Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Package from The US!!!

On 26th September 2012, I placed an order with MakeUpGeek (MUG). I selected the cheapest freight w/o tracking ability. I mean, you wouldn't want to pay the expensive freight and have this amount spread out amongst the items you've purchased right?

I was told that it'll take up to a month to arrive. I was very surprised and happy to receive it yesterday! Round about 2 weeks is all it takes. 

A package!
So cute. The good people at MUG wrote a little message for me
Covered properly
Items were bubble wrapped
The items I've purchased...
  1. 13 x Eye Shadows
  2. 3 x Gel Liners
  3. 1 x Foundation Stippling Brush
  4. 1 x Eye Pencil from NYX
  5. 1 x Lip Gloss from NYX
  6. 2 x Blush from NYX
  7. 1 x Bent Liner Brush from Sonia Kashuk
  8. 1 x Z Palette
Unless otherwise stated, all products are made by MUG.
Soon, I'll write a post on the items. I'll show you a photo of the stippling brush though.
The bristles are long. I'm not sure if it's good for stippling. Judging from the first purchase from MUG (I bought brushes from them the first time round), I wouldn't say that their brushes are good. I don't know what got into me to get this. I guess I'm just interested in stippling brushes especially those for foundation.
Dreamy C

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