Friday, 4 January 2013

A Thought...

Just a thought.

Kids change very fast. A change can be from their facial features, from their body, even from their personality. Environment plays a big part. A boy who was once so adorable and cute can turn out otherwise within a short span of a year.

Kids these days are very into playing games. They are smart and stress is introduced into their life at a very early stage. I feel that they are less humane and more easily agitated. They would hold their visit to the toilet while playing game. I was just getting my manicure done recently when a lady told me that once, she saw a young boy in a hospital and found out that he no longer has the ability to expel waste on his own. It's no longer something natural. Something so simple as expelling waste is now considered a luxury to him. He has to make frequent visits to the hospital to get it done and he's young, probably 9 or 10 years old. We would say, "How come like that?" It seems that he would often be engrossed in his games that he would prolong going to the toilet.

I see lesser and lesser people, especially youngsters, giving up their seats for the old folks on trains, on buses or even at the bus stops. You know those 'Door Open' buttons in lifts? I've a neighbour who would not hold on the lift door for others. She sees you rushing for the lift and she stands there, not doing anything. Even if the door of the lift is going to shut on you, she couldn't be bothered to hold on for you. Lift doors here in Singapore close pretty quickly. I'm referring to those of the HDB. Once, a few people are waiting for the lift and when it finally arrives, she went in and stand near the buttons and refuse to do anything. She refused to hold on to the door for other people to also take the lift! My thought is that if you don't want to hold on to the door, don't bloody hell stand near the buttons! She's the first to enter the empty lift by the way. I've also come across people who would stand at the traffic, waiting for the green man to appear and not press on the button for the green man to appear. What nonsense is that?! Seriously, I find people around me laughable and often, they leave me appalled.

Kids can also be plain rude these days. Just the other day, I was told that a lady's son was sitting on the toilet bowl, doing his major. When he's done, he need the helper to clean his butt. He began snapping his fingers when he's done. The helper ignored him. He then did a countdown while snapping his fingers. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... he went. The helper ignored him. He then clapped his hands. When nothing works, he calls out for her name. Sure, she's a helper but she's only human! She has dignity! If nobody corrects him, I believe he'll turn out to be a scumbag. Small things can come with BIG consequences in years to come.

I'm just sharing my thoughts and wonder if you are feeling the same way. Often, it's right down to the foundations laid by parents. Before pushing all the blame on parents, think about this. Most parents are busy working. Gone are the days where the mother stays at home and take care of her kids. Most parents wouldn't bat an eyelid in splurging on their kids out of guilt. This can often go awry and can cause damage to the child. Whatever the case is, I just hope that my kid (if I ever happen to have any) will turn out well and I'll be a good parent. I hope the same for my friends.

Enough about my blabber now! TGIF!!! Me? I'm going to take a shower and start to continue with my 'The Casual Vacancy'. Have a great Friday folks!

Dreamy C

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