Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cornerstone @ Bishan Park 2

I just met up with a girlfriend on 02.01.2013 for dinner. We decided to go to Cornerstone after a failed attempt previously. They don't open for business on Mondays. This was the 2nd time I'm at Cornerstone.

During my 1st trip there, I didn't get to order this as no one is willing to share with me. Now that I'm with Ms. G, I'm not letting the buffalo wings pass me. We ordered this in Level 3 of spiciness. 6 pcs retails for $17.00. I was telling Ms. G that the next time we are at Cornerstone, we will order this again together with another side and a few glass of beer and just talk our day away. These are GOOD by the way.
Gourmet Sausages @ $14.00.
I don't like it.
Beer Battered Fish N Chips @ $19.00.
I'm never a big fan of fish n chips.
It's not something one can finish w/o feeling sick. In my opinion at least.
Pork Ribs Half Rack @ $18.00.
My only suggestion? Eat it while it's hot.
Worth another trip? Yes but be selective. ^^ I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
Dreamy C

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