Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Kind & Sweet Gesture for the Mothers

I've decided to do something for my BFF, a sweet gesture even though nobody asked me to.

You see, most women have kids and some, perhaps only a small fraction, have the priviledge of being stay home mothers. If you think that stay home mothers is the most luxurious job ever, I ask you to think again. Day in and day out, they are the one who has to take care of their kids, their hygiene, food, homework, their overall well-being. They also have to take care of the cleanliness of the house, their husband. It's a never ending job, 24/7, every minute and every second.

Hence, I'd like to do something for my BFF and all the mothers out there. I've always loved animals, venomous or non-venomous, pretty or ugly, big or small. Alright overly exaggerated there. I love most animals. I don't fancy reptiles though especially lizards. I do find snakes beautiful creatures.

Enough about me blabbering! Get back to the point! I want to do entries on facts on animals, reptiles, amphibians, marsupials, whatever. Why? So mothers can teach their kids more stuff w/o having to spend time finding and consolidating information. Kids these days ask all sorts of questions and mothers are only human. Most times, these young ones leave one dumbfounded.

So there! Dreamy C to the rescue perhaps? Ha ha...

Dreamy C

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