Saturday, 20 October 2012

I Bought A Thing!!!

I've been wanting to get a Clarisonic for weeks. I decided to give it a miss after reading a blog entry by My Women Stuff. It's not a must item for it. Saved me at least $290 as I would have gotten extra brushes had I chosen to go ahead with the Clarisonic.

Well, instead of the Clarisonic, I got myself a goodie. It's the Maya Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Machine. Well, it's to be used together with ampoules. You can only do so much with the absorption with your set of hands. This little gadget here help the content in the ampoules penetrate deeper into your skin. I've inquired about this gadget since late Year 2009. I want to try this out.

Retails for $280.00 and comes with 10 bottles of ampoules free. I got 5 now and the balance 5 bottles, I'll get at a later stage. 10 bottles of ampoules cost $350.00. I'm given 5 bottles here. 2 bottles of Collagen on the right and 3 bottles of Deep Cleansing on the left. My beautician asked me to alternate usage of both products. 1 bottle can last for about a week.
A bottle last you 3 days. This is how it goes. You break it open via its neck (most vulnerable part) and use 1/3 content. Use an aluminium foil and cover the opening and store in the refrigerator. Thereafter, use another 1/3 the next day and finish the last on the 3rd day.
I intend to alternate them. Collagen-Deep Cleansing-Collagen-Deep Cleansing-Collagen-Deep Cleansing. On the 7th day, I go for my facial and see how my skin fares.
My beautician also gave me 1 x Hydrating Activator Serum by Payot (sample sized) to try. Well, nothing's for free. If this is good, I'm sure she hopes that I buy a full sized version from her. What she doesn't know is that I've tons of sample sized products from cleansers to toners to serums to moisturizers. I've even sample sized products for body contouring, fragrance and shower gels! I don't even know WHEN I'll be able to finish them! Oh and I've tons of masks too. *sighs* This is the plight of being a woman. After I'm done with all those stuff, let's talk about other brands...
Dreamy C

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