Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Day 2013

How exactly did I spend my New Year's day?

Age catching up on me and I've no longer the energy to party the day away. On the Eve, I went to bed before 10p.m. On New Year's day, I woke up early and got J to send me to the market. I don't like the one near where I'm currently staying as it's small. I feel more comfortable at the market where I used to live.

I love soup. Sadly, I've none to cook me some good ones. So what to do? Cook myself lah! Ha ha...
I bought some Wu Hua Rou (armpit of the pig if I'm not wrong), white radish, dried cuttlefish, red dates and dang gui (a type of chinese herb).
This is how it looks like after cooking it for 3 hours over low heat, in a slow cooker.
And this is how it looks like after cooking it for a further 3 - 4 hours.
I've learnt to cook it no longer than 4 hours. The 2nd photo shows that the soup is too dark and the white radish is too soft by then. It doesn't taste bad but given a choice, I would have preferred the taste from the 1st photo.
I also bought some salted veggie and I soaked it for 30 mins. Otherwise, it would have been a lot more salty. I then soak these veggie in white vinegar with 5 x thinly sliced chili padi, around 1.5 tablespoon of sugar and some toasted sesame seeds. This makes a nice appetizer.
I also made time for a light snack of peanuts and a bottle of beer.
So that sums up my New Year's day! I hope you have just as much fun!
Dreamy C

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