Thursday 13 December 2012

More Brushes from Real Techniques

Remember I bought a blush brush from Real Techniques just recently? I used it and I must say I like how it feels. It has the ability to pick up not as much product and yet does its job of distributing that color on my cheeks. It's made of taklon bristles.

I got the definition of Taklon from Wikipedia. I'm putting it below in italics.

Taklon is the common name for a synthetic fiber used in artist-quality paint, makeup and pin strip brushes. It is a smooth, soft, and somewhat fragile polyester derivative devoid of any protein component or allergen elements and is therefore used in the cosmetic industries as a "green," "vegan," "allergy free" or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes.

I placed my order on Friday and it was delivered to me on Thursday. Just what did I get this time round?

Setting Brush
It can be used to apply highlight on your nose bridge, cupid's bow etc.
It can be used to apply loose powder to your undereye.
It's small so let your imagination run wild and work the brush.
Retails for $15.00
Kabuki Brush
It can be used to apply blush.
Just wait for the next part.
Retails for $19.00
Look! It splits in half and you can use that to apply your highlight, bronzer etc.
Expert Face Brush
This can be used to apply liquid foundation or cream based products.
Retails for $15.00
Those are just items sold individually. I also got myself a set of Travel Essentials for $32.00. See what it packs.
From Left to Right
Essential Foundation Brush
Domed Shadow Brush
Multi Task Brush
The foundation brush can be used to apply liquid foundation or concealer. It's the flat type. For liquid foundation, I don't usually use this kind of brush but it comes with the set so...
Domed shadow brush is tapered.
The multi task brush can be used to apply powder, blush, bronzer etc.
Delivery is free so long as there's a minimum spending of $80.00 and in my case, I'm just a dollar more than that! ^^
Dreamy C

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