Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Wedding!!!

On 30th December 2012, I was up at 2a.m. I was one of the sister for my friend's wedding. She looked beautiful, very pretty indeed.

Sorry my BB not good. Also, the angle I stood is wrong, wrong, wrong. My apologies.
Okie. This is better.
It's no doubt tiring for me but very fulfilling. I was the emcee for the English version and the other sister for the Chinese version. It was my first being an emcee for a wedding event and blunders I made a few. Ha!
Chinese weddings will definitely have their share of 'Yum Seng'. I actually forgot to ask the guests to stand up and the guests obediently carried on sitting on their seats. Luckily, the bride gestured me to get them up. That was funny.
The 2nd blunder is that for the 2nd toast, it's usually to wish that the couple will stay faithful and fruitful and by fruitful, we meant offsprings. I've no idea what came onto me but I said faithful and truthful. Ha ha!!! So embarrassing!!! The bride also invited some girls from our poly (I knew the bride from the poly). When I made this blunder, my dear 'friends' laughed. Hence, for the 3rd toast, I began saying, "Girls over that table, stop laughing. Honesty is also very important in a marriage." Ha ha!!!
It's all good fun and I enjoyed myself very much. Once I got home, I dozed off after my shower. I'm just glad that there weren't hundreds of guests. Phew!
Dreamy C

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