Friday, 4 January 2013

Sushi Tei @ Raffles City

I met up with Ms. JH in December last year. I've decided to give Sushi Tei another try, from another outlet.

Uni Sushi @ $16.00
Salmon Mentai Sushi @ $6.00
Seafood Salad @ $10.00
Golden Roll @ $16.00
Salmon Zukushi @ $18.00
California Handroll @ $3.80
Ebi Tempura Handroll @ $4.50
Jumbo Yakitori @ $6.80
Corn Croquette @ $8.00
What is missing here is Taiyaki Ice Cream @ $3.40.
Ok verdict time!
The good ones, those which I'll order the next time I'm at Sushi Tei:
  1. Golden Roll
  2. Seafood Salad
  3. Handroll
  4. Corn Croquette (Very nice. I'm impressed!)
  5. Taiyaki Ice Cream (I regretted not having a bite the other time when my friend offered)
Salmon Zukushi, Salmon Mentai Sushi, Uni Sushi - Nothing to shout about. To order or not to order doesn't make a diff.
The Yakitori is a let-down. I really should learn my lesson and stop ordering this. I wasn't impressed during the 1st time either.
Just thinking about the ice cream now makes me want to make a trip down. Ha ha... For sushi and sashimi, I'll still prefer the good people of Ichiban Boshi @ Great World City.
Have a great Friday!!!
Dreamy C

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