Thursday, 17 January 2013

Au Petit Salut

On the eve of our ROM date, we decided to have a good lunch. Where else but Au Petit Salut? This place offers much better food at a cheaper price when compared to Les Amis. If I ever have a friend telling me that they so much as thought of making a trip to Les Amis, I would try my very best to discourage them. If it's just for the experience, I say go ahead. Go and be disappointed.

Now, back to the subject - Au Petit Salut.

His Starter - Pan Seared Duck Foie Gras
I had a bite and I didn't like it. It's too liquidy in the middle

My Starter - Escargot
To be honest, I very much prefer their older version where it's served differently.
It used to be warmer with more garlic.
This time round, it's served with a bone marrow on top of some salt.
Not as warm and just not as flavorful.
There's a change of chef by the way.

Both of us had the same Main - Bavette Steak
You can choose to have Wagyu beef at additional $12. We didn't choose to have that.
The white round thing is mashed potato. Lovely.
Those stuff on top of the beef are corn and brussels sprouts.

I LOVE the beef. Best I've had after the beef I had @ Cova which closed down some time back.

His Dessert - Creme Brulee


My Dessert - Choux Buns

Their menu HERE.

I'm thinking of going back in April to celebrate J's b'day. I might go another time with my Mom. She loves beef and I love my Mom! ^^

Bill comes up to close to $120 as J also had a glass of wine and we shared a bottle of sparkling water.

Dreamy C

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