Saturday 12 January 2013

Day 5 - 12.01.2012

Breakfast: 3 x Sardine puffs.

Lunch: Fillet O Fish, Curly Fries and Green Tea from McDonalds.

Dinner: Onion Soup cooked with chicken stock.

Exercise: Brisk walking - 8 x rounds of 370m each round for 30 minutes.

Weight: 61.4kg
Fats (%): 33.7

Slight increase in weight and % of fats. The culprit? I think it's from the sardine puffs and lunch from McDonalds.

Frankly speaking, I don't mind the slight increase as I've increased an additional round for my brisk walking.

Today's a hectic day for me and I don't have the luxury of having my meals at home.

I've signed up for Biblical Studies this year and it's taking place every Saturday, starting with today. It starts early and since it's the first time I'm travelling to Diocese of Singapore, I've to start early as I hate being late for classes. This meant that I didn't have time for breakfast. The fact that I've woken up late doesn't help. My sardine puffs were picked up along the way to Diocese of Singapore.

I have the intention of going down to Paper Market today which means I wouldn't have time to go home and have my lunch. After a trip to Paper Market, I've to go down to Northpoint and meet J there. So many things to do and so little time.

I'm just glad that I've made it to 8 rounds instead of the usual 7 rounds despite the slight increase in weight and fats %. After 4 days of working out, my muscles no longer feel as sore today. That is a good sign. I'll have to keep it up and not give up. I do have a tendency of working hard for a couple of weeks and giving up later.

Dreamy C

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