Sunday 3 November 2013

Snacks from Tokyo...

No, I haven't been travelling to Tokyo. I wish...

A friend came back from Tokyo which explains the good opportunity of trying some.

Pardon the background.
I took this photo with my note 8 on top of a book where I do my homework.

The inside.
Well, I think it would taste better had it been dark chocolate.

I was so happy when I unwrapped this and found this fella.
I'm so happy, I took a few photos of its different profiles. LOL
This is the front view. Pretty flat. I can hardly see its beak in this photo.

The side view with beak being more prominent.

The back view.
So round and cute.

I didn't take any photo of the inside and I cannot taste what it was.
Not spectacular, just alright.
And I thought snacks from Japan are so delicious.

Dreamy C

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