Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Blues, Pinks & Purples...

Well, Horlick is given medication for a period of 5 days. My Mom's not able to give the medicine to him. Horlick can be very stubborn. Who likes to take medication anyway?!

I went over for his morning medication and since it's many hours till his next medication, I went for my back massage, get my nails done and a facial.

Too Bright. No worries. See below.

My Toes
Polish on Nails: Lilac Sky by Chanel
Polish on Toe Nails: CoCo Blue and May by Chanel
Dreamy C


  1. Hmm.... your toe nail colour looks awefully familiar? Lol! I though someone was saying that it was trendy sometime back.... O_o"

    1. Lol... Dun like that lah... Ha ha... Actually I did say no longer in trend but looks nice mah... So I went to do one like yours, only difference colours. *blush blush* Heh heh...