Saturday, 13 October 2012

Breakfast - 13.10.2012

Breakfast.. When I get to have it, it would meant that I woke up early enough to have it. I like a good bowl of piping hot wanton noodles, dry with lots of chili or a bowl of chicken or fish porridge with some You Tiao or some Dim Sum, Chee Cheong Fun or Fried Carrot Cake etc. The varieties is so big here. All you gotta do is pay and there you have it!

Well, I also like the traditional slices of bread with butter and kaya, some soft boiled eggs and a cup of tea. That's exactly what I'm having today! Well... almost.

My bread is butter but not with kaya. It's honey, something I learned from my dear cousin. ^^
Tea is not the traditional tea w/o sugar and milk. This is a floral tea.

You guessed it right! It's taken in the comfort of my home. ^^ Well, technically not my home yet.

I hope you had a WONDERFUL and FULFILLING breakfast today!

Dreamy C

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