Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday - 06.01.2012

This was what I watched a couple of hours earlier. I don't like it at all. Neither did J. It's boring, the story line sucks and ridiculous. Trust me, it's not even worth the weekday ticket price. A total let-down, that's what it is. 
And this is what it says, extracted from website of Golden Village:

Adapted from George V. Higgins' novel and set in New Orleans, Killing Them Softly follows professional enforcer, Jackie Cogan (Pitt), who investigates a heist that occurs during a high stakes, mob-protected, poker game. The film also features Scoot McNairy (Monsters), Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom), Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins (The Visitor), with James Gandolfini, Vincent Curatola, Max Casella and Sam Shepard among others.

Yes, that's about all to the story line. I think I'm better off with Arbitrage. We'll see...

The movie I'm looking forward to watch now? Parental Guidance. It's a comedy and I believe it'll be a good laugh. J doesn't seem too keen though... A trip to the theatre alone again? Ha ha...

Dreamy C

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