Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunday, 07.10.2012

Sunday is now a Movie day as well.

Taken 2
We went to GV Vivocity instead of our usual hangout - GV Plaza. I decided to watch it at GV Max which boast a screen of 22.4m! They've better seats, more space and better screen. I'm starting to like it. The best part? There's no changes to the cost of tickets. I don't know about weekdays but for Sundays, there's definitely no increase.
Before going for the movie, we went for lunch @ Brotzeit. Nice German food. I love the sausages there.
J's Starter - Goulash Soup
He likes it. I didn't taste it and I'm sure I wouldn't like it.
My Favourite - French Onion Soup!
The best onion soup I've had (sold outside) is from this place.
Look at that big dollop of cheese pudding!
Our Main - Schnitzel
Schnitzel comes with Potato Salad
The portion of our main is big and so we've decided to share it. Potato salad is nice. I like it. Schnitzel is so-so in my opinion. J thought it's nicely done. Oh well... One's delicacy is another's poison. ^^ I don't mean it literally. I'm sure you get it...
Now back to the movie. I like Taken better than part 2. Part 1 has more action and is more brutal. Taken 2 is just not on par. Not worth the weekend price tag, just like Ted.
An abrupt end to my entry. This is the photo of the Penang Prawn Noodles in my previous entry HERE. I managed to find the photo. There you go! 
Dreamy C

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