often since I would spend my weekends out of the house. With Horlick in the house, I tend to want to spend time with him and hence, would spend more time at home and even if I do go out, I'm not out for too long. At least, I make sure I'm at home when the kiddos stay over. The last thing I want is for Horlick to be stressed out and for him to be hurt. I'm sure Horlick can protect himself but one can never be too careful and too sure...

I've uploaded pictures and videos of Horlick on my Instagram so if you're interested to follow the journey of Horlick, go check it out!

Well, that's my latest update for you.
Have a great day peeps!

Dreamy C