Sunday 20 January 2013

Storage Space

I'm going to talk about what's keeping me busy for the past few days. Initially, it's make-up. Now, it's scrapbooking. Whenever I'd like to do something, I like to get most of the stuff I want or I need prepared. After purchasing many equipments and materials for scrapbooking, I need storage space.
This is the 1st storage space I bought.
I picked this up from Popular.
All trays opened up
I thought this was enough but boy was I wrong! It wasn't enough and I need a 2nd one. I went back to Popular and this was SOLD OUT!!! This 1st container can only accommodate the stuff I purchased from Paper Market. I made a total of 3 trips there. The bulk of the scrapbook stuff didn't come from Paper Market but from Paper Wishes - based in the US if I'm not wrong. I made a total of 2 x online purchases on different occassions and the 1st package has yet to arrive. It's been shipped out though.
When they arrive, where am I going to put them man??? It's also pointless to purchase a few of these containers as it might look disorganized. Besides, the height of each tray isn't the best for me. My bottles of glimmer mist by Tattered Angels can't even stand upright! This calls for NEW storage space!
I purchased this from the good people @ IKEA. IKEA has been and will always be the place to go to for furniture, cushions, fabric, storage ideas etc. I LOVE IKEA! I had this drawer in mind last night when I wanted more storage space for my scrapbook stuff. I'm very happy I managed to convince J to purchase this. He had wanted something in black to match the furniture back home. He wanted to get some from the office department and I'm glad I stood my ground. We fixed it up and he thought it didn't look that bad. Great!
Next entry? The stuff I put in each tray! ^^
Dreamy C

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