Sunday 14 October 2012

Bellabox - October 2012

Somehow, I'm not that excited anymore. I'm not looking out for that little box. When I receive an email telling me that my box has been sent out, I don't go - Yay!!! Great! I also don't go - When is my box coming? Why isn't it here yet?

Let's uncover the box shall we?

I opened the box, I read the card, I close it back. That was last night. Today, I decided to open it to do an entry. Whether it's filled with the stuff which I want or filled with the stuff which I don't want, I have to open it up anyway.
Oooo... Black wrapper with a pink ribbon. Exotic! Ok, a slight smile now.
1st item I took out. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Edt. Phew! That's quite a stretch! It says the following on the card:
This divinely feminine scent means "little black dress" in French. Could there be a more perfect name for the perfect special-night-out perfume? The inclusion of roses, orange blossoms, musk, cherry and apple will leave a trail of light, yet womanly allure that both precedes and follows your footsteps.
Wah... So powerful meh? Ha ha... Anyway, a 30ml retails for $81. Well, the one I have here is 1ml. Smell of cherry? Yes. Roses? Yes. The rest, I cannot detect. Sorry, my nose isn't very sensitive to begin with. All I know is that it smells nice to me and J likes it. I've at least 4 bottles of perfume on my vanity table. If I do run out of any, I'll check this out. For now, I'm just glad to be given a sample.
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil
Pamper yourself with this luxurious oil treatment that can be used on hair (no heating required) as well as your face and body. And just a couple of drops in the bathtub will create perfectly soft skin that's ready for a celebration!
After reading the content from the card, I still don't get it. It says the following on the bottle:
Multi-Usage Dry Oil
Nourishes, Repairs, Softens
Face, Body, Hair
Ahhhhhh!!! Never mind! I think I'll try it on my body, see how it feels. 100ml retails for $68. The one here is 10ml.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution
This is Bioderma's star product, a truly unique cleansing solution that is formulated specially for sensitive skin. Sensibio H2O is prescribed by dermatologists for its perfect tolerability, cleansing efficacy and soothing properties. This non-rinse solution is gentle enough to remove face and eye makeup.
Serious boh? Remove face and eye makeup? Let me try and revert. Frankly speaking, I'm rather intrigued with this product, wanting to try it out. It came at a right time. I was looking for a good eye makeup remover. Gentle enough on the eyes and at the same time, powerful enough to rid my mascara after close to 10 hour wear. 100ml is just $15.90! The one here is 20ml. If it really works, I say Aloha Bioderma! ^^
Left: Nuxe Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel
Right: Nuxe Body 24Hr Moisturizing Body Lotion
This soap-free cleansing gel is the perfect compliment to your unwinding regime. Fast, easy to use and infused with a delectable honey scent, transporting you to a calm, post night out sense of peace.
How powerful words can be when used at the right time. I don't smell honey but it sure does smell good. When I first open the box, there's a nice smell to it. Initially, I thought it's coming from the perfume. Boy was I wrong... It's from the Cleansing Gel! Lo and Behold! 200ml for $38. This one is 15ml.
Eliminate dry skin with sweet almond and sunflower oils. Wheat and wood extracts make this a natural formula that absorbs instantly, allowing you to dress immediately after application. No wait time means you're on your destination and your fun - fast!
Smells like the cleansing gel, only milder. 200ml retails for $38. Mine? 15ml too.

Well, Bellabox packs 5 items so you think that's the end of it? No!!! October is Bellabox's B'day month so there's a freebie.

A compact mirror. Very practical and useful. Every women needs one in their handbag!
Overall, this box doesn't make me go Yes! Yes! Yes! but it sure is worth a try! October is better than September. Now, will November be even better???
Dreamy C

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