Monday, 1 October 2012

Sunday - 30th September 2012

After shopping in M.A.C. on Saturday (I'm going to share what I've bought tomorrow), I was about to make my way for my weekly massage and facial. However, something caught my attention.


Double Chocolate Chip Pecan. Hmmm... my FAVOURITE! Well, I got these for the kiddos. See how much I adore them... ^^
Oatmeal Raisins for the health conscious i.e. J.
Now that's what I call - Enjoying the good stuff without piling too much calories
Everytime you get 300g, you get 50g free. I got a total of 600g and so I'm given these free. Well, free ones are for me. I got 300g of Chocolate Chip with Macadamia (if I remember the flavour correctly) for my beauticians.
That was Saturday. What happened to my Sunday?
J and I went to 'The Cherubs Place' for lunch.
J's Starter - Calamari with Mayo and Wasabi Sauce. I quite like it with the Wasabi sauce. Yum Yum!
My Starter - Tomato and Crabmeat Soup
J's Main - Chicken wrapped in Bacon.
I had this previously and I don't like it.
J finds it alright.
My Main - Linguine in Laksa Sauce. Yummy...
This is what I had previously when we watch Savages.
Clam Chowder Soup, my all-time favourite.
I prefer this to Tomato Crabmeat Soup.
We watched Savages many days back, on 23rd September 2012
J and I went to watch Ted. A funny movie but one which I feel that you can watch it during a weekday when it's cheaper. It's not worth the weekend price tag.
I noticed that the tickets have changed. No longer the thicker card-like tickets.
Now, it's just a flimsy piece of paper. I prefer the previous version. Don't have cheapo feel.
Thereafter, we went to Orchard Ion. I had wanted to get some trays to contain my make-up. It's expanding.
To Muji we go!
Got these for $23.00 each. I bought a total of 5 x trays. They are stackable.
Bought this when I found out that the brush cleaner solution by M.A.C.
does not come with a spritz function.
After organizing, there! Much better...
First tray of foundations, BB creams, primers and foundation samples
2nd tray of blush, MSF, brow powder, contour powder
3rd tray of lip gloss, lipsticks
4th tray of eye shadows and paint pot(s).
I put an s there as I intend to get more if it feels good on my skin. ^^
Last try of failed / abandoned items, items which I don't quite fancy
Well, the trays are stackable and hence, I do not have to fear a lack of space should I buy more products. I do like these trays though I would prefer them to be higher. The blush from M.A.C. are not stackable within the tray. I'm thinking of depotting them into a palette. At the same time, just the thought of depotting them puts me off. I'm just lazy.
Oh well...
Dreamy C

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